Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Extracted, starring Sasha Roiz, to premiere at SXSW Festival

Extracted, the sci fi thriller Sasha Roiz filmed last year, will have its world premiere at the South By Southwest festival in Austin in March. Filmmaker Magazine has the full SXSW lineup, announced earlier today.

sasha roiz,extracted
Extracted will be screened in the Emerging Visions section. The date/venue info hasn't been posted yet, but it will probably show up on the film's page on one of these days.

This year, the festival runs from March 9 to 17.

Film synopsis, main credits & trailer, from New Artists Alliance:
Thomas Jacobs is a brilliant engineer who invents a device that enables him to enter the mind of a patient and observe them in their memories.

Having run out of funds to complete the project, he reluctantly partners with the justice department who plans to use it to see criminals enact their crimes, BUT, during the first test on a convict, Tom gets trapped, leaving behind a pregnant wife and his unconscious body.

For four years Tom is stuck in the criminal's mind, until he discovers a glitch in the system. It soon becomes a race for survival, as Tom is forced to work with the reluctant criminal to find a way out.

STARS: Sasha Roiz, Dominic Bogart, Jenny Mollen, Brad Culver, Ty Simpkins, Frank Ashmore, Nick Jamison, Rodney Eastman, Richard Riehle
DIRECTOR: Nir Paniry
WRITERS: Nir Paniry (screenplay, story), Gabriel Cowan (story), John Suits (story)
PRODUCERS: Gabriel Cowan, John Suits
COMPOSER: Tim Ziesmer

EXTRACTED - trailer from New Artists Alliance on Vimeo.

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