Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Brian Markinson guest stars on Hellcats and The Killing this week

But hey, let's start with Paula Malcomson meeting Detective fka Moustache (Corey Stoll).

Paula guest starred on Law & Order: LA last night, in episode 1x12, "Benedict Canyon." It was a prominent role too, but for some reason she wasn't in the previews or in the BTS featurette I watched over the weekend. Either way, the episode is now available on Hulu. Check it out if you get a chance.

Also available, a new story in the Caprica: Season 2 series: "Gara Singh: Alley of Darkness," by Dóra Kecskés. Hit the link to read it.

Leah Gibson and Zak Santiago are working on a new web series, The True Heroines, a sci-fi drama set in 1951 that "follows the lives of three women who not only share daily tea, but a secret they can't share with anyone but each other." For more details and to see the promotional photos, head over to the show's site, www.thetrueheroines.com.

Here is another snippet about Red Faction: Origins, from Michael Nankin (at Poptimal):

“Well, I think what attracted me to the film, aside from the script by Andrew Kreisberg, was it wasn’t really a movie about the game. It’s a movie about the core elements which inspired the game. It’s a movie about family. It’s a family drama. It’s about redemption, loyalty, sacrifice. And those, you know, juicy, archetypal, dramatic, and emotional elements are what the movie is about and also what the game is about. They get to blow up more things than we can because they don’t have to actually build them. Other than that, really both things are about the same core issues. But it’s not really a movie about a game.”

Episode 3 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy is on YouTube. Not seeing any of the usual suspects in it.

Brian Markinson showed up in a couple of previews in recent days. He will make an appearance on Hellcats tonight at 9 on the CW. Here is the clip, with Kevin Murphy:

After Hellcats, Markinson will also guest star on The Killing this week (Sunday, May 1, 10 pm, AMC), in episode 1x06, "What You Have Left". Here is a clip with him and Joel Kinnaman:

Finally, a couple of previews of next week's Sanctuary, with Ryan Robbins:

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Interviews with Eric Stoltz and Kacey Rohl, Sanctuary moves to Mondays

All right, a couple of interviews and a sneak peek before the date with the Cylon Bunny. Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!

Eric Stoltz talked to The Orange County Register about Fort McCoy, which will be screened at the Newport Beach festival next week (April 30). Here is what he said:

"I read the script and I thought it was a very well-written and interesting and compelling true story," said Stoltz, 49. "I enjoy playing roles based on real people. As a producer, I suggest things to the directors – cuts, shots, casting, notes. We got permission from the Department of Defense to shoot at an authentic Army base. I thought that was pretty cool, because they don't always do that."

Stoltz plans to attend the screening on April 30 and stick around for the question-and-answer session afterward. "I love film festivals, because the people who come to them are the people interested in supporting the arts, and that's my tribe."

The film will get another screening at the Newport Beach fest on May 10. And the Fox May sweeps schedule confirms that Eric's next episode of Glee, "Prom Queen," airs on May 10.

Assignment Fashion has a nice, long interview with Kacey Rohl. Here is a snippet:

AF: Are their any juicy scoops of upcoming movies you can let our readers in on?
An interesting fact about a film I did called ‘Sisters & Brothers’ (which also has Cory Monteith and Dustin Milligan in it, and was directed by Carl Bessai) was that it was all structured improv. We went in with an overall idea, and ideas for scenes, but all the dialogue was made up on the spot.

AF: Is there one of your peers that you would love to work with more so then anyone else in Hollywood? If so what type of movie would it be?
Local peers? I would love to work with Richard Harmon again. We did ‘The Killing’ together and that kid is a powerhouse. We work in the same, whacky way, which is great. Plus, he’s just a super nice dude. As for Hollywood peers - I would love to do an Almost Famous-esque movie with Anne Hathaway. I’m Patrick Fugit. She’s Kate Hudson.

The Killing airs Sundays at 10 on HBO. IMDb says Kacey is back in tomorrow's episode.

And it bears repeating with these sudden changes in schedule: the next new episode of Sanctuary airs this Monday at 10. Françoise Yip made a surprise appearance in Friday's episode and James Pizzinato definitely guest stars in episode 3x13, "One Night." Here is a preview:

Friday, 22 April 2011

Caprica 1.5 gets a UK air date, Battlestar heads to BBC America

... and the actors are everywhere again this week.

