Sunday, 25 September 2011

Weekend updates & new interviews with Jane Espenson, Patton Oswalt and Aleks Paunovic

First, a reminder that you can catch Callum Keith Rennie in CSI: Miami tonight at 10 pm (CBS). Horatio promises payback time in the teaser.

And the usual round of updates. Here is one for The X-Files fans:

William B. Davis wrote an autobiography, called Where There's Smoke... Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, A Memoir, which will be published in October.

If you're in Toronto, you can catch him at a Q&A at the book launch on October 17. Details here.

Patton Oswalt will make another appearance in Bored to Death, which returns on October 10 on HBO. No word yet on the exact episode. Patton was the guest on this week's How Was Your Week? podcast. Hit the link to listen to it.

Luciana Carro Fans posted an update on Luciana's character in Deck the Halls.

Peter Wingfield will make his next appearance in Sanctuary in the season four opener, "Tempus." Spoiler TV has more promotional stills from the episode.

Here is the first synopsis for Klapstock Syndrome, with Leah Gibson, taken from this job ad:
'Klapstock Syndrome' is a feature film about an ambitious city councilman whose life is turned upside down when he discovers that his every move is being filmed by a camera crew that only he can see.

Pizquita has a few new photos from Fringe 4x02, with John Pyper-Ferguson, which airs next Friday. Here is the teaser, with a quick look at both of his characters:

Ben Cotton has a new project lined up, a film called In No Particular Order. From The Province:

Ben Cotton, Stephen Lobo and Sonja Bennett are among the cast of actor-writer-director Kristine Cofsky's debut feature, a relationship drama set to start filming in November.
For more info about the film, see IndieGOGO.

Here is the best interview you'll see this week - Aleks Paunovic on Urban Rush, talking about his show Gotta Grudge and about working on Arctic Air, among other things:

Jane Espenson has done a bunch of new interviews for Husbands since the last update. There is one at the Slices of Bizarro Pie blog.
Jeremy: How would you describe your writing process?
Jane: Self-entertaining. I always try to write what I would most want to see. I am my own target viewer, always. And that makes the writing process really fun, because I’m constantly watching a show I like.

Jeremy: How many episodes will there be for Husbands? And what’s the likelihood of a second season?
Jane: There are eleven episodes of Husbands that go together to make one pilot episode of standard sitcom length. We have no idea if there will be more! We love the show and the process – we just need the support to make more!
There is also a Twitter Q&A with Jane at Dude Meister Blogs and two other interviews at Poptimal and Pop Culture Zoo. A few snippets from PCZ:
PCZ: You’ve written some terrific scripts for several ambitious series such as Game of Thrones, BSG and Torchwood. What do you look for in the projects you get involved with?
JE: Variety – I’m always looking for something that’s different from whatever I’ve done the most recently. And quality – no, that’s the wrong word. Quality has happened, but it’s been a wonderful side effect of just picking things that I know I would want to watch. I would totally work on something that was not seen by the TV writing community as a quality show, as long as it was something that I love watching. It just happens that recently those two things have lined up really well. I’m working on a new ABC show now called Once Upon a Time that I really love and that I think is great. We haven’t premiered yet, so there’s no way to tell if it’s a hit, but I think it will be.

PCZ: Should Torchwood get another season, would your involvement continue?
JE: Yes. I LOVE Russell and I love the show and everyone there. I would love to do more.

PCZ: Are you still involved in the remake of Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) and, if so, how is it coming along?
JE: We are waiting to hear! That’s a project I’m working on with Drew Z. Greenberg of Buffy and Warehouse 13. We’re waiting for the go/no-go from SyFy. It’s a fun project and it would be nice to see it go forward.
A new episode of Husbands, with Alessandra Torresani returning, will be posted at on Tuesday.

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