Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New interviews with Alessandra Torresani, Jane Espenson and Aleks Paunovic, and a new Sanctuary teaser

Updates, round two.

Alessandra Torresani did an interview for the Sci Fi Talk podcast this week. You can listen to it here. She talked about Caprica, Husbands, Warehouse 13 and the new show she has been working on (still no official announcement).

A new episode of Husbands goes live tomorrow at HusbandstheSeries.com.

IamRogue.com posted the second part of their interview with Jane Espenson. Snippet:
Clearly you had previous relationships with many of the actors and cameos you have used thus far on Husbands, do you find it an easy task to ask them to make the move from other mediums to a web series?
Espenson: Cheeks was already friends with Alessandra Torresani, whom I worked with on Caprica, so he approached her. I approached Nathan Fillion, who has a guest role on Husbands, which was the easiest thing in the world – I sent him an email and he responded instantly. It wasn't hard to convince anyone to participate because there isn’t any reason NOT to do a web series – the time demands are small for a performer, and series like Felicia Day's The Guild have raised the profile of this kind of work.
And there is another interview on Beet.TV:

Related: Spoiler TV has the full press release for the Once Upon a Time pilot, which airs on Sunday, October 23.

Here is a new interview with Aleks Paunovic and Sanctuary's Agam Darshi. they talk about We Canada, the initiative to support Canadian leadership at the Earth Summit 2012 (via AleksPaunovic.com):

And a new sneak peek from the Sanctuary season opener, "Tempus," with Christopher Heyerdahl and Amanda Tapping showed up on YouTube today. the episode airs this Friday at 10 pm.

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