Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween updates: Grimm, American Horror Story, Chillerama, Crazy Dracula, The Monster Frankenstein & The Divide

Happy Halloween!

In today's round of updates, Alessandra Torresani is a zombie, Aleks Paunovic is Frankenstein, Ryan Robbins turns invisible, and Michael Hogan fights Frankenstein.

None of the videos are safe for work.

Not sure what kind of creature Sasha Roiz plays in Grimm, but NBC will re-air the pilot again on Saturday, November 5. If you're in the US, you can watch the episode on You can also catch it tomorrow at 7 pm on Syfy. NBC has posted a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos here (no Sasha). Episode 1x02, "Bears Will Be Bears," airs on Friday at 9 pm.

Bear McCreary has posted the official album artwork for his Chillerama: Zom-B-Movie soundtrack, which gets released in a couple of weeks. You can see it on Bear's site. Here is a snippet from the press release that goes with it:

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Grimm update, James Marsters' Wizard World Q&A and a new interview with Jane Espenson

Just a few updates today, but they're fun.

Grimm premiered to surprisingly strong ratings last night (6.5 million viewers, 2.1 million in the 18-49 demo), or as NBC puts it in the press release, the "largest non-sports 18-49 audience on the night by any network since last year's "New Year's Rockin' Eve" on ABC (2.8 rating)."

What makes this news particularly great is that the show aired opposite the most watched baseball game in the last seven years, and after one of the lowest rated episodes of Chuck ever (the show hit a series low in the key demo, according to TV by the Numbers).

NBC is re-airing the Grimm pilot tonight at 9 pm and the episode will also be shown on Syfy this Tuesday at 7 pm.

Here is the synopsis for next Friday's episode, "Bears Will Be Bears:"
A barbaric family history is revealed when Nick and Hank investigate a case of breaking and entering. Meanwhile, Nick assigns Eddy to look after Aunt Marie.
And a new teaser for the upcoming episodes, with Sasha Roiz:

Friday, 28 October 2011

Grimm premiere tonight (9/8c, NBC), new interviews with Sasha Roiz & Friday roundup

Grimm finally premieres tonight at 9 pm on NBC and a bunch of new articles and interviews have showed up since yesterday.

Teresa Jusino has an excellent new interview with Sasha Roiz at, mostly about Grimm, but some of this other recent projects get mentioned too, including Caprica.
Knowing that Roiz has expressed a preference for fantasy over sci-fi, I asked him whether this being an urban fantasy (created by Angel exec producers, David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf no less!) had something to do with his accepting the role.

“Personally, as an actor, it matters very little me what genre (if any) I’m engaged in.” he says. “It’s all make-believe and requires the same process and imagination. I respond to good writing and good people. I’ve been very fortunate over the years to get both. I think the term ‘genre’ has become very gray in recent years, and we continue to see a crossover as more and more viewers are tuning into to shows that stimulate and indulge their imagination. With Grimm, it’s a lot of fun for me to be able to play within the familiar world of fairy tales. As for satisfying my inner fantasy geek, anything that would have me wielding a sword or shooting a bow would be a dream.”

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Richard Harmon in The Secret Circle, new interview with Scott Porter, and the frakking anniversary

Let's start with the frakking anniversary:

Frak October 27.

Caprica was cancelled and pulled from Syfy's schedule exactly a year ago today, and The Caprica Times has the sitrep on the show and the fandom a year later. Check it out: Caprica: One Year Later

Alessandra Torresani didn't make that appearance on American Horror Story yesterday despite IMDB saying she would, but she will definitely show up on next week's episode. Sorry for the confusion.

Richard Harmon guest stars in The Secret Circle 1x07, "Masked," which airs tonight at 9 pm on the CW.

IMDB says that he plays "Pig Face/Ian," so that may or may not be him in the screenshot to the left.

Richard posted a photo from the set of The Pregnancy Project earlier today. You can see it here.

And Judas Kiss is among the hottest new/upcoming releases in the UK, too.

The Grimm premiere is only a day away (Friday, 9 pm, NBC).