Caprica season 1.5 will finally start airing in the UK on May 16 at 11 pm on Sky1 according to Geek Town. There is still no date for the DVD release.

BBC America will air all four seasons of Battlestar Galactica starting June 18 at 7 pm. THR writes that all 80 hours of BSG, including the miniseries, "will air on the cable network’s 'Supernatural Saturday' lineup."

Beginning of Line has the Q&A with Ryan Lawrence up at the So Say We All blog. Ryan wrote last week's installment of Caprica Season 2, "Punishment." Check it out if you haven't. And for updates on the Caprica Season 2 project as they come, you can follow Beginning of Line on Twitter and Facebook.

Cast updates:

Paula Malcomson has been cast in The Hunger Games, the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins' post-apocalyptic novel. Here is the premise, from Wikipedia:

The Hunger Games takes place in an unidentified future time period after the destruction of North America, in a nation known as Panem. Panem consists of a wealthy Capitol and twelve surrounding, poorer districts. District 12, where the book begins, is located in the coal-rich region Appalachia.

As punishment for a previous rebellion against the Capitol, every year one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 from each district are selected at random and forced to participate in the Hunger Games, a televised event in which the participants, or "tributes", must fight to the death in a dangerous outdoor arena until only one remains. The story follows fatherless 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, a girl from District 12 who volunteers for the 74th Games in place of her younger sister, Primrose.

Paula will play Mrs. Everdeen, Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Primrose's (Willow Shields) mother. Not the happiest of characters according to THR:

In the books, Katniss and Prim’s mother is grieving after her husband’s death, living in fear that her daughters will participate in the deadly Hunger Games.

The film will hit theatres on March 23, 2012.

Los Americans, the new web series with Esai Morales, will premiere on PIC.tv on May 26. For updates, keep an eye on the official Facebook page for the show. Here is an extended description, nabbed from FB:

The Valenzuela family is totally assimilated in U.S. American culture, and that’s the way the patriarch, Leandro Valenzuela, or “Lee” as Leandro prefers to be called, likes it. He’s moved on from speaking Spanish and the ways of the old country. As he proudly says, “We’re not Mexicans. Mexicans live in Mexico. We’re Americans.” Lee is right in that he and his family will face many of the problems and challenges all Americans face, that all human beings face – unemployment, homelessness, alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, abortion, immigration, childhood obesity and others. But Lee will also face another problem in that he has forgotten his native language and moved away from his culture, ultimately losing part of who he is and where he comes from, and he will learn that maybe this is not such a good thing.

And another festival date for Gun Hill Road: May 15, at the Boston LGBT Film Festival.

Magda Apanowicz will be back on Hellcats for not one, but at least two more episodes: 1x20, "Warped Sister," and 1x21, "Land of 1,000 Dances." Spoiler TV has the press release for episode 1x21.

Also Hellcats-related: Kevin Murphy did another couple of interviews in recent days. You can read them on Collider and Poptimal.

Hybrid, a 3D horror about a morphing car that eats people, with Ryan Kennedy, was screened at A Night Horror International Film Festival in Sydney, Australia. More about the film at Fangoria.

Spoiler TV has a bunch of new photos from Castle 3x23, with Sasha Roiz guest starring. Here is the synopsis:

During rehearsal for "Baron's All-American Beauty Pageant," the contestants are shocked to discover the body of Miss Illinois - strangled, but by whom? As Castle and Beckett delve into the cut-throat competition of the pageant world, they learn that a number suspects had motive for murder, including jealous fellow contestants, the pageant's larger-than-life millionaire sponsor, Victor Baron (Michael McKean, "Curb Your Enthusiasm"), and the show's host -- hedonistic TV personality, Bobby Stark (Sasha Roiz, "Caprica").

The episode airs on Monday, May 9 at 10 pm on ABC.

WormholeRiders.net has an excellent one-hour interview with Mike Dopud. It's mostly about Stargate Universe, but he also talks about his other projects, including Blood & Chrome and the pilot for Exit Strategy.

Ryan Robbins and Chris Heyerdahl are back on Sanctuary tonight (not that they ever left). There are some promotional photos and a clip at Daemon's TV. After tonight's episode, Sanctuary moves to a new slot and the next new episode airs on Monday, April 25. James Pizzinato is supposed to be in it, too.

