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Blood and Chrome trailer screened, Falling Skies season two premiere date, interview with Remi Aubuchon, and general updates

Just a few updates to end the week.

Blood and Chrome trailer was shown at the BSG panel at WonderCon this weekend. Hero Complex has a report from the panel with Kevin Grazier. Here is a description of the trailer (no, it's not available anywhere yet):
At the end of his talk, Grazier screened a trailer for the upcoming “Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome,” a two-hour television film which is set in the 10th year of the First Cylon War. Edited at rapid-cutting pace to Trent Reznor and Karen O’s cover of “Immigrant Song” for “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” – which was actually quite fitting with images of ice-covered planets and (space)ships – the trailer ended with title cards flashing the words “It’s time for a SyFy game-changer.”
Still no official word on what Blood and Chrome is (a TV film or a pilot) even though the decision was supposed to be made in February, but hopefully Syfy will announce something at the upfronts (April 24) if not sooner.

Elsewhere, TNT has announced a return date for Falling Skies:
Falling Skies
• Two-Hour Season Premiere: Sunday, June 17, at 9 p.m. (ET/PT)
• Season 2: 10 episodes
The wait is nearly over as basic cable's #1 new series of 2011 returns to continue its extraordinary story about life and survival in the wake of a catastrophic alien invasion. Noah Wyle stars as a college professor who becomes an unlikely resistance leader in this gripping series from DreamWorks Television and executive producer Steven Spielberg. Moon Bloodgood, Will Patton, Drew Roy, Maxim Knight and Connor Jessup also star.
In the same press release, TNT has also announced the dates for The Closer (Monday, July 9, at 9 pm ET) and Major Crimes (premiere: Monday, Aug. 13, at 10 pm ET, regular slot: Mondays at 9) with Mary McDonnell, and Perception (Monday, July 9, at 10 pm ET) with Jamie Bamber recurring. Longmire with Katee Sackhoff also got a premiere date in recent weeks: June 3 on A&E.

Three If by Space has an interview with Rémi Aubuchon. It's mostly about Falling Skies, but Caprica also gets a mention:
When Turner/TNT approached you to Executive produce and run the second season of Falling Skies, had you previously seen any of the series?
In fact, Graham Yost and Dreamworks had asked me to work on the first season, but unfortunately I had already committed to Stargate: Universe. So then I got to read Bob Rodat’s pilot script and watch the pilot (under serious security) and was excited about the project, but sadly, all I could do was wish them good luck. Mark Verheiden, who I’ve known for some time, and who’s work I’ve always respected (he wrote the best episode of Caprica, as far as I’m concerned) ended up doing it, and I thought he did a great job. I was incredibly but pleasantly surprised when Dreamworks and TNT approached me to run second season (Mark was committed at the time to “Dark Tower” and Graham to ”Justified”) and I jumped at it. I watched all the episodes before they aired in one Saturday, which was a trip and I urge fans to try that at least once – it’s ten hours of fun! I then had about three days to pull together my ideas of what I’d do in the second season and present them to Steven Spielberg and Michael Wright (TNT). Amazingly we’ve done almost everything I pitched to them.

You have recently done shows like Caprica and Stargate SGU, do you find that you enjoy the science fiction genre more than other genres?
I am a total SF geek. I collect comic books (Green Lantern/Flash), build models, and have watched Star Wars a million times and almost know every episode of Star Trek and Twilight Zone by heart. But, I also love character drama and worked most of my career in it. But I have, in recent years, made a conscious effort to combine my obsession for Science Fiction with strong character drama. Certainly that was my intention with Caprica and Falling Skies gives me the chance to that as well. I’m not really interested in writing procedural dramas, though I have a lot of respect for those who do. I am forever trying to get a western pilot sold, and I am determined to bring a Steampunk idea I have to TV at some point.
They also have a BTS video from the set of the two-hour season opener that includes a very quick interview with Bradley Thompson and first glimpses of Luciana Carro and Ryan Robbins. Can't embed so hit the link.

Luciana has been announced as one of the guests at next year's Galacticon.

Falling Skies: The Complete First Season will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on June 5. Details on Spoiler TV.

Colin Cunningham, who plays Pope, posted a bunch of photos from the set on Flickr a while ago. You can find more photos here.

This is where we keep Will Patton, Noah Wyle and Ryan Robbins on their days off.Doesn't matter how much dirt you put on Luciana Carro. She still looks gorgeous!
'Tector' - aka Ryan Robbins.Shinkoda, Ry Ro and Noah Wyle.

Here is a season two teaser: has some new details about Cold Blooded with Ryan Robbins.
The plot behind Cold Blooded is a relatively simple one to describe. Three jewel thieves are running away from a robbery. One gets away, a second is killed and the third is injured seriously enough to be taken to an empty wing of a hospital, but not before hiding the stolen diamonds. It turns out the injured robber is a clever escape artist, as the female officer assigned to guard him discovers. Meanwhile, the third thief returns with two other accomplices to find out the whereabouts of the plunder and is ruthless in his quest. “I wanted to make the film like an Elmore Leonard novel,” says [director Jason] Lapeyre, referring to one of the masters of unflinching crime fiction.

There are some familiar faces in the cast. Playing a fearful jewelry clerk who helped with the heist is Sergio Di Zio, better known as Spike, one of the rescue team on the TV series Flashpoint, which stars Kingstonian Hugh Dillon. Zoie Palmer, who plays the cop, has a recurring role as a human doctor on the supernatural TV series Lost Girl. Ryan Robbins, who plays the injured thief, was a regular member of the TV show Sanctuary.
Leah Gibson tweets that Indie Jonesing premieres this month.

There is a short video interview with Carmen Moore on the Blackstone FB page.

Finally, here are the synopsis and trailer for Seattle Superstorm with Esai Morales, which airs on Saturday, March 31 at 9 pm ET on Syfy:
When an unidentified object is shot down over the waters of the Pacific Northwest, an excavation team is sent in to retrieve it. Moments later, a dark cloud spreads through the water and empty wetsuits rise up, floating ominously on the surface—leaving no trace of the people behind. As Seattle officials inspect the debris, the sky grows turbulent, seemingly instigated by the smoke coming off the wreckage. Major Emma Peterson (Ona Grauer: V, Stargate Universe) is handed the task of identifying the threat and securing the city, while her fiancé, scientist Tom Reynolds (Esai Morales: Caprica, 24), keeps an eye on their two teenage children. However, the scientist in him is unable to ignore the strange occurrences taking place around him and he sends the teens home, unaware that he is putting them directly into the path of danger. Now the family must find each other in the midst of the chaos and work together to put a stop to the storm before it spreads beyond their control and annihilates the planet!

Cast includes Caprica's Esai Morales, Stargate Universe's Ona Grauer, Jared Abrahamson, MacKenzie Porter, Martin Cummins, Michelle Harrison, Matty Finochio, Dominika Juillet and Jesse Moss.

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