No new interviews with Sasha Roiz, but the Portland Tribune has an interesting article that includes interviews with showrunner David Greenwalt and some of the cast members. Here is some new info:
The crew has shot about nine episodes of “Grimm,” with four to go. Audiences will determine how long the show lasts; if it’s picked up for the entire season, the crew and talent will return in January to film the second half of the season.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Alessandra Torresani in American Horror Story, more interviews with Sasha Roiz, new projects for Richard Harmon and Kevin Murphy

Final reminder: Alessandra Torresani makes her first appearance on American Horror Story tonight at 10 pm on FX. Here is the synopsis:
"Halloween: Part 1": The spirits of the Murder House become ever stronger, blurring the line between life and death. Meanwhile, the house's former residents offer some tips on decorating for Halloween to the Harmons.
The teaser is embedded below. No Alessandra in any of the AHS previews, but you can check out the first photo of her and George Finn in A Green Story at the The Bambola Factory. She posted it last week.

Richard Harmon, who will show up on The Secret Circle tomorrow (9 pm, CW), tweets that he is working on a new film, a Lifetime original called The Pregnancy Project. Here is how Deadline described it in the original announcement:

Caprica French Blu-ray, Judas Kiss DVD & new interviews with Sasha Roiz (Grimm premiere week)

Caprica gets released on DVD and Blu-ray in France today.

The DVD is a region 2 release, and Amazon France still has the Blu-ray listed as region-free. You can get it here: Caprica - L'intégrale de la série [Blu-ray]

Another notable release today:

Judas Kiss with Richard Harmon and Genevieve Buechner is finally out on DVD in the U.S. It's available on The UK DVD will be out in a couple of weeks, on November 7. The film's Facebook page reports that it's currently one of the best-selling DVDs in its category.

Among films still doing festival rounds, Fort McCoy with Eric Stoltz has a new screening date (or two): November 12 and 13 at the St. Louis International Film Festival. Details and tickets on the festival's site. Still no word on which his next episode of Glee is.

Alessandra Torresani makes her first appearance on American Horror Story tomorrow (Wednesday, 10 pm, FX) in episode 1x04, "Halloween: Part 1." According to the IMDB, she will also be in episode 1x06, "Piggy Piggy."

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Once Upon a Time premieres tonight

Just a reminder that Jane Espenson's new show, Once Upon a Time, premieres tonight at 8 pm on ABC.

Blogcritics talked to Jane about the show last week. Here are a few snippets from the interview:
So this is the year of the fairytale on primetime TV with Once Upon a Time, and then Grimm is also premiering shortly thereafter. Why did that happen, do you think? Does it have to do with the whole True Blood and vampire and mythology thing, do you think?
Yeah, the vampires. The era of the vampire lasted for longer than I though it would. And I’ve been sort of waiting to see what would be the next thing. Because aliens, robots, and monsters, including vampires, all play the same role in fantasy drama. I've heard it expressed, and I think this is pretty smart, that in sort of Depression-era times, there’s something about fairytales that start to have resonance again, like the original [Disney] Snow White, the animated Snow White in 1937. There may be something there that makes a familiar tales of childhood resonate in dark economic times, and it may simply be that in these times, we need that next thing. There are only so many basic fantasy genres. And one of the genres is fairytales. And one is monster stories. And one is alien stories. And we happen to be in an era in which it’s just time for fairytales to cycle back around again. So it’s a really long-winded answer… (...)

People's Choice nominations & new projects for Paula Malcomson, Alessandra Torresani and Ryan Robbins

The polls for the 2012 People's Choice Awards are open for nominations and Caprica is on the list for the Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy Show.

You can nominate the show here. There are also several other categories with some write-in potential: Favorite Cable Drama, Best TV Drama Actor & Actress, and Favorite TV Guest Star.

Not sure how long the polls will stay open, so go nominate.

Cast updates:

Paula Malcomson has a new credit on the IMDB, for the TV pilot Outlaw Country, a new FX drama about organized crime in Nashville, starring Mary Steenburgen. Paula's Deadwood BFF John Hawkes is also in it. More details in this Deadline article.

Alessandra Torresani starts shooting a new movie, The Green Story, with Ed O'Ross, Shannon Elizabeth, Annabella Sciorra and George Finn in early November. Movieweb has some details:

New interviews with Jane Espenson, William B. Davis, Scott Porter and Patton Oswalt

The first part of the weekly round-up includes several new interviews.

