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Weekly roundup: cast news, festival screenings, videos & interviews

One long and chaotic round of updates coming up.

Alessandra Torresani will make an apperance in the next episode of Warehouse 13, called "Shadows." It airs on Monday, September 12 at 9 pm. (Husbands premieres a day later, on Sept. 13.) Spoiler TV has the promotional photos. Teaser and clip embedded at the end of the post.

Ron Moore and Matt Roberts have a new project in the works. From Deadline:
ABC has bought drama pitch Hangtown, from Battlestar Galactica developer/executive producer Ron Moore and Caprica writer Matt Roberts. Sony Pictures TV, where Moore is under an overall deal, is producing. Described as a Western with a procedural overlay, Hangtown is set in the early 1900s in a frontier town that’s begun rapidly expanding with the coming of the railroad. It centers on three characters: the Marshal, a Matt Dillon/Clint Eastwood type who prefers to solve crimes by his instinct; a young doctor from the East Coast who is interested in using the new field of forensics to solve crimes; and a young woman writer who is trying to sell dime novels to the publishing houses in New York about crime in the Wild West. Every week the instincts of the Marshal, the science of the doctor, and the young woman’s drive to tell a rousing good yarn to her editors combine to solve crimes in a wide-open, lawless town.

The A.V. Club has a fantastic interview with Patton Oswalt, whose new comedy special, Finest Hour, airs on September 5 at 10 pm on Showtime. Details at A quick snippet from the interview:

AVC: The last time we talked, you were just starting your run on Caprica and you were working on The United States Of Tara and you were excited about working regularly in series television. Have the fates of those shows, and then Dollhouse as well, soured the experience for you at all? Or is it just part of the cycle? Because obviously, you had success on King Of Queens before that.
PO: Those were shows that I was very lucky to get involved in, three shows that the creators had a very, very specific vision for and went for it, often times to the detriment of the ratings. And I knew what they had planned for the second season of Caprica. They were taking a long view with that show. They had really amazing stuff, but he really saw it as, “I don’t want to rush it because I need to lay all this stuff. This is all very important to me.” They weren’t just making shit up as they went along. And same with Tara. If anything, they were excited that they wrote themselves purposely into a corner at the end of season three, like, “Well, it’s over, right?” But they wanted to see, “What new directions do we take this in?” They wanted to make it as hard as they possibly could on themselves were they given a fourth season. You saw how things were clicking so hard in the third season with the stuff they were doing, especially after the second season, which I thought sort of spun its wheels a little bit, sometimes.

Fox has released the info for the Glee premiere, directed by Eric Stoltz. The episode is called "The Purple Piano Project" and airs on September 20 at 8 pm. As for Eric, he starts shooting the pilot for Modern Love in New York next week.

Gun Hill Road with Esai Morales is getting an expanded release on September 16. It will open in theatres in Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and San Diego. Washington Flyer has a new interview with Esai. So does


The Insider has a short interview with Jane Espenson. Here is what she says about Husbands:
"I'm so proud to be involved with this show," Jane tells "Marriage Equality provides a fantastic jumping off place for our story ... but we're not about an issue, exactly. We're about being as funny and entertaining as we can be. If marriage equality is just shown as part of the world, than that's just about starting with a world that makes sense."
She also did an interview for the Liberty Conspiracy podcast (embedded):

And here is the first official teaser clip, with Alessandra Torresani:

Slashfilm has the first teaser for The Hunger Games (no Paula Malcomson) that premiered at the VMAs. Meanwhile, Spoiler TV has posted the DVD bloopers from the last season of Sons of Anarchy. You can see the clip here.

SciFiandTVTalk has an interview with Roxann Dawson, who directed the Caprica mid-season finale. She talks about her work on Lost, Heroes, Star Trek: Voyager and Enterprise. Here is what she says about Caprica:
As for Caprica, I have to say that it's one of the most exciting shows that I've ever done," she enthuses, "and it's probably because of the way that it's shot. They use three cameras all the time, there was a lot of improvisation, and the actors were just hot as well as, again, very receptive. It was an adrenaline-filled show to do and challenging on every level. We had a lot to do in a very short period of time, but it was all extremely creative and everyone there was incredibly positive about wanting to do the best work possible. It really was a joyful experience.
Game Spot has a new interview with Bear McCreary, mostly about his score for the SOCOM 4 game.

According to the IMDB, John Pyper-Ferguson makes an appearance in Drive (yes, the one with Ryan Gosling, Christina Hendricks and Bryan Cranston, that won stuff at Cannes), which opens internationally on September 15/16. See Screen Rant for an early review and the trailer.

Genevieve Buechner tweeted the other day that she was on the set of The Haunting Hour.

Ryan Robbins won't confirm or deny that he is in the Apollo 18 movie (trailer), which opened this weekend, but he did post a pic from the set of The Philadelphia Experiment the other day:

Neighbors, the short film with Sasha Roiz, has been nominated for an ARTIOS Award by the Casting Society of America. Congrats to everyone involved! For production stills from the film, hit the official FB page.

