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Caprica Season 2 finale, Sanctuary previews, and new interviews with Meg Tilly and Christopher Heyerdahl

All right, one final update for the year.

The two-part finale of Caprica Season 2, written by Bernard Keyer, has been posted on Beginning of Line. You can read it here: Enuma Elis, Part 1 and Part 2. If you're only now discovering BoL, you can find the entire season in the Story Archive.

And if you're interested in contributing stories or fan art for Season 3, you still have a day left to email Teresa and let her know. Details on the So Say We All blog.

Also on the Caprica front, Bear McCreary tweets that the soundtrack will be released in early 2012. Hopefully.

And this is always great to see: Caprica got an honor roll mention in Huffington Post's TV section, in their Year in Television 2011 review.

On the cast front:

The Sanctuary season four finale, "Sanctuary for None (Part 2)," with Ryan Robbins, Christopher Heyerdahl and Brian Markinson, airs tonight at 10 pm. Synopsis, from The Chicago Tribune:
Will (Robin Dunne) currently is being forced to work with SCIU director Greg Addison (Brian Markinson) while Bigfoot (Christopher Heyerdahl) has decided to remain in the abnormal homeland and team with rebel leader Caleb (guest star Gil Bellows). Henry (Ryan Robbins), Tesla (Jonathon Young) and Kate (Agam Darshi) are sided firmly with Magnus, even though they doubt her move to expose the Sanctuary to the public was wise.

In tonight’s episode, Magnus and Caleb still are struggling to keep the abnormal homeland safe from SCIU and the other human organizations that would see it destroyed.
Sneak peek and teaser:

I didn't mention this on the blog earlier, but Portlandia, which returns on IFC on January 6, is doing a BSG tribute episode called "One Moore Episode," and if I'm understanding this right, the episode will premiere on Facebook ( on January 1. Ron Moore, Edward James Olmos and James Callis all make an appearance. Here is a sneak peek (likely a flashback too if you're here):

Also on January 1, there is a new episode of Hell on Wheels, called "Derailed," with Christopher Heyerdahl. Ty Olsson from BSG and Blood and Chrome also guest stars (see sneak peek). Times Colonist has a new interview with Christopher:
"I think [the writers] thought long and hard about creating a multi-dimensional, mysterious character, and they certainly succeeded," he says.

"When he was introduced [in Episode 2], there was so much that had to be cut, because the show isn't about The Swede. There was so much written about how [the writers] explored the character.

"I actually have quite a tome of The Swede's words that we'll never see or hear. There was a lot to go on."
A couple of pics from the episode, from Spoiler TV:

And the promo:

And big congrats to Meg Tilly on this:
Victoria theatre writers have singled out Meg Tilly for best performance in a professional production for the 2010-11 season.

The Critics' Choice Spotlight Awards cited Tilly's performance as Martha in Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? - staged last summer by Blue Bridge Repertory Theatre - took three top awards. It was also voted best professional production. Brian Richmond, who directed, won for best direction.
With the Bomb Girls premiere only days away, a couple of new interviews with Meg showed up online in recent days. One is at and the other at
“I didn’t even know there were bomb factories, I just thought they magically appeared,” said Tilly, referring to the World War II era in which Bomb Girls is set.

“And I wasn’t aware of how many people I know whose parents, or aunts, or grandparents worked in them.”

In Canada the dangerous art of making of bombs fell largely to women, with so many men fighting overseas. The personal and professional politics of this together-by-necessity work environment is at the heart of Bomb Girls, a six-part Canadian mini-series that debuts Wednesday, Jan. 4 on Global.
Caprica and BSG science consultant Malcolm MacIver has written another article for Discover Magazine. You can check it out here: Information Wants to Be Free. What About Killer Information?

Assignment X has a two-part interview with James Marsters and his band mates from Ghost of the Robot. (Great frakkin' name, there.) You can read it here: part 1, part 2.

According to the film's FB page, Hungry Hills with John Pyper-Ferguson is about to launch online in the States via Think Box Entertainment. See it if you haven't already.

And last not least, here are two new teasers for The Firm, with Callum Rennie and Tricia Helfer (Jan. 8, NBC):

And see you on Twitter until the next year. :)

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