If you're in Canada, you can also catch Ryan Robbins on The Listener tonight at 8 on CTV. There is a still from the episode on Ryan's FB page. Here is a sneak peek:

And Judas Kiss, with Richard Harmon and Genevieve Buechner, screens at the Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival tonight. Here is the first clip from the movie, with Richard Harmon and Charlie David:

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

New interviews with Kevin Murphy & Bear McCreary

Hollywood Reporter has a new interview with Kevin Murphy. Among other things, he talks about Caprica and some of the challenges they faced in the second half of the season. The relevant bit:

The Hollywood Reporter: You’ve had some quickly-canceled shows on your resume. What did you learn from them?
Kevin Murphy: In a case like Caprica, I came in halfway into the order. After a week or so, Ron Moore and David Eick promoted me to showrunner and one of the interesting things there was figuring out how to make it grand -- how to make it live up to the [Battlestar Galactica] franchise while being realistic about the fact that the show had ended up costing NBCUniversal a lot more than they had originally expected or budgeted for. Part of that was the nature of the beast. When you’re doing a show set on a spaceship, you can always do a bottle show where you can have a perfectly good episode where everybody stays on the standing sets of the Battlestar Galactica. Because the overall jeopardy is the imminent of the human race, it can be an exciting, suspenseful ride having people standing around on the bridge talking.

On Caprica, it was conceived to be this wide canvas with multiple families, blue skies and outdoor locations. You’re not just seeing the ruins of Caprica, you’re seeing it 24/7 on the show and you have to make it not look like British Columbia. That required a lot of CGI adjustment and changing the skyline of Vancouver. I arrived the moment the cookie jar was empty. I learned more doing that show in eight episodes than I learned on three years with Desperate Housewives. On the CW, you’ve only got so much money, doing all the tricks when you’re trying to save money, so those skills have come handy on this particular show.

Also, for anyone who hasn't heard it on the DVD commentary for "Apotheosis," The Caprica Times has an excellent recap of Murphy's plan for season two and where they were going with those last five minutes of the season finale.

The rest of the THR interview is about Murphy's other shows, including Hellcats, which still hasn't been picked up for a second season. You can read the whole article at THR.com. The Futon Critic has the May upfronts schedule, so those are the dates to watch, not only for Hellcats, but also the pilots (Grimm, 17th Precinct, Hart of Dixie, etc.)

A new episode of Hellcats airs tonight at 9 on the CW.

Square Enix Music Online has a new interview with Bear McCreary, which is mostly about his score for SOCOM 4, but he also gives an update on the Caprica soundtrack.

About those shows... The Cape, Caprica, and Trauma were prematurely cancelled despite having a considerable fanbase. Was this disappointing for you or partly expected, given the highly competitive nature of primetime broadcasting?

Bear McCreary: Of course. It's always disappointing when something you work on — and really invest yourself emotionally in — does not continue. At the same time, in all three of those shows, I was able to explore what I wanted to explore.

Looking at The Cape as a perfect example, of course I'm disappointed that there wasn't another season where I could write big, epic superhero music and record it with an 80-piece orchestra every week. But in looking at that from the other side, from the artistic perspective, I was able to record a full season of a superhero show with an 80-piece orchestra every week! So I'm very proud of the work I've done on those series and it is good to know that it will live on in other media for people to discover as the years go on.

In the case of The Cape and Caprica, I am in the process of working on a soundtrack album release for both of those so that fans can hear all the things that I put in the score that sometimes get lost in the final edit.

Some other updates, in random order:

A new episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy, with Tahmoh Penikett, is available on YouTube.

Panou tweets that he has wrapped filming Underworld 4.

Ryan Robbins tweets that he will make an appearance on The Listener this Friday.

Game of Thrones has already been picked up for a second season, after a single aired episode.

Here is the trailer for Amazon Falls, with Zak Santiago and William B. Davis, playing in Vancouver these days:

Spoiler TV has a couple of previews from next week's United States of Tara, with Patton Oswalt:

And the teaser and sneak peek from Sanctuary 3x12, "Hangover," with Ryan Robbins:

Saturday, 16 April 2011

First milestone for Beginning of Line & round of regular updates

To start the weekend roundup, Beginning of Line is now halfway through Caprica Season 2. The latest story, "Purpose" (2x09), comes from Abby Geiger and centers on Tad Thorean and Tamara Adama. You can read the story at the link, and also check out the Artsy Monday Q&A with Abby Geiger from a few weeks ago.

