Friday, 30 December 2011

Caprica Season 2 finale, Sanctuary previews, and new interviews with Meg Tilly and Christopher Heyerdahl

All right, one final update for the year.

The two-part finale of Caprica Season 2, written by Bernard Keyer, has been posted on Beginning of Line. You can read it here: Enuma Elis, Part 1 and Part 2. If you're only now discovering BoL, you can find the entire season in the Story Archive.

And if you're interested in contributing stories or fan art for Season 3, you still have a day left to email Teresa and let her know. Details on the So Say We All blog.

Also on the Caprica front, Bear McCreary tweets that the soundtrack will be released in early 2012. Hopefully.

And this is always great to see: Caprica got an honor roll mention in Huffington Post's TV section, in their Year in Television 2011 review.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Three Inches with James Marsters and Stephanie Jacobsen airs tonight (9 pm, Syfy)

Three Inches, the Syfy pilot with James Marsters and Stephanie Jacobsen that didn't get ordered to series, airs tonight at 9 pm ET on Syfy.

To recap, the network ordered the 90-minute pilot back in the spring of 2010. It was filmed in September in Toronto and, in December, Syfy decided to pick up Alphas instead, and to tweak Three Inches into a half-hour because the two were conceptually similar.

Six months went by with no news, and then in July word came from James' FB page that Syfy would not be giving Three Inches a full season, but that the pilot would air eventually. Well, that's tonight.

Here is the synopsis, from
In Three Inches, professional daydreamer and underachiever, Walter Spackman (Noah Reid) is struck by lightning, and develops a unique “super” power — the ability to move any object using just his mind… but only a distance of three inches. He’s soon recruited by a covert team of superheroes each gifted with their own extraordinarily ordinary abilities. Together, the unlikely band of heroes proves that “super” is simply a state of mind.

Friday, 23 December 2011

17th Precinct pilot, Sanctuary finale (part 1) and some general updates

Just checking in to wish everyone happy holidays and safe travels!

Here are a few updates to wrap things up for the week:

Someone has posted an early Christmas present for us on Vimeo - the full pilot for Ron Moore's 17th Precinct. Huge props to Caprica City (Twitter) for the find!

Apparently it's been up there for a couple of months now, but some of us were too busy whining about no air date to notice.

The pilot was directed by BSG's Michael Rymer and has what's probably the best ensemble cast since Caprica went off the air: Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Stockard Channing, Esai Morales, Eamonn Walker, Tricia Helfer and Matt Long. You can watch it on Vimeo or keep scrolling, it's embedded below.

The first part of the Sanctuary season four finale, "Sanctuary for None," airs tonight at 10 pm on Syfy. Here is a new synopsis, from Red Eye Chicago:

Written by James Thorpe and directed by Damian Kindler, the first part has Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) teaming with Hollow Earth rebel leader Caleb (guest star Gil Bellows) to build a new homeland for displaced abnormals in the Fifth Ward. Magnus wants to broker a peace deal between the insurgents, SCIU and the other government agencies, but SCIU director Greg Addison (Brian Markinson) has other ideas.

A lot goes down in that first episode involving Addison, Will (Robin Dunne), Bigfoot (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Tesla (Jonathon Young), leading Magnus to take desperate action.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tuesday round-up: Blood & Chrome, Sanctuary, cast news, interviews with Jane Espenson, William B. Davis and Patton Oswalt

Okay, some updates.

It's Tuesday, so keep an eye on Beginning of Line. A new episode of Caprica season 2 goes up today.

There are a couple of things to check out on TV tonight. Patton Oswalt is on Conan at 11 pm on TBS, and on Chelsea Lately, also at 11 on E!

Deck the Halls with Luciana Carro and Hiro Kanagawa premieres at 9 pm on TNT. From the press release:
Holiday cheer turns to holiday fear when a private investigator’s father is kidnapped in TNT’s all-new original movie Deck the Halls, starring Kathy Najimy, Scottie Thompson, Jane Alexander, Larry Miller and David Selby. Based on the book by Mary Higgins Clark and daughter Carol Higgins Clark and the first in their series of holiday mystery novels.

A crackling good mystery with a warm holiday heart, Deck the Halls brings together two of the Higgins Clarks’ most popular characters: cleaning-woman-turned-amateur sleuth Alvirah Meehan, played by Kathy Najimy (Sister Act, Franklin & Bash) and private eye Regan Reilly, played by Scottie Thompson (Star Trek, Skyline). The women investigate the kidnapping of Regan’s father, Luke Reilly (David Selby – The Social Network, Dark Shadows), and a young female driver just before the holidays. The race is on to rescue the pair and get them home in time for Christmas.
TNT has released a sneak peek with Luciana Carro. You can watch it here.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Blood and Chrome update, Grimm & Sanctuary previews, first look at Arctic Air & The Firm

First stop today, Beginning of Line. Episode 16 of Caprica season two has been posted. You can read it here: Assassin Nation.