You can also almost see Sasha in this teaser for the new season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

Charisma Carpenter posted a photo of herself and James Marsters on the set of Supernatural:

Christopher Heyerdahl and BSG's Mark Sheppard were at the Dragon Con panel for the show yesterday. The clips have been posted on YouTube, starting here.

Jill Teed (Colonel Patel) has been added to the cast list for Blood and Chrome on IMDB. That's seven Caprica actors so far, with Brian Markinson, Ben Cotton, Carmen Moore, Zak Santiago, John Pyper-Ferguson and Mike Dopud. Note to producers of The Killing, Fringe & Fairly Legal: the ball is in your court now.

Carmen Moore has wrapped filming season two of Blackstone. (If you're in Canada, GlobalTV has a set tour clip here.) She mentioned on her FB page that her next project is the Arctic Air series.

Leah Gibson, who has also worked on Arctic Air, has a new project lined up, called Klapstock Syndrome, which starts filming in a couple of weeks.

The Seven Days website has a great article about Peter Wingfield, who announced last month that he was going back to med school. Snippet:
It’s not the first time Wingfield has matriculated in a medical program. In his twenties, he studied medicine at Oxford’s Brasenose College. But, just four weeks from his final exams, he quit to pursue acting. Now, 25 years later, he’s going back to finish what he started. (...)
By the time Wingfield finished his tenure on [Holby City] in 2009, his wife had begun working on a doctoral degree in psychology. Carolyn Wingfield’s return to academia was the catalyst for her husband’s exodus from acting. “We would be discussing things on the very fringes of human knowledge, and I realized how much I missed intellectual challenge and how much I missed being part of that world,” Wingfield says.

At around the same time, Wingfield, who has long been involved with children’s charities, ran the New York City Marathon on behalf of UNICEF. Before the race, the organization’s aid workers presented their various projects. Hearing their stories made Wingfield decide he no longer wanted to be on the sidelines but in the trenches, doing hands-on work helping people. He wanted to be a doctor.
We'll still be seeing him in film and TV roles, just not as often. Among the things he has already filmed, there is an upcoming episode of Sanctuary, the 10,000 Days movie, Hamlet, and a comedy called Jump Rope Sprint, in which he plays a moustache-twirling bad guy. Here is the description, from IMDB:
What started as a silly idea for a movie has become a reality. When director, Stephen Ihli, pitched the idea to Producer, Eric Small, it seemed like an impossibly wacky idea that no one would take seriously. A month later, two Olympic athletes were JumpRopeSprinting and a college track team was incorporating the JumpRopeSprint into their workouts. A new sport was born and it was all happening in front of the camera.
Michael Rymer's Face to Face opens wide in Australia on September 8. Spoiler Alert Radio has an interview with Dennys Ilic, the film's DP, who has been nominated for the inaugural Samsung AACTA Award for Best Cinematography, presented by the Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts. Big congrats and hope the film makes its way to Europe one of these months, too.

Several cast members have films screening at the Vancouver International Film Festival (Sept 29 - Oct. 14). The films are: Sunflower Hour with Ben Cotton and Kacey Rohl, Sisters & Brothers, with Michael Eklund and also Kacey Rohl and Ben Cotton (which premieres at Toronto on Sept. 11 - see listing), Donovan's Echo with Hiro Kanagawa, Hamlet with Peter Wingfield and Everything & Everyone with Ryan Robbins. The complete 2011 VIFF line-up is here.

Here is the first clip from Everything & Everyone:
"Everything and Everyone" is a hilarious and heart-breaking film that interweaves poignant stories with unforgettable characters.

As Rose (Gabrielle Rose) begins to show early signs of dementia she forms a special bond with Ben (Seam Michael Kyer), her bullied grandson. Noah (Ryan Robbins), the struggling actor, reaches the point in his life where realizes none of his dreams will ever come true. Amanda (Chelah Horsdal), his perpetual best friend, must decide whether to take that leap for something more. And the ever optimistic Eric (Lane Edwards) embarks on a relationship with the self-loathing, yet self-loving Max (Chad Willett) that takes a dramatic turn.

The trailer for Donovan's Echo, with Hiro Kanagawa:
Once a brilliant mathematician, Donovan Matheson (Danny Glover) has been an outcast since an accident that killed his wife and daughter three decades ago for which he blames himself. He finally returns home as the tragic event's 30th anniversary approaches and begins discovering similarities to what had happened to him in the past. Convinced history is repeating itself, Donovan risks everything to save an unsuspecting family from the same tragic fate.

And the trailer for Sunflower Hour, with Kacey Rohl and Ben Cotton:
A Mockumentary exposing the seedy underbelly of puppeteering and children's television in reality TV fashion. Starring Ben Cotton, Patrick Gilmore, Kacey Rohl, & Amitai Marmorstein as the four misfit finalists to be the next puppeteer on a popular kids TV show.

Richard Harmon will be at the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival, where Judas Kiss screens on Sept. 11. For tickets and times, visit and, for a list of all the upcoming screenings, see

Last not least, a few Syfy sneak peeks.

Alessandra Torresani in Warehouse 13 - clip and teaser:

And that same night at 8 pm, her New Cap City foe Luke Camilleri guest stars in the next new episode of Eureka, "One Small Step." Sneak peek:

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