That's nine stories down, nine to go this season. If you haven't started reading yet, you can catch up in the story archive.

And some cast updates:

Sasha Roiz has posted a few photos from the set of Castle on Twitter and on his FB page. His episode is called "Pretty Dead" and involves a murder at a beauty pageant. Sasha plays the pageant host:

Jon Huertas, Stana Katic, Seamus Dever, Nathan FillionWhat can I say? #Castle is spoiling me on Twitpic

After last Monday's episode, Castle is going on a mini-break until May and episode 3x23 should air on May 9.

Eric Stoltz is still working on Glee, on episode 2x20, "Prom Queen." The title hasn't been officially confirmed, but it's coming from Iqbal Theba, who probably knows these things, being the principal and all. They wrapped filming the prom dance yesterday and the episode will air a day after Castle, on May 10.

Here is another behind-the-scenes gem from Cory Monteith:

And this is probably last minute, but if you're in Los Angeles, you can catch daddy Graystone at a Q&A and screening of his 1996 film Grace of My Heart tonight at the Silent Movie Theatre. More details at Cinefamily.org.

Esai Morales has posted a video from a photo shoot he did with Dennys Ilic. You can watch it on his FB page.

Magda Apanowicz will be back on Hellcats in episode 1x20, "Warped Sister." The show returns this Tuesday. Spoiler TV has a preview of the new episode (1x18, "Woke up Dead"), with Kevin Murphy explaining where the zombies came from.

James Marsters has posted his April video Q&A. You can watch it on his FB page.

Patton Oswalt has been cast in Odd Thomas, a new film based on a Dean Koontz novel that starts shooting next month in New Mexico. Star Trek's Anton Yelchin stars as Thomas and Patton will play Oswald "Ozzie" P. Boone, described as "an eccentric artist who designs sculptures, including a steel pendant that the titular clairvoyant hero wears around his neck."

The trailer for Rise of the Planet of the Apes is out. Not seeing any of our cast, but you can watch it on Boing Boing.

Game of Thrones premieres tomorrow at 9/8c on HBO. Jane Espenson wrote episode 6 and familiar faces on the show include Sean Bean, Lena Headey from The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau from Virtuality. Spoiler TV has the episode summaries and sneak peeks from the pilot.

Also tomorrow (10 pm, AMC), Richard Harmon gets grilled by detectives on The Killing. Not sure if Kacey Rohl is in the episode, but Callum Keith Rennie is definitely back (see promotional pics).

Stark Insider has an article about Sunflower Hour, a new film with Kacey Rohl and Ben Cotton, currently in post-production. They also have a few stills from the film and an audio interview with Aaron Houston, who directed it. Ben Cotton plays Shamus and Kacey Rohl plays Satan's Spawn. The tagline is pretty interesting, too: "The seedy underbelly of puppeteering and what it really takes to make it in childrens television." For more regular updates, you can visit the film's FB page.

TV Overmind has a lengthy report from the set of Echoes, the pilot with Mike Dopud and several other SGU cast/crew members. Pics included.

There is a short video interview with Bear McCreary at SpokenWord.org. He talks about his days at USC Thornton School of Music and scoring Battlestar.

Bear is also definitely scoring Red Faction: Origins, Michael Nankin's new film with Kate Vernon in one of the leading roles. IGN has a new article about it. Here is a quote from Nankin:

Comparing the games to the movie, director Michael Nankin (who directed several episodes of Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, among other series) said, "What attracted me to the film is it's not really a film about the game, it's about the core elements that inspire the game. It's a family drama about redemption, sacrifice. Those juicy, archetypical, dramatic, emotional elements are what the movie is about and also what the game is about. They get to blow up more things than we can, because they don't have to build [it all], but both are about the same things."

Noting the "epic scale" of the game, Nankin remarked, "We weren't able to go in that direction, so we crafted a much more emotional story." Though he said that in terms of the production design for the film's Mars settings, "We really worked a lot from design concept sketches we had from the game." Nankin admitted, "People who are very, very loyal to the game will spend time going, 'That's not quite right,' but we had a different goal. We're a movie."

