Sunday, 17 June 2012

Falling Skies premiere, The Killing finale, Christopher Heyerdahl in True Blood, and a few more updates

Falling Skies returns tonight at 9 pm on TNT with a two-hour season premiere, season two of The Killing ends at 9 pm on AMC, Christopher Heyerdahl makes his first appearance in True Blood (HBO, 10 pm), and there are new episodes of Continuum and Longmire.

First stop, Falling Skies. Luciana Carro and Ryan Robbins will be recurring this season, and other than the showrunner, three BSG/Caprica writers -- Mark Verheiden, Bradley Thompson and David Weddle -- worked on season two.

RĂ©mi Aubuchon (showrunner) and the cast have been doing interviews left and right in recent weeks. Jim Halterman talked to him about the new season. You can read the interview at The Futon Critic. Snippets:
Jim Halterman: Having watched the first few episodes of the second season - and not taking anything away from the first season - I felt like things were sharper and tighter.
Remi Aubuchon: Steven [Spielberg, Executive Producer] is very terse and concise in his direction and basically what he said was 'Look, I want you to amp up the second season.' And I think that what a lot of that comes from is us deciding that we've set the backdrop, we've established the foundation of the story now let's just go with it and I think you can feel that energy in the second season.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Hannah's Law with Ryan Kennedy and John Pyper-Ferguson premieres tonight

Hannah's Law, with Ryan Kennedy playing Doc Holliday and John Pyper-Ferguson as Frank McMurphy (the bad guy) premieres on the Hallmark Movie Channel tonight at 8/7c.

ryan kennedy,doc holliday,hannah's lawSynopsis:
From orphan to bounty hunter, tough-minded Hannah Beaumont doesn’t take lip from anyone. Hannah is driven by a soul-consuming mission to track down and bring to justice the McMurphy gang, who brutally murdered her parents and young brother.

Comfortable as a mercenary, Hannah’s fierce independence keeps the people in her life at a distance: Isom Dart, the father figure who taught Hannah everything he knows about shooting and hunting men, handsome admirer and suitor Wyatt Earp, mysterious Doc Holliday and Hannah’s best friend, Stagecoach Mary.

john pyper-ferguson,frank mcmurphy,hannah's lawBut when Hannah and her friends prove to the McMurphy gang that getting into Dodge is easy but getting out will be hell, a shocking secret is revealed that will change Hannah’s life forever.

Cast: Sara Canning (Hannah Beaumont), Kimberly Elise (Stagecoach Mary), Greyston Holt (Wyatt Earp), Danny Glover (Isom Dart), Ryan Kennedy (Doc Holliday), John Pyper-Ferguson (Frank McMurphy) and Billy Zane (Lockwood)
A couple of related updates before we get to the clips: