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Snowmageddon, interviews with Jane Espenson, Scott Porter and Calum Worthy, and more updates

Okay, the last round of updates for the week.

Snowmageddon, Syfy's Christmas movie with Magda Apanowicz and Michael Hogan saving the world, premieres tonight at 9 pm ET.

You can also catch Magda on Robot Chicken tomorrow at 11:30 pm on Adult Swim. She will be voicing Gladys/Mother/Herman's Wife according to the IMDB. And, speaking of Michael Hogan, he will be playing a "lethal werewolf hunter" in the second season of Teen Wolf. TV Guide reported the news earlier this month.

Press release, teaser and sneak peeks from Snowmageddon:

To usher in the holiday season, Syfy will present a snow globe with the power to destroy the world in the Saturday Original Movie Snowmageddon, airing Saturday, December 10 at 9PM (ET/PT) during the channel’s second annual Countdown to Christmas Week.

Starring Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica), David Cubitt (Medium) and Magda Apanowicz (Caprica), the Christmas-themed Snowmageddon is about a mystical snow globe that makes very bad things happen in the real world when it is shaken.

The movie is a production of Cinetel.

Science and Entertainment Exchange has an interview with Jane Espenson. Snippet:
Your latest project is ABC’s Once Upon a Time. Do you think your love of science fiction work its way into future storylines of the series or do you see science fiction and fantasy as completely separate genres?
I do not think those questions are opposites – I guess I would answer “no” to both of them. Sci-fi and fantasy are different, but I would not say they are “completely” different. I can think of a lot of places where they overlap – Battlestar Galactica had elements of both, for example. But Once Upon A Time is not a vehicle to allow me to write a show I have already written. The thing I love best about TV is that you are writing something new all the time – the fun is in writing to the aesthetic of the new show.

As a screenwriter, what is the advantage of talking to scientists? Have you learned anything from your interactions with scientists?
My father is a scientist – chemist James Espenson – so I was raised among his students and colleagues, and I know how easily a cocktail party turns into passionate discussions of chemistry. My childhood friends and college friends also became scientists and I studied a lot of history/philosophy of science when I was in graduate school. So I feel connected to that world, although I really know nothing. At Battlestar Galactica and Caprica, we relied a lot on science advisers. Kevin Grazier was our advisor on Battlestar Galactica and his input was crucial. He even determined the placement of the planets in the characters’ home system so that we could make Caprica possible. It is easier to be sloppy, but it is satisfying when you do your best to get it right.
Game of Thrones, one of Jane's projects last season, has been nominated for a couple of Writers Guild Awards, for Best Drama Series and Best New Series, and it also got a nomination from the Producers Guild for The Norman Felton Award for Outstanding Producer of Episodic Television, Drama. Great show, great news, big congrats to all involved!

The Morton Report has a very long interview with Christopher Heyerdahl, mostly about Sanctuary, but his other two big projects this year - Hell on Wheels and Twilight - also get a mention. Here is a snippet:
Looking back at Sanctuary’s fourth year and ahead to the penultimate episode “The Depths” and two-part season finale “Sanctuary for None,” Heyerdahl could not be happier with Bigfoot’s overall story arc. “The writers have taken Biggie in so many new and unexpected directions this season, and that’s always a joy to play,” he enthuses.

“As for the culmination of this season, it’s sacrificial in many ways. It’s always hard to finish a season of Sanctuary because it’s not like most other TV shows where you think, ‘Okay, our numbers are good and we’re airing in 170-odd countries around the world, so I think we’re safe and can look forward to next season.’ With Sanctuary we always hope that we get another season, but who really knows. So it’s kind of like saying goodbye every year and this one was no different. Again, this year’s finale is sacrificial, renewing and filled with possibility.”
THR reported last week that True Justice, a cop drama starring Steven Seagal, Meghan Ory (Ruby/Red Riding Hood on Once Upon a Time) and Warren Christie (Tarn on BSG, currently one of the leads in Alphas), with a bunch of Caprica and BSG actors making guest appearances, got picked up by the ReelzChannel and will air in March. Ryan Robbins, Ben Cotton, Hiro Kanagawa, Michael Eklund and Philip Granger all make appearances according to the IMDB. Pretty sure the show has already aired in the UK and that at least several parts of it are out on DVD, just not in the U.S. yet.

You can find the first photos of James Marsters in Metal Hurlant Chronicles, episode "Shelter Me," on Facebook. The list of the upcoming conventions he is attending has been posted on his official FB page.

Scott Porter was on Chelsea Lately last week. If you're in the U.S. you can watch the video here.

