Sunday, 20 November 2011

New interviews with Sasha Roiz and Christopher Heyerdahl

Just a few updates today.

Christopher Heyerdahl is back in Hell on Wheels tonight at 10 pm on AMC, in episode 1x03, "A New Birth of Freedom." Pizquita has the promotional photos and Warming Glow has a region-locked preview. Hop over to watch it if you can. Here is what they say about tonight's episode:
Hell on Wheels (AMC, Sunday) — I’m sticking with “Hell on Wheels” right now mostly for the scenery-chewing performances by Colm Meaney and Christopher Heyerdahl, who plays The Swede. His monologue about Andersonville (embedded below) is probably the highlight of the show through two episodes, but in terms of calculated menace, The Swede is still several steps behind Michael Shannon’s Agent Van Alden on “Boardwalk Empire.”
Entertainment Heartbeat has a new interview with Sasha Roiz, mostly about Grimm. Snippets below, read the rest at the link.
So, how does an actor prepare to be likable while working as the top bad guy on a show crowded with genuine monsters and their supernatural power?

“I’m certainly trying to strike that balance,” Roiz says, “It’s a character that’s not entirely bad, because as you discover who he is and his motives and his burdens and responsibilities I think you’ll start to understand and relate to him a little better, but certainly as of now he does seem pretty one-sided as to his motives, but tonight’s episode will be very revealing…but you’re going to discover a lot about him tonight (Friday, Nov. 18). He’s not a monster but he dwells in that world quite easily so you’ll get to see exactly who he is tonight.” (...)

There’s been much speculation as to where the thoughtful fairy tale would meander next. “We’re also going to infuse it with a lot more mythology,” Roiz teases with as much information that hasn’t been embargoed. “(with) the Grimm world and the creature world and Grimm’s responsibility for Grimm being our lead character…and of course his whole relationship will have to have to evolve in a certain way with his fiance as well as his partner and at some point he will have to reveal himself and so it will be a lot of interesting twists and turns as we continue in the series.”
Other than guest starring in Hell on Wheels, Christopher Heyerdahl is also in the new Twilight movie. He was at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 the other day. ClevverTV posted an interview with him from the event:

Young Adult with Patton Oswalt had its New York premiere this weekend. has some photos. The film opens in a limited release in the U.S. on December 9 and goes wide a week later.

Jane Espenson will do a live chat on CliqueClack next Sunday (Nov. 27) during the east coast airing of her first episode of Once Upon a Time, "That Still Small Voice." That's at 8 pm ET. Other than Caprica's Luke Camilleri, guest stars in the episode include Keegan Connor Tracy, who played Jeanne, one of Baltar's followers in the last two seasons of BSG, Harry Groener from Buffy (he played Mayor Wilkins, the big bad in season three), and Laura Bertram from Andromeda. Here is the trailer:

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