The A.V. Club has an interview with William B. Davis, whose autobiography, Where There’s Smoke...: Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man, was published last week. He talks about his work in The X-Files and some of the movies that he has appeared in over the years. Here is a snippet about the latest one, called The Tall Man:
The Tall Man (forthcoming)—Sheriff Chestnut
WD: That’s still in post-production. I just did the [additional dialogue recording] for it just last week. I think they’re trying to get it ready for Sundance, so maybe it will première there.
AVC: And you play a sheriff in this film? What’s the role exactly?
WD: It’s an interesting plot. There are children disappearing in this small town. And everybody assumes that they’ve been murdered. Without giving a spoiler—well, I am giving a spoiler—but it turns out that they’re actually being kidnapped from poor families and sent to rich families, where they can get a better childhood. It’s someone’s perverse idea of how to make a better a world.
AVC: That’s interesting. Pascal Laugier’s previous film, Martyrs, has a similar plot. But Martyrs seems much grislier than this.
WD: Does it? I haven’t seen that. Maybe I will. The Tall Man is beautifully shot, though. It looks great.

Comic Book Resources has an interview with Patton Oswalt from the New York Comic Con. He mostly talks about his new show, The Heart, She Holler.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

On TV tonight: James Marsters in Supernatural, Brian Markinson in Sanctuary, Scott Porter in X-Men Anime


Three Caprica actors are on TV tonight.

James Marsters guest stars in Supernatural in episode "Shut up, Dr. Phil," at 9 pm on the CW. Brian Markinson makes his first appearance on Sanctuary this season at 10 pm on Syfy, and the X-Men Anime series with Scott Porter premieres at 11 pm on G4.

A longer round of updates is coming tomorrow, but before I get to the previews for tonight's shows, just a heads-up:

You can now watch the complete Husbands web series at The last episode was posted on Thursday.

The Once Upon a Time pilot is available online on The episode airs this Sunday at 8 pm on ABC.

NBC has released a 20-minute preview of the Grimm pilot, which was also originally supposed to air tonight, but got pushed back to next Friday. If you are in the US, you can watch the whole episode by following @NBCGrimm on Twitter and claiming the screening code.

^ Both pilots are frakkin' gorgeous.

Moving on to tonight's shows.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Patton Oswalt in Bored to Death, new interviews with Scott Porter and Jane Espenson & general updates

Patton Oswalt guest stars in Bored to Death again tonight at 9 pm on HBO. Also at 9, there is a new episode of Hart of Dixie with Scott Porter on the CW.

If you are in Los Angeles, Patton Oswalt will take part in a live reading of The Breakfast Club this Thursday at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art to raise funds for Film Independent (the group behind the Spirit Awards).

The Walking Dead, still scored by Bear McCreary, returned yesterday and broke the cable ratings record with its season premiere.

Elsewhere in Undead, remember Bryan Singer's Battlestar Galactica movie (TOS reboot, not really related to our BSG & Caprica) that was supposed to happen at one point but didn't? Looks like it zombied its way back to life. Here is what Singer told SFX the other day, when asked about his Excalibur remake not going ahead:
“Yeah, unfortunately it is no longer going to happen,” he says. “I was really enthused to do it. I’m a fan of John Boorman’s movie and it was my intention to get it going after Jack The Giant Killer was completed. The project was with Warner Bros and what happened is that another King Arthur project was brought to them during that time. Basically, it was just more ready to go into production than ours was. That is why our version of Excalibur ended up being negated. But, when that happened, it allowed me to go straight into developing Battlestar Galactica – which I think will be really exciting.”
A couple of updates to the TV Appearances page:

Friday, 14 October 2011

Grimm pilot screening tour & early preview for Twitter followers

NBC is offering an early preview of the Grimm pilot to everyone following @NBCGrimm on Twitter, starting today. The pilot will also be screened in ten cities across the U.S. before its TV premiere (Friday, October 28 at 9 pm).

Here is the full press release:


Followers of "Grimm" Show Handle Will Receive Full Pilot Episode Preview Beginning October 14 Prior To Broadcast Premiere on October 28

Multi-faceted Outreach also Includes 10-city Cross-country Screening Tour From Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. as well as 20 Minute Preview on, Hulu, VOD, iTunes, PlayStation(R)Network, Sony Entertainment Network(R), VUDU , Xbox and participating NBC owned and affiliate station websites

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. October 14, 2011 - NBC is kicking off its edgy new drama "Grimm" with multi-faceted previews that include an unprecedented industry first allowing Twitter followers of the show handle to preview the entire series premiere beginning today, October 14, two weeks prior to the broadcast premiere on Friday, October 28 (9-10 p.m. ET).