John Pyper-Ferguson's two recent films, Die and Born to Race, will both be out on DVD in France before getting released in the U.S. Die (DVD, Blu-ray) gets released on January 4 and Born to Race (DVD, Blu-ray) on January 10. In related news, at least one Alphas writer/producer has a framed picture of JPF hanging in his office.

Leah Gibson will be joining Kacey Rohl in the Lifetime pilot American Housewife. And here is a new photo of her on the set of Arctic Air, from Susan Gittins:

Stephen Lobo, Pascale Hutton, Adam Beach and Leah Gibson of Arctic Air Host The Media at their Aldergrove Set Near Vancouver

The Star Phoenix has an article about Michael Eklund's latest film, Ferocious.

Richard Harmon tweeted last week that he is working on The Wishing Tree, a made-for-TV Christmas movie directed by Terry Ingram. He also posted a photo from the set on his blog the other day.

Episode 3 of Judas Kiss: Behind the Scenes has been posted:

Times Colonist has an interview with Calum Worthy, whose new show, Austin & Ally, premiered on the Disney Channel last weekend. (Random fact: Calum played the young Eric Stoltz in Showtime's Out of Order a few years back.) Snippet from the interview:
Worthy, 20, said he welcomed the chance to switch gears into light comedy. It was a refreshing change from darker material, including a role as a member of a teenage gambling ring in Simon Davidson's upcoming murder-mystery The Odds, and playing a bullied teenager in an episode of the CBS series Flashpoint.

His Austin & Ally role couldn't be more different. "He's a wacky, out-of-this-world filmmaker who helps his best friend become an Internet sensation," explains the Claremont Secondary grad, who channelled Jim Carrey and other masters of physical comedy to land the role.

"I also looked at older physical comedy, like Laurel and Hardy," he said. "I watched Will Ferrell and Seinfeld, especially Kramer and how he worked."
He was also on Access Hollywood last week. Here is the video:

Last not least, the first promos for Bomb Girls, Meg Tilly's new show that premieres on January 4 in Canada, are out. Spoiler TV has the summaries of the first three episodes. The press release and first trailer are below.


* Starring Academy Award® Nominated Meg Tilly (Agnes of God) and Jodi Balfour (The Sinking of the Laconia)

Global’s commitment to creating powerful original dramas continues with the prime time debut of its new six-part series, Bomb Girls. Premiering Wednesday, January 4 – 8pm ET/PT, the drama profiles the life-altering experiences of five brave Canadian women who risk their lives working in a munitions factory during the Second World War.

“What I love about Bomb Girls is the unique perspective it offers on the constant conflicts and difficult personal choices these women faced in such a high-stakes environment,” said Barbara Williams, Senior Vice-President, Content, Shaw Media. “How did their lives change so profoundly? Why did it all matter so much? Bomb Girls brings the remarkable journey to life.”

The series entertains viewers with a wartime persona that is rarely acknowledged yet played an integral role in the country’s rich history; it reveals the necessity of the ‘bomb girl’ along with her significance. Leading the ensemble cast is legendary Oscar® nominee Meg Tilly (Agnes of God, The Big Chill), who makes her return to network television after 18 years, taking on the role of Lorna Corbett, the Victory Munitions factory supervisor.

Joining Meg Tilly are Jodi Balfour (The Sinking of the Laconia) as free-wheeling socialite-turned-bomb girl Gladys Witham; Charlotte Hegele (Murdoch Mysteries) as wide-eyed preacher’s daughter Kate Andrews; Ali Liebert (Hellcats) as tough-talking Prairie girl Betty McRae; and Anastasia Philips (Skins) as kind-natured Vera Burr. Commissioned by Shaw Media’s original content team, the series is produced by Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Films.

The series also stars Antonio Cupo (L’Ombra del destino) as Italian-born factory worker Marco Moretti; Sebastian Pigott (Being Erica) as Gladys’ fiancĂ© James Dunn; and Peter Outerbridge (ReGenesis) as Lorna’s husband Bob Corbett.

This gripping dramatic series set on the Canadian home front tells the remarkable stories of the women who risked everything building bombs for the Allied forces fighting on the European front. Bomb Girls delves into the lives of these exceptional women from all walks of life – peers, friends and rivals – who find themselves changed profoundly as they are liberated from their home and social restrictions to join the work force for the first time and face previously unimaginable risks in the process.

Shot on location in Toronto, Bomb Girls is executive produced by Muse Entertainment’s Michael Prupas (The Kennedys, Pillars of the Earth), along with Back Alley Films’ Janis Lundman (Durham County) and Adrienne Mitchell (Durham County). Mitchell also serves as co-showrunner along with Michael MacLennan (Flashpoint, Queer as Folk) who is executive producer and serves as the series’ head writer.

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