Saturday, 28 January 2012

Esai Morales in Law & Order: SVU, Prisoners' Wives premiere, interviews with Patton Oswalt and Christopher Heyerdahl, and more updates

The weekly wrap:

First, there are two things to check out on TV tonight.

Richard Harmon is in The Pregnancy Project, which airs at 8/7c on Lifetime. has a preview.

And Winston Rekert, Maya Massar and Hrothgar Mathews (Obal in "Unvanquished," Helen the widow in "Retribution" and Dave in "Apotheosis") appear in Goodnight for Justice, a western starring Luke Perry, which also airs at 8 pm, on Hallmark. Synopsis and preview at Daemon's TV.

Some great news on other fronts:

Esai Morales will guest star in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in episode "Home Invasions," which airs on February 15. Synopsis from NBC:

A gunman storms a family’s home, killing the parents and leaving their teenage daughter in critical condition. When a hate crime investigation turns into a dead end, Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and the SVU detectives struggle to find a motive for such violence. The clues lead to a surprising revelation about Detective Rollins (Giddish), which threatens her future in the Special Victims Unit. Also starring Ice-T (Detective Odafin Tutuola), Dann Florek (Captain Donald Cragen) and Danny Pino (Detective Nick Amaro.)
Sheffield Telegraph has an article and the first promotional photo from Prisoners' Wives, with Polly Walker. The show finally premieres on Tuesday at 9 pm on BBC One. has a few more details about Polly's character. Teaser:

Alessandra Torresani did another YouTube skit with Cheeks. Check it out:

Daily Actor has a new interview with Christopher Heyerdahl. Snippet:
You had a great 2011 with Hell on Wheels, Sanctuary and Twilight. Has that been the best year career-wise, so far?
Christopher Heyerdahl: Well, yeah. I guess it has been the best year so far in as much as I’m alive and well, and I’m working. What other actor doesn’t want’ that? It has been pretty intense.
I mean, I started off the year doing Twilight. I got to go to New Orleans. It was a great way to start the year and then Sanctuary got renewed which is always a tenuous thing with a show that’s privately funded and within maybe two months into doing Sanctuary, I got The Swede on Hell on Wheels.
Chad Oakes and George Horie, Chad is with Hell and George is with Sanctuary. The two of them got together and said, “We can make this work” because it was a crazy scheduling, scheduling that I think any producer just wouldn’t normally not want to invite into their daily routine because I was getting on a plane pretty much every night after work, flying off to Calgary or vice versa, coming back to Vancouver in order to do each show. It was crazy for them and that was a blast for me. has a few new photos of James in Metal Hurlant Chronicles.

Zak Santiago tweets that he is working on season two of True Justice. According to the IMDb, episode 2x01, "Vengeance Is Mine," airs on April 9 and Ben Cotton is also in it.

Episode two of 10,000 Days has been posted. You can watch it on YouTube.

Do You Want What I Have Got? A Craigslist Cantata! with Dmitry Chepovetsky will run for a week longer at the Revue Stage in Vancouver, and you can now catch it until February 18. The Arts Club blog has a few photos from the opening night party. Trailer:

Here is the press release for James Pizzinato's episode of Alcatraz, which airs on February 13:

When our unlikely trio tracks former inmate Paxton Petty (James Pizzinato), a sick landmine bomber who has returned only to place bombs throughout populated areas of San Francisco, methods of the past are applied to the present in the all-new "Paxton Petty" episode of ALCATRAZ airing Monday, Feb. 13 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (ALC-108) (TV-14 D, L, V)

Cast: Sarah Jones as Detective Rebecca Madsen; Jorge Garcia as Dr. Diego Soto; Sam Neill as Emerson Hauser; Parminder Nagra as Lucy Banerjee; Robert Forster as Ray Archer; Jonny Coyne as Warden Edwin James; Jason Butler Harner as Associate Warden ED Tiller.

Guest Cast: James Pizzinato as Paxton Petty; David Hoflin as Tommy Madson; Leon Rippy as Dr. Beauregard; Mehcad Brooks as Matt Tanner
The Bahamas Weekly has a behind-the-scenes report from the set of Singularity Principle, a new science fiction film with William B. Davis that explores the science of parallel universes:

The Province has an article about Primary, a thriller Michael Eklund is shooting in BC these days. Snippets:
Primary, filming for just over three weeks, follows a young insurance executive (Milligan) at a low point in his life when he fall under the sway of a charismatic, manipulative drifter (Eklund). Isabelle co-stars as a bohemian artist and the conscience of the piece. (...)

Eklund’s role as drifter Harry is another trip to the dark side for the actor, seen this past week as a child-killer on an episode of TV’s Alcatraz.

"You can’t approach any character from a judgmental place, or you’re going to end up playing what everybody has seen already," says Eklund, who played his Alcatraz kidnapper-killer as sort of a warped older brother type.

He’s taking a similar approach with Primary’s Harry.

"Harry teaches Dustin’s character about helping people and about love, brings him into a family element, but in reality he’s conning him out of his money. Harry is the perfect person to suss out the weakness in people."
Patton Oswalt was on the Adam Carolla Show the other day. You can listen to the podcast on And below is another recent interview with Patton, who discovered Downton Abbey last month and now can't stop talking about it. A fun little clip:

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