Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Previews & cast updates

A few quick mid-week updates.

Eric Stoltz directed tonight's episode of Glee, "Big Brother," which airs at 8 pm on Fox. His next episode will be 3x19, "Prom-A-Saurus," which airs next month.

He also wrote a guest column in this week's Entertainment Weekly. Snippet:
When I first came to the Glee set last season, I could tell they’d been through a great deal - the actors were close-knit and a bit guarded, and rightly so. Who was this redheaded stranger coming into their world, asking questions and taking notes? Before I started directing a show, I try to spend a few weeks hanging around the set, getting to know the crew and talking to the actors about how they like to work. Who is fussy? Who is left-handed? Who wants to go home early, and who is the perfectionist? There is no “right” way to work, and familiarizing myself with everyone’s method is a respectful place to start. And it’s also a lot of fun stealing Jane Lynch’s journal and reading it in the bathroom.
Read the rest here.

Esai Morales will be back on Fairly Legal this Friday. Sneak peek:

Sasha Roiz will also be up to no good on Grimm (same time, different network):

Raphael Sbarge, who plays Jiminy/Archie in Once Upon a Time, did a Q&A with Jane Espenson. You can listen to part 1 at Fangeek.com.

A new announcement from the Husbands team:
First, we are sending a giant THANK YOU to every backer for making Husbands Season 2 a reality! Your phenomenal support has inspired us so much, that we want to show you a side of Husbands you’ve never seen…

To give you an in depth look at every element of the show you brought to life, we will produce a BEHIND THE SCENES DOCUMENTARY about the making of Husbands — filming all the steps along the way! Including footage of photo shoots, table reads, rehearsals, costume fittings, and countless other elements of the process. In addition, BACKERS ONLY will get behind the scenes photos sent live from the set.
To find out how to make this possible, head over to HusbandstheSeries.com.

Deadline reports that the Arrow pilot, with Brian Markinson, is one of the frontrunners for series pickup:
If there is such thing as sure thing so early, the CW’s ARROW and THE CARRIE DIARIES would be it. They have pre-sold titles and are already making a lot of noise. Both were solid pre-production, received mostly favorable reaction to the fist images of the title characters released last month, and the strong buzz continues.
Hallmark has released a new synopsis of Hannah's Law with Ryan Kennedy and John Pyper-Ferguson:
Hallmark Movie Channel Original World Premiere
Saturday, June 9 (8p.m. ET/PT, 7C)
Tough-minded Hannah Beaumont (Sara Canning) grew up as an orphan after the McMurphy gang brutally murdered her parents and younger brother. Now in her 20s, Hannah is a trained bounty hunter in a quest to find McMurphy (John Pyper-Ferguson) and his gang and bring them all to justice, alive. Comfortable as a mercenary, Hannah's fierce independence keeps the people in her life at a distance: Isom Dart (Danny Glover), the father figure who taught Hannah everything he knows about shooting and hunting men, handsome admirer and suitor Wyatt Earp (Greyston Holt), mysterious Doc Holliday (Ryan Kennedy) and Hannah's best friend, Stagecoach Mary (Kimberly Elise). As Hannah tracks down several of the gang, she soon discovers they are all after her blood as well, under the supervision of a corrupt, wealthy and very powerful cattleman named Lockwood (Billy Zane). With the help of her friends in the final showdown, Hannah learns a shocking secret that will change her life forever.
Zak Santiago has finished shooting a new TV film, The Music Teacher. You can find a photo from the set here. Here is the synopsis:
Music Teacher revolves around Alyson Daley, a high school music teacher who is on the brink of losing her beloved school music program because of district budget cuts. In an effort to spare the program, Daley’s former students band together to stage a musical to raise money to keep the program alive.
HBO has released a new teaser for season five of True Blood (Sunday, June 10, 9 pm), with Christopher Heyerdahl doing the narration:

And TNT has released the first three minutes of the season two premiere of Falling Skies:

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