Red Faction: Origins will premiere on Saturday, June 4 at 9 pm on Syfy.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mortal Kombat premieres, Sanctuary returns this week

The first episode of the Mortal Kombat series has finally been posted online (embedded below), but first some updates of the regular variety:

Gun Hill Road with Esai Morales has nabbed another award, for Best Acting Ensemble, at the Ashland Independent Film Festival.

The Judas Kiss blog has a schedule of the upcoming festival screenings and a couple of stills from the film, with Richard Harmon.

Bear McCreary's score for SOCOM 4 (the Playstation videogame) is available on iTunes and Playstation Network. More about that on Bear's blog.

There is a new interview with Kacey Rohl at Isternet.com, in which she talks about her work in Red Riding Hood and The Killing. Snippet (about her character in The Killing):

“She is a young woman with dangerously low self esteem. She tries to find it in all the wrong places. Mainly boys.” She said.

Given the dark nature of “The Killing” it is no surprise that Rohl has found the to be a much different experience from her others.

“With Sterling I had to dig deeper.” She said, “I learned a lot about my process.” But she also believes that there is something familiar about her character, being that she is a teenage girl, dealing with self esteem issues and growing up.

“Every young girl went through that icky self-esteem part of growing up.” Rohl said.

Red Eye Chicago has a nice, long interview with Mike Dopud that's mostly about Stargate Universe, but also touches on his other recent projects: This Means War, Mission Impossible 4, Rise of the Planet of the Apes (looks like he is in it, too, along with Leah Gibson and James Pizzinato), the pilots for Echoes and Exit Strategy and, yes, Blood & Chrome. Here is what he says about the pilot and his character:

Is “Blood and Chrome” going to be cool?
I think so, yeah. It was really interesting because we shot everything on green screen. It was different compared to everything else I’ve worked on. I mean, it was similar to “300,” I guess, because it was all green screen. I’m curious to see how it looks. I have no idea at this point. But they’re very smart, so I’m sure they’ll be able to come up with something that looks fantastic.

And a good story?
Yes. I think there’s a little more action. I think there’s going to be a lot more action because this is basically about the war with the Cylons. I think there’s a lot of action. I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully it gets picked up.

Tell me about your character.
I play Deke Tornvald. Deke is basically the top Viper pilot; he’s the hero pilot. He’s got the most kills and he’s who Adama looks up to. He is the government picture of what a pilot should be. He’s the hero, the star, but as the story goes on you sort of find out that he’s not all what he’s cracked up to be. He’s still a great pilot and all, but he’s not necessarily the nicest person in the world. He’s been around. He’s been through the war and he’s got the scars to prove it.

Deadline reports that Mark Verheiden will write & executive produce NBC's The Dark Tower series together with Akiva Goldsman.

Season five of Friday Night Lights starts airing on NBC this Friday (April 15) at 8.

Torchwood: Miracle Day will air on Space in Canada at roughly the same time as it airs on Starz and BBC1.

Sanctuary is back in its usual slot (Friday, 10 pm, Syfy) this week with episode 3x11, "Pax Romana." Peter Wingfield tweeted the other day that he will definitely be back on the show next season.

Here is a new sneak peek, with Amanda Tapping and Polly Walker (via Spoiler TV):

And finally, Mortal Kombat.

There is a new video interview with Aleks Paunovic and Tahmoh Penikett from C2E2 in which they discuss the show:

The teaser (with Tahmoh, Aleks and Ryan Robbins):

And Episode 1:

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunday updates

A few quick updates today:

Edward James Olmos has posted a short video on his official site, in which he talks about his last flight on BSG. Check it out at EdwardJamesOlmos.com.

Gun Hill Road has won Best Film at the Dallas Film Festival and Harmony Santana, who plays Esai Morales' transgender son, has won an award for Best Performance.

Alessandra Torresani is now a contributing editor and has her own column at The Printed Blog.

Patton Oswalt wrote an article for The Wall Street Journal. You can read it here: Family Travel to an iPod Beat

Aleks Paunovic and Tahmoh Penikett talked about their short film, The Hostage, at C2E2. The clip with the interview and some footage from the film is on Kind of Epic Film's FB page.

