Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sasha Roiz on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, new interview, and new Grimm tonight at 10

Okay, just a couple of reminders today.

Episode 15 of Caprica season 2 went up at Beginning of Line on Tuesday. You can check it out here: Fallen Angel

On the off chance that I don't get around to posting a full update on time, many familiar faces will be making appearances on TV in the next few days: Brian Markinson will be back on Sanctuary tomorrow (Syfy, 10 pm), Genevieve Buechner and Richard Harmon will appear in The Haunting Hour on Saturday (The Hub, 5 pm ET), Snowmageddon with Magda Apanowicz and Michael Hogan also premieres on Saturday (Syfy, 9 pm), and Magda will also be on Robot Chicken on Sunday (Adult Swim, 11:30 pm).

Sasha Roiz guest stars on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in episode "High School Reunion" tonight at 10 pm on FX. It's the first of his two episodes on the show.

Synopsis and teaser:
The gang attends their high school reunion with a lot to prove. Old friends are met and new foes are made as the gang trips down memory lane.

And we get two new episodes of Grimm this week. The first one, "Danse Macabre," airs tonight at 10 pm, and the second one, "Let Your Hair Down," in its usual slot, tomorrow at 9 pm. Nice Girls TV has the photos from both episodes here and here.

For sneak peeks from "Danse Macabre," see the Chicago Tribune. There are also a couple of BTS previews on YouTube here: clip 1, clip 2. For more Grimm BTS stuff, you can check out a new report from the set over at Oregon ArtsWatch.

Here is the synopsis for tonight's episode:
Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank’s (Russell Hornsby) investigation of a dead high school teacher leads them to the school’s outcast, Roddy. Nick realizes that there’s more to Roddy than meets the eye, and enlists Monroe’s (Silas Weir Mitchell) help to get through to the troubled teenager before he exacts revenge on the students who wronged him. Meanwhile, Nick learns that his presence is beginning to affect the creature world. Bitsie Tulloch, Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee also star.
A clip with Sasha previewing the episode and talking about Captain Renard (spoilers):

A sneak peek:

And the teaser for both episodes:

More updates hopefully coming tomorrow.

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