Tuesday, 4 October 2011

On TV tonight: Genevieve Buechner in Girl Fight, Sasha Roiz in Warehouse 13 finale, Scott Porter in Hart of Dixie

Three TV appearances tonight, all airing at 9 pm.

Sasha Roiz guest stars in the two-hour season finale of Warehouse 13, "Emily Lake"/"Stand," which airs tonight at 9 pm on Syfy. The teaser is embedded below. Here is the synopsis:
Pete and Myka investigate the theft of a top-secret file from the warehouse, which brings them to a high school in Wyoming, where H.G. Wells is working as a teacher named Emily Lake.

Guest stars include Kate Mulgrew, Jaime Murray, Sasha Roiz, Aaron Ashmore and Anthony Michael Hall.
Also at 9 pm, there is a new episode of Hart of Dixie on the CW. Seat 42f has the promo and Zap2it has a new interview with Scott Porter. Snippet:
Even her fiance George is experiencing his own pull outside of their relationship, as his chemistry with new doc Zoe (Rachel Bilson) heats up. Just don't expect it to get too hot. "There are these real attractions in real life that people have, in the workplace or in the community, and they don't necessarily act upon the attractions," Porter tells us. "In a couple of places, certainly with Lemon and Levon, something has been acted up on. The difference between that and what's going on with Zoe and George, is that there's an interest and a connection there, in that they have something in common. That's New York. That's the window into his past and a little bit of a life preserver for her going forward. I really feel that George is the type of guy that would never do that to Lemon."

You can also catch Genevieve Buechner in the film Girl Fight, which premieres at 9 pm ET on Lifetime. The trailer is on Lifetime's site. Here is the synopsis:
Inspired by a true story, Girl Fight follows the story of 16-year old Haley Macklin (Jodelle Ferland) as she attempts to navigate the intimidating halls of high school and discovers getting “in” with the popular senior girls is harder than she expected.

Frustrated by feeling left out, Haley thinks nothing of it when she criticizes the seniors by posting a note about them on a social network site. But when she comes to one of the senior’s aid one afternoon, they strike up an unexpected friendship and Haley soon becomes wrapped up in being part of their crowd, straining her relationship with her parents Melissa (Anne Heche) and Ray (James Tupper) when she begins to come home late, talk back and disobey their rules. Ultimately, the girls discover Haley’s online comments about them. Betrayed, they decide to make her pay by ambushing her and beating her up on camera with plans to post the video online to gain some Internet fame. Devastated by their daughter’s brutal beating and footage of it surfacing online, Melissa and Ray put their hope into the authorities for justice in punishing Haley’s former friends to help their daughter get her life back on track in this story about peer pressure, media scrutiny and forgiveness.
Related: A photo of Genevieve and Titus Welliver on the set of Good Morning, Killer showed up in Susan Gittins' Flickr feed earlier today:

Titus Welliver (Lost's Man in Black) Filming TV Movie Good Morning Killer in Vancouver

And here is that teaser for the Warehouse 13 season finale:

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