Daydream Nation with Calum Worthy, Genevieve Buechner and Luke Camilleri, will be out in theatres on May 6 and then land on DVD and Blu-ray on May 17. Daemon's Movies has a new trailer.

The Bend with Ryan Kennedy is out in theatres in Vancouver and Toronto. More details about the film at NationalPost.com.

Amazon Falls with Zak Santiago opens in Vancouver this week. It is already playing in Calgary. More about the film at Calgary Herald.

Bloody-Disgusting.com writes that Leah Gibson is rumoured for a role in a new indie horror, American Mary. Meanwhile, Rise of the Apes, still scheduled for an August release, has been renamed to Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

Friday Night Lights: The Fifth Season is out on DVD.

Spoiler TV has a 25 minute Game of Thrones featurette.

And here is a sneak peek from tonight's episode of The Killing (10 pm ET, AMC), with Kacey Rohl and Richard Harmon (for episode stills, go to Daemon's TV):

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cast news and new interviews: Michael Nankin, Leah Gibson, James Marsters

Plenty of updates today.

First up, there is a new story up at Beginning of Line, this time from Ryan Lawrence (you know him as the admin of The Caprica Times). Check it out here: Punishment.

Also at BoL, there is a Q&A with Teresa Jusino, who wrote the Tamara Adama three-parter, Safe Journey (Hypatian's Bluff, Spatiu Gol, The New Guatrau).

Some cast news, starting with the most excellent:

Sasha Roiz tweeted that he starts working on an episode of Castle this week. (Side note here: Tamala Jones says that they're currently shooting episode 3x23.)

According to the official FB page for Alessandra Torresani's latest film, Playback, the film will be released this fall.

Gun Hill Road director Rashaad Ernesto Green tweets that the film is going on a world tour. A special heads-up to anyone living in Dallas, Denver, Oregon, San Francisco, Poland, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.

Panou is credited for Supernatural 6x21, "Let It Bleed," which airs on May 20. He mentioned last month that he was working on an episode of the show.

Teryl Rothery has a supporting role in Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules, out in theatres now.

John Pyper-Ferguson has a "rumoured" credit for the Hellcats season finale, which airs on May 17. The show returns with the requisite zombie episode on Tuesday, April 19. Preview below.

Richard Harmon has joined Twitter. These days, you can catch him in The Killing. (Tahmoh Penikett reportedly makes an appearance on the show toward the end of the season.)

The first episode of the Mortal Kombat web series (with Tahmoh, Ryan Robbins and Aleks Paunovic) will premiere on Tuesday, April 12. From Hadoken.net:

Online video games channel, Machinima, will host a live event next week, where they will stream 4 hours of the upcoming Mortal Kombat game, played by Web series director, Kevin Tancharoen, as well as select actors from the upcoming show. At the end of the event, machinima will then screen, exclusively, the first episode of the Mortal Kombat Webseries.

Luc Roderique (STO's Lexon) is the second Caprica actor to be credited for the 17th Precinct pilot.

And the interviews.

Blood and Chrome Podcast recently talked to Michael Nankin and the interview is included in their second podcast. You can listen to it at the link. Nankin talks about his experience working on Battlestar and Caprica, the different styles of filming, Caprica getting cancelled, his favourite episodes of BSG (that he's directed), and so on. From Tom Lieber's tweet, it looks like Bear McCreary might be scoring his latest film, Red Faction.

A video of James Marsters' Q&A panel from MegaCon has been posted on his official Facebook page. He answered the usual gamut of questions and mentioned he'll probably be back on Hawaii Five-0 early next season. James will make an appearance at Wizard World’s Big Apple Comic Con on May 21 & 22 in New York City. For updates on his other appearances, hop over to his FB page.

Leah Gibson did an interview at the official Twilight Convention in Nashville in March. The interview is mostly about her work on Eclipse, but she also shares a few details on one of her upcoming projects, Camera Shy, a political comedy that will be out later this year (November).

And some previews. The teaser for The Killing 1x03, "El Diablo," with Kacey Rohl and Richard Harmon:

A new teaser for Sanctuary 3.5 (April 15), with Ryan Robbins & Chris Heyerdahl:

And the preview for Hellcats:

Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Killing premiere and other updates

A quick roundup of things that happened since last week's update:

Beginning of Line is back with a new Caprica story, Safe Journey: The New Guatrau (Part 3 of 3). Hit the link to read it.

