Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Aleks Paunovic on Arctic Air, Bomb Girls picked up, Falling Skies update, interviews with Scott Porter & William B. Davis

Aleks Paunovic is back in Arctic Air tonight. It's not the first time that he has appeared on the show, but he will have a more central part in tonight's episode, which airs at 9 pm on CBC in Canada. Other familiar faces will probably show up, too. CBC has a new interview with Aleks. Snippets:
You play Jim McAlister on Arctic Air, what is that guy all about?
Jim is a fun-loving best buddy with a big heart. He's stoked to have Bobby (Adam Beach) back in town. He's a prospector and trusts Bobby to the fullest. He'll do anything to protect his friends, family and the North.

What is it like working on a all Canadian production as opposed to a U.S. production that is being filmed in Canada?
I love home grown projects. Most of the U.S. projects are about situations, not about where they are shooting.

Knowing that we are making a show about our land, and showing it to the people of the land, gives us a warm feeling knowing we are connecting with people that know our culture and country. Plus the cast and crew are amazing! So I love coming into work.
Read the rest at CBC.ca.

The Huffington Post has a new interview with Scott Porter. Snippet:
With all the bad boys on The CW, what appealed to you about playing good guy George on "Hart of Dixie"?
I had just played a terrorist on "Caprica," and Blake, who is a bit of a badass private investigator, on "The Good Wife." What's funny about this business is they only care about what you did last. They don't care what you've done before that, especially in my case. Before I showed up in Los Angeles, I was doing musical comedy on Broadway and singing and dancing. It seemed "Hart of Dixie," and George Tucker particularly, was a chance to get back to a role that was more similar to how I broke into the business before "Friday Night Lights." It was nice to leave the drama behind and find a smart, intelligently written, lighter-toned comedy that was set in a place that could feel like a theatre production.
Fangoria has an exclusive BTS clip from Playback, with Alessandra Torresani. Mama Cylon mentioned on her blog that the film is #2 on iTunes' list of Top Horror Rentals.

BSG's Ty Olsson has posted a photo from the set of Falling Skies. He will make an appearance in the ninth episode. Not sure if Ryan Robbins and Luciana Carro have been promoted to series regulars yet, but they sure look pretty recurring. Based on their tweets in recent months, they'll both be appearing in most of the episodes. Mark Verheiden says they're currently working on episode 2x09, with Terry O'Quinn and Matt Frewer also guest starring, and Remi Aubuchon is currently working on the season finale. (Season two has 10 episodes.)

Bomb Girls with Meg Tilly has been picked up for a second season. Big congrats to the cast & crew! From the press release:
Today, Shaw Media announced the renewal of the country’s breakout original hit, Bomb Girls. With the initial six-part miniseries concluding tomorrow on Global at8pm ET/PT, the Canadian wartime drama has been green lit for 12 new episodes. Development on the additional episodes will begin shortly and start of production will be announced at a later date. (...)

In tomorrow night’s explosive finale, “Element of Surprise,” the season culminates with dramatic twists for all of the characters set against the attack on Pearl Harbor. Gladys’s (Jodi Balfour) secret job is exposed, while Lorna (Meg Tilly) grapples with a possible pregnancy and Kate (Charlotte Hegele) struggles to stand up to the return of her manipulative father.
The Divide with Michael Eklund will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on April 17th. Daily Dead has the DVD cover art and details.

Drive with John Pyper-Ferguson was released last week.

Here is a recent interview with William B. Davis, from Studio 4:

And a few more clips.

The teaser for this Friday's Grimm, "Tarantella," with Sasha Roiz - Amy Acker from Angel and Dollhouse guest stars:

The promo for next Monday's Alcatraz, "Paxton Petty," with James Pizzinato:

And two short films with Ryan Robbins showed up on YouTube this week. They're not the most recent things he's done, but they're pretty insane and they haven't been available anywhere so far. Calum Worthy plays Ryan's kid in the second one. Check them out:

Little Steve:

When Jesse Was Born:

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