The innovative initiative will also be accompanied by a 10-city, cross-country screening tour featuring a screening of the same "Grimm" premiere episode -- along with selected cast members and executive producers in key cities -- starting Tuesday, October 18 in Los Angeles. The tour will continue in Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Denver, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Seattle and as well Portland where "Grimm" is based and filmed.

Grimm previews, interviews with Sasha Roiz and Esai Morales, new project for Brian Markinson, and general updates

A frakload of updates today, in very random order.

Husbands episode 10, "Return of the Zebra," has been posted on Only one episode left to go.

If you're in New York tomorrow, you can catch Jane Espenson and Alessandra Torresani at the Husbands panel at the New York Comic-Con. Hit the link for more info.

A bunch of new Grimm promos have showed up in the last few days.

Spoiler TV has four featurettes and a set of cast photos. Here are the ones with Sasha Roiz:

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Polly Walker on Psych, Mike Dopud in Blue Mountain State, interviews with Scott Porter, Philip Granger and Kacey Rohl

It's the Willow clan update today, for the most part. More updates coming tomorrow.

Polly Walker guest stars in the Psych season opener, "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader," tonight at 10 pm on USA. Synopsis:
While on a mission to retrieve a stolen Darth Vader collector’s item from the British Ambassador’s son at the British Consulate Residence in Santa Barbara, Shawn finds a dead body left in one of the rooms. In order to get SBPD on the case to find her killer, Shawn tells Lassiter and Juliet that the image of a dead body at the British Consulate Residence came to him in a psychic vision. However, Shawn’s credibility as a “psychic” could be placed in jeopardy if SBPD finds out he actually witnessed the dead body in person and didn’t “divine” the image of her murder.
And at 11 pm, you can catch Mike Dopud in Blue Mountain State 3x05, "Training Day," on Spike. He tweeted yesterday that he makes an appearance in tonight's episode. Synopsis:
Thad offers to instruct Alex on how to be a local celebrity; Mary Jo tries to impress the coach’s wife.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Monday updates: cast news, previews and new interview with Esai Morales

A round of cast updates to start the week...

Ben Cotton made an appearance in The Secret Circle 1x04, "Heathers." The episode aired last week and is available at

Daemon's TV has the preview of tonight's episode of Hart of Dixie, with Scott Porter (9 pm, CW).

Daemon's TV also has a bunch of behind-the-scenes pics from various Fox shows here, including one with Eric Stoltz on the set of Glee and one with John Pyper-Ferguson on the set of Fringe.

Some film news:

Alessandra Torresani's new horror film Playback has found a U.S. distributor and finally has a more approximate release date. From Hollywood Reporter:
Magnet Releasing has acquired U.S. rights to the horror film Playback. The indie distributor plans a launch for the movie on Ultra VOD in February followed by a theatrical release in March.
According to the IMDB, Alessandra will appear in American Horror Story 1x04, the first of the two Halloween episodes, which airs on Wednesday, October 26 at 10 pm on FX.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Sanctuary season premiere, new interviews with Christopher Heyerdahl, Jane Espenson and Scott Porter, and general updates

Sanctuary is back tonight at 10 pm with the season four opener, "Tempus." Ryan Robbins and Christopher Heyerdahl are still series regulars and Peter Wingfield is back as Dr. Watson. Here is the synopsis:
Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) pursues Adam Worth (Ian Tracey) back to 1898 London as he attempts to save his daughter. If successful, Magnus knows he will destroy the natural order of history and must stop him from irreparably altering the world’s future at whatever cost.
Space has a couple of behind-the-scenes videos that include interviews with the cast here and here, and Pop Culture Zoo has an early review, a preview and some cast photos.

Eric Stoltz is back on the set of Glee. Jenna Ushkowitz posted this photo of him yesterday. If you're in the Seattle area, you can catch Fort McCoy at the Tacoma Film Festival tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 pm.

Husbands episode eight, "This Together Thing," has been posted on

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Previews for Grimm & Psych, and new interviews with Luciana Carro, Jane Espenson, Sasha Roiz, Ryan Robbins, Scott Porter and Patton Oswalt

Since yesterday:

Spoiler TV has the promotional pics from the next episode of Hart of Dixie and Comic Book Resources has a new interview with Scott Porter. He mainly talks about the X-Men animated series, which premieres on October 21. Snippet:
This version of the X-Men story is a very modern one that Warren Ellis initially wrote with a lot of influence from his "Astonishing X-Men" run, but the one twist that brings in the classic thread for Cyclops is that the series starts just after the death of Jean Grey at the end of "The Dark Phoenix Saga." What was it like to pick up the character after the worst tragedy in his life?
That made it completely interesting for me. To allude to why I have such respect for Cyclops, it's because he's been through hell. He's lost Jean how many times now? He has to control this odd band of misfits who are under constant duress by the universe. He is ultimately powerful and has to always rein this power in or he could level cities with it. Seeing the control that Cyclops has to have and then seeing him in a very vulnerable position at the start of this cartoon where he just doesn't care anymore and is more careless with his powers. He wants to hang it up and quit. That's a very emotional place for the character, and then he falls back into his natural role where he's always been the leader because the X-Men need him. You really see all that here.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Patton Oswalt on Raising Hope & new interviews with Richard Harmon, Esai Morales and Scott Porter

Just a very quick round of updates today.

Patton Oswalt tweeted earlier that he is filming an episode of Raising Hope. No details or air date yet, but you can follow him on Twitter for updates. The show airs Tuesdays at 9:30 on Fox. has a new interview with Richard Harmon and his Judas Kiss co-star Sean Paul Lockhart. Snippet:
Richard, give us a quick rundown of what Judas Kiss is all about.
RICHARD: It revolves around Zachary Wells who is a washed up filmmaker in Hollywood who never made anything of the talent he had. And he was very talented, he squandered his possibilities. It’s a chance to redo the mistakes he made in his life and he gets the opportunity to go back and convince the younger version of himself to take things more seriously and think things through a little bit more.

FENUXE: What characters do you guys play in the movie?
RICHARD: I play the cocky young film student that he sees himself in my character, for good reasons. He tries to help me, but I feel like I am doing everything right. In my mind I don’t need his help in anything.

TV Guide has the first photo of James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter in Supernatural 7x05, "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" (Oct. 21, CW).

A Night for Dying Tigers with Leah Gibson and John Pyper-Ferguson is finally available on Netflix in the U.S.

Episode seven of Husbands, with Alessandra Torresani, was posted earlier today:

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

New projects for Ryan Kennedy, John Pyper-Ferguson and James Marsters

Final round of updates for today.

Ryan Kennedy and John Pyper-Ferguson have a new film in the works, called Hannah's Law. It will premiere on Hallmark next spring. More details in the press release:
A frontier town is fueled by crime and corruption until a strong-willed heroine and her friends, including legendary lawman Wyatt Earp and gunfighter Doc Holliday, take a stand for justice to see who will be left standing in "Hannah's Law," a Hallmark Movie Channel Original produced by Nomadic Pictures Productions 3 and Sony Pictures Television, premiering on the network in 2012. The film, which is currently in production in Calgary, Alberta, stars Sara Canning ("The Vampire Diaries") as Hannah, Greystone Holt ("Durham County") as Wyatt Earp, Kimberly Elise ("For Colored Girls") as Stagecoach Mary, four-time Emmy(R) Award nominee Danny Glover ("Freedom Song," "Mandela") as Isom Dart, Billy Zane ("Titanic") as Lockwood, Ryan Kennedy ("Hellcats") as Doc Holliday and John Pyper-Ferguson ("Caprica") plays Frank McMurphy.

New interviews with Alessandra Torresani, Jane Espenson and Aleks Paunovic, and a new Sanctuary teaser

Updates, round two.

Alessandra Torresani did an interview for the Sci Fi Talk podcast this week. You can listen to it here. She talked about Caprica, Husbands, Warehouse 13 and the new show she has been working on (still no official announcement).

A new episode of Husbands goes live tomorrow at posted the second part of their interview with Jane Espenson. Snippet:

On TV tonight: Genevieve Buechner in Girl Fight, Sasha Roiz in Warehouse 13 finale, Scott Porter in Hart of Dixie

Three TV appearances tonight, all airing at 9 pm.

Sasha Roiz guest stars in the two-hour season finale of Warehouse 13, "Emily Lake"/"Stand," which airs tonight at 9 pm on Syfy. The teaser is embedded below. Here is the synopsis:
Pete and Myka investigate the theft of a top-secret file from the warehouse, which brings them to a high school in Wyoming, where H.G. Wells is working as a teacher named Emily Lake.

Guest stars include Kate Mulgrew, Jaime Murray, Sasha Roiz, Aaron Ashmore and Anthony Michael Hall.
Also at 9 pm, there is a new episode of Hart of Dixie on the CW. Seat 42f has the promo and Zap2it has a new interview with Scott Porter. Snippet: