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Weekly roundup: cast updates, interviews, previews and new projects

A bunch of stuff has happened since the last update. Let's start with Caprica.

Caprica season two will resume on Beginning of Line with episode 14 (of 18) this Tuesday. Teresa Jusino posted this earlier:
There are 18 episodes total in Caprica Season 2 here at Beginning of Line. Episodes will now be posting every Tuesday between November 29th and December 27th. Just in time for your Solstice celebrations. :)
Anyone interested in writing an episode of season three (coming in 2012) or submitting fan art, hit the link.

Luciana Carro (Caprica's Priyah Magnus, Battlestar's Kat) has joined Twitter. You can follow her here: @LucianaCarro. These days, she is working on season two of Falling Skies, along with Ryan Robbins and a bunch of Caprica and BSG writers -- Remi Aubuchon, Mark Verheiden, David Weddle and Bradley Thompson. From their recent tweets, Luciana is playing a character called Crazy Lee and they recently wrapped filming episode four. Season two will most likely start airing in June.

On TV tonight:

Once Upon a Time 1x05, "That Still Small Voice," written by Jane Espenson, with Luke Camilleri and BSG's Keegan Connor Tracy making an appearance, airs at 8 pm on ABC. Jane tweets that the episode was directed by Paul A. Edwards, who also directed one of her BSG episodes, "The Hub." Five sneak peeks embedded at the end of the post. Here is the synopsis:
As Sheriff Graham deputizes Emma, the ground shakes and a giant sinkhole mysteriously appears at the edge of town. But a curious Henry’s life is placed in danger when he decides to explore the innards of the sinkhole to see if its contents can link the inhabitants of Storybrooke to the fairytale world. Meanwhile, back in the fairytale world, Jiminy Cricket yearns to leave the family business and transform into the person he wants to be, on “Once Upon a Time,” SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 27 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.
Jane is doing a live chat on CliqueClack during the episode. If you don't catch it live, it will be available at the link later.

TV Fanatic has a new interview with Jane. Snippets:
What can you tell us about "That Still Small Voice?"
This episode is about Jiminy Cricket – about his life in Fairy Tale Land, and his new life as Archie the therapist in Storybrooke. The fairy tale side of the story breaks some new ground in the area of cricket backstories. It’s really an origin story, in fact, as we see him laying the ground toward becoming a conscience. I LOVED writing this episode – who gets to write for Jiminy Cricket? This is one of the marvelous things about writing on a Disney show... you get to refer not just to the original stories, but also to the childhood-fave Disney movies.

What else can you tease about what's to come this season on Once Upon a Time?
Oh, so much good stuff! Look to see Belle, in our take on Beauty and the Beast, which I wrote and am so proud of. And you might see a little Hansel and a bit of Gretel. And we will keep coming back to Snow White and Charming – their story has so many twists and turns, you’re going to want to watch for that. Will true love find a way? Actually, that’s kind of a theme for me right now – Husbands and Once – both are about the Triumph of True Love. Awww!
Other than tonight's episode, Jane also wrote eps 1x08, 1x12 and 1x15.

Dexter 6x09, "Get Gellar," with Edward James Olmos, airs at 9 pm on Showtime. More about the upcoming showdown between Gellar and Dexter at Galactica Geek. Here is the teaser:

The Walking Dead 2x07, "Pretty Much Dead Already," airs at 9 pm on AMC. Bear McCreary says the episode has "one of the best pieces of music" he's ever written for the show.

Hell on Wheels 1x04, "Jamais je ne t’oublierai," with Christopher Heyerdahl, airs at 10 pm on AMC. Synopsis and teaser:
Cullen closes in on the Sergeant. Durant pursues a hidden agenda while helping Lily recuperate.

And here is a behind-the-scenes featurette from last week's episode, which includes interviews with Christopher and several other cast members:

And some general updates:

Syfy has a new press release out for Snowmageddon with Magda Apanowicz and Michael Hogan:
To usher in the holiday season, Syfy will present a snow globe with the power to destroy the world in the Saturday Original Movie Snowmageddon, airing Saturday, December 10 at 9PM (ET/PT) during the channel's second annual Countdown to Christmas Week.

Starring Michael Hogan (Battlestar Galactica), David Cubitt (Medium) and Magda Apanowicz (Caprica), the Christmas-themed Snowmageddon is about a mystical snow globe that makes very bad things happen in the real world when it is shaken. The movie is a production of Cinetel.
There is a still from the film on Syfy's official page, but no previews yet.

Patton Oswalt will be presented with a Spotlight Award for supporting performance in Young Adult at this year's Whistler Film Festival (Nov. 30 - Dec. 4). The film will be screened at the fest on Nov. 30 at 9 pm. If you're in the area, you can also catch Doppelgänger Paul with Ben Cotton on Dec. 2 at 9:30 pm and Marilyn with Ryan Robbins on Dec. 3 at 9:30 pm. Hit the links for more info. Vancouver Sun has another article about the films screening at the festival.

Everything and Everyone with Ryan Robbins opens in Toronto on December 2.

If you somehow missed it everywhere else, Grimm with Sasha Roiz has been picked up for a full season by NBC. The network will be giving the show a test run in Prime Suspect's slot next week. That means we're getting two new episodes in the same week, one on Thursday at 10 pm and one in the regular slot, Friday at 9 pm. From Deadline:
Additionally, NBC, which opted to keep Grimm in its original low-trafficked Friday 9 PM slot on the recently released midseason schedule, is giving the fairytale procedural a tryout in the Thursday 10 PM slot. A new Grimm episode will air on Thursday Dec. 8, followed by another original in the series’ regular Friday 9 PM berth the following night. “This series is turning the traditional procedural drama on its head and is attracting a loyal following for us on Friday nights,” NBC chairman Bob Greenblatt said. “We love where it’s going creatively and we’re excited to deliver more episodes to our audience.” has a bunch of behind-the-scenes pics from the last aired episode, "Lonelyhearts," here, and Spoiler TV has the promotional photos from the next two episodes, 1x05 "Danse Macabre" and 1x06 The Three Bad Wolves.

Elijah the Prophet, the short film with Brian Markinson, has been successfully crowd-funded and is scheduled to shoot next spring. From a new press release:
‘Elijah the Prophet’ tells the comedic story of Elijah, the pious, chummy and alcoholic prophet, whose yearly antics have graced Jewish households for ages as part of the Passover celebration. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that drunk driving for him is a divine right, which soon gets him in trouble with the law.

“The script uses the Jewish tradition of Passover to tell a story of lost innocence and the harsh realities of growing up. It does so with a hilarious, irreverent twist that gives it universal appeal," said Cormican. “It’s the moment when every kid realizes Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy or even the Easter Bunny aren’t real. That’s what drew me to this script”.

The cast includes Gemini and Leo award nominee Brian Markinson (Charlie Wilson’s War, Shooter, Caprica) in the title role as Elijah the Prophet. Melanie Nicholls-King (Rookie Blue, The Wire) and two-time Emmy Award nominee Tonya Lee Williams (Young & The Restless, Poor Boy’s Game, She’s The Mayor) play Officer Murphy and Cst. Jackie, respectively. Gemini nominated funny man, Carlos Diaz (Rent-a-Goalie, Cra$h & Burn), also lends his comedic chops to the short playing Brian.
Here is the first episode of the Judas Kiss: Behind the Scenes documentary, with Richard Harmon:

Bear McCreary's score for Chillerama: Zom-B-Movie was released this week. From the press release:
BuySoundtrax Records has announced the November 16th release of the CHILLERAMA: Zom-B-Movie – Original Soundtrack featuring music by Bear McCreary (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, THE WALKING DEAD, KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM) along with the new track “I Don’t Want To Die A Virgin” by Young Beautiful in a Hurry. In addition to McCreary’s score for Zom-B-Movie, the soundtrack features the score to the newly rediscovered classic DEATHICATION from director Fernando Phagbeefy.

In the spirit of classic anthology films like CREEPSHOW and TWILIGHT ZONE: THE MOVIE and containing films that celebrate the golden age of anatrichilia, CHILLERAMA spans over four decades of cinematic excellence, offering viewers a glimpse into the joy of the late-night feature. The Zom-B-Movie segment was directed by Joe Lynch (WRONG TURN 2, KNIGHTS OF BADASSDOM) and stars Richard Riehle (OFFICE SPACE) and Brendan McCreary (the band Young Beautiful in a Hurry).

Zom-B-Movie presented Bear with the opportunity to expand his musical horizon into the sounds he grew up with. “Joe’s short film required a wide swath of musical styles,” he described. Some of his inspirations for this opus included Bernard Herrmann, Lalo Schifrin, and Jerry Goldsmith.
Bomb Girls with Meg Tilly has a premiere date: January 4 on Global. Spoiler TV has the promotional photos.

Buddy TV has a couple of teasers for The Firm, with Callum Rennie and Tricia Helfer.

Bloody Disgusting has the first trailer from American Mary, with Leah Gibson.

Kacey Rohl has been cast in a new Lifetime pilot, American Housewife. From Movieweb:
American Housewife centers on Leila (Melanie Griffith), a seemingly perfect housewife living the American Dream in an affluent neighborhood, married to wealthy up-and-coming politician Stanford (Jeffrey Nordling) with whom she has three grown or almost-grown children. Kacey Rohl will play the youngest, Harper, 17, a high-school National Honor student who has a crush on one of her dad's campaign aides.
Michael Eklund is shooting a new thriller, Ferocious, in Saskatoon. From CJME:
"One of the things I've always wanted to do is come back to my home city and make a movie," said Eklund.

He plays a sullen bar manager in the film, while Coates plays the antagonist 'Sal'.

The movie is about a popular television actress who tries to secretly recover a sex tape from a seedy night club, and will be released next year.

And here are the sneak peeks from tonight's Once Upon a Time:

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