Second, Young Adult opens wide today. Patton Oswalt was nominated for a Critics Choice Award for Best Supporting Actor earlier this week. He also got nods as Runner-up from the Los Angeles Film Critics and Toronto Film Critics Association. Big congrats! (He's done a bunch of interviews this week too, but I won't be posting them until tomorrow.)

Also, congrats to Jane Espenson -- Game of Thrones was named one of the TV Programs of the Year by the American Film Institute last week.

Antipodal has an audio interview with Sasha Roiz. You can download it here.

sasha roiz,grimm,captain renard
Grimm 1x07, "Let Your Hair Down," airs tonight at 9. Synopsis:
A mysterious homicide deep in the woods leads to Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) reopening a long-aborted missing persons case. When Nick suspects this abducted person might be a feral creature, he asks Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) to help remind this wild child of her human nature. Bitsie Tulloch, Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee also star.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Snowmageddon, interviews with Jane Espenson, Scott Porter and Calum Worthy, and more updates

Okay, the last round of updates for the week.

Snowmageddon, Syfy's Christmas movie with Magda Apanowicz and Michael Hogan saving the world, premieres tonight at 9 pm ET.

You can also catch Magda on Robot Chicken tomorrow at 11:30 pm on Adult Swim. She will be voicing Gladys/Mother/Herman's Wife according to the IMDB. And, speaking of Michael Hogan, he will be playing a "lethal werewolf hunter" in the second season of Teen Wolf. TV Guide reported the news earlier this month.

Press release, teaser and sneak peeks from Snowmageddon:

To usher in the holiday season, Syfy will present a snow globe with the power to destroy the world in the Saturday Original Movie Snowmageddon, airing Saturday, December 10 at 9PM (ET/PT) during the channel’s second annual Countdown to Christmas Week.

Starring Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica), David Cubitt (Medium) and Magda Apanowicz (Caprica), the Christmas-themed Snowmageddon is about a mystical snow globe that makes very bad things happen in the real world when it is shaken.

The movie is a production of Cinetel.

Young Adult opens this weekend - new interviews with Patton Oswalt

Young Adult opens in a limited release this weekend and Patton Oswalt has given a gazillion interviews in the last couple of weeks.

On the news front, last week Patton was nominated for a Grammy for Best Comedy Album for "Finest Hour" - big congrats! - and, this week, Deadline included him among the frontrunners for an Oscar in the best supporting actor category, along with - brace for a holy frak - Ben Kingsley, Kenneth Branagh, Kevin Spacey, Max von Sydow and Christopher Plummer. From the article:
Perhaps best known as a stand-up comedian and the voice of the lead rat in Pixar’s Ratatouille, Oswalt is quickly establishing his credentials as a serious actor, first in the critically acclaimed indie film The Big Fan and now on a larger scale as a lonely man whose life was defined by an unfortunate incident in high school. His scenes opposite Charlize Theron are awkward, funny, poignant and memorable.
Hollywood Reporter has a round-up of critics' reactions to the film and the photos from the New York premiere. Below are some of the many interviews Patton did in recent days.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Friday round-up: previews, cast interviews and new projects

This is the first part of the weekend monster update, with more news & stuff coming in the next couple of days.

I got my Grimms confused in yesterday's post as it turns out. Tonight's episode won't be "Let Your Hair Down," but "The Three Bad Wolves." Rapunzel doesn't show up until next week.
Nick (David Giuntoli) is called to a suspected arson case, which exposes a longstanding family feud that brings Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) face-to-face with characters from his troubled past. While Monroe wrestles with restraining his wild side, it’s up to Nick to keep everything from going up in flames. Russell Hornsby, Bitsie Tulloch, Sasha Roiz and Reggie Lee also star.
There are a few sneak peeks at THR and Dread Central. Spoiler TV has the promotional stills. Here is the teaser:

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Sasha Roiz on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, new interview, and new Grimm tonight at 10

Okay, just a couple of reminders today.

Episode 15 of Caprica season 2 went up at Beginning of Line on Tuesday. You can check it out here: Fallen Angel

On the off chance that I don't get around to posting a full update on time, many familiar faces will be making appearances on TV in the next few days: Brian Markinson will be back on Sanctuary tomorrow (Syfy, 10 pm), Genevieve Buechner and Richard Harmon will appear in The Haunting Hour on Saturday (The Hub, 5 pm ET), Snowmageddon with Magda Apanowicz and Michael Hogan also premieres on Saturday (Syfy, 9 pm), and Magda will also be on Robot Chicken on Sunday (Adult Swim, 11:30 pm).

Sasha Roiz guest stars on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in episode "High School Reunion" tonight at 10 pm on FX. It's the first of his two episodes on the show.