Alessandra Torresani did a music video for Baker's new single "All I'm Gonna Say." You can watch it on her blog, The Bambola Factory.

Fort McCoy with Eric Stoltz will be screened at two more festivals in the next month or so. The first screening is at the Sonoma Film Festival next Sunday (April 10, details here) and the second one at the Newport Beach Film Festival (April 30 & May 5, details here), which he is expected to attend. Still no word on which episode of Glee he is directing, but it's probably either 2x19 or 2x20.

Gun Hill Road with Esai Morales is getting screened at the Dallas Film Festival tomorrow (April 4) and the day after. There is a new article about the film at dallasfilm.org. The film will also be shown at the Ashland Independent Film Festival in Oregon next weekend. If you're in the area, tickets are available at ashlandfilm.org.

Craig Anderl posted a few photos of Esai on the set of 17th Precinct last week. You can see them on his Yfrog account. Travis Yanan (yes, the ratings guy) has posted his review of the pilot script that reveals a few details about Esai's character.

KGW.com has a video report from the set of Grimm. There is no Sasha Roiz in the clip, but Sean Hayes, one of the producers on the show, posted a photo from the set. Let's call it a "first look" at Sasha's character.

There is a behind-the-scenes clip from Born to Race with John Pyper-Ferguson on the film's Facebook page. Hungry Hills, another recent film of his, is getting re-released on DVD in Canada.

The Province has a new article with a few more details about Everything and Everyone, the film Ryan Robbins wrapped filming the other day.

Meg Tilly is going back to theatre. She will be playing Martha in a production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? this summer (July 5 -17) at the McPherson Playhouse in Victoria. Times Colonist has more details and a brief interview with her. Here is a snippet:

Interviewed by email, Tilly said she looks forward to the role of Martha, famously played by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1966 film version of Edward Albee's play.

"There are many great female roles and many great plays, but there is something about Martha that just grabs me by the throat," she said.

"She's a chance to explore a road untaken. I love her passion, her humour, how deeply she loves and hates. I love the humanness of her — her lost, sad vulnerability and her blazing fierceness." (...)

Tilly, who grew up in Victoria, said she has done "very little" stage acting. The only professional theatre job she had was playing a maid in a Los Angeles production of The Girl on the Via Flaminia. Aside from that, Tilly appeared in stage shows at Belmont and Esquimalt high schools.

"The only acting I've done since I stepped away from it in the early '90s was a guest spot a couple of times last year on Caprica, a TV show my friend, Eric Stoltz, had asked me to do as a favour to him," Tilly said.

Zombie Zone News interviewed Bear McCreary last week. Snippets:

LF/ZZN: Before The Walking Dead, you scored such shows as Caprica, Eureka, The Cape, and the celebrated reimagining of Battlestar Galactica. Was it always your intention to use leitmotifs in Battlestar Galactica?
Quite the opposite. I had strict instruction from the producers to never use any themes at all. But, I couldn’t help it. That’s just where the show was leaning, so I did it anyway hoping no one would notice. Finally, around the end of the first season, the producer said that a scene with Boomer wasn’t quite working. “Can you just bring back that Boomer theme here? I think that will really help.” At that moment, I knew I wouldn’t get fired for using themes.

WLF/ZZN: Is there anything fans can do to get Caprica back on the air? Facebook revolution? Letter campaign to SyFy? Maybe HBO?
Build a time machine? I’m afraid that ship has long sailed. I miss Caprica. It didn’t get the fulfilling finale that “BSG” had. I will always remember that as one of the more beautiful themes I’ve composed.

The first teaser for Torchwood: Miracle Day (July 8, Starz) is out. You can see it on io9.com.

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The Arts Club blog has an interview with Anna Galvin for her new play, The Philanderer.

And The Killing finally premieres tonight (9/8c, AMC) with a two-hour pilot episode. Michelle Forbes is one of the leads, Callum Keith Rennie plays the lead detective's (Mireille Enos) fiancé, Kacey Rohl plays the murdered girl's friend, Richard Harmon appears in the first few episodes as the dead girl's "rich, cruel ex-boyfriend Jasper," and Genevieve Buechner is credited as one of the mean girls in the pilot. The show has been getting excellent reviews, so it's definitely worth checking out. Here is the teaser: