Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New TV appearances for Polly Walker and Brian Markinson & more interviews with Scott Porter

Final reminder: Hart of Dixie with Scott Porter premieres at 9 pm on the CW and the Alphas season finale with John Pyper-Ferguson is on at 10 pm on Syfy.

That said, just a few quick updates today.

Polly Walker will guest star in the season premiere of Psych, "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader." The episode airs on Wednesday, October 12 at 10 pm on USA. Here is the synopsis, from USA's site:
While on a mission to retrieve a stolen Darth Vader collector's item from the British Ambassador's son at the British Consulate Residence in Santa Barbara, Shawn finds a dead body left in one of the rooms.
In order to get SBPD on the case to find her killer, Shawn tells Lassiter and Juliet that the image of a dead body at the British Consulate Residence came to him in a psychic vision. However, Shawn's credibility as a "psychic" could be placed in jeopardy if SBPD finds out he actually witnessed the dead body in person and didn't "divine" the image of her murder.

Polly will play British Vice Consul Randa Tabet. Malcolm McDowell will also make an appearance, as Ambassador Fanshawe. (Possibly there is a crazy Paul Auster fan on the Psych writing team.) You can find the casting sides for Polly's character here.

Brian Markinson will make an appearance in episode 1x03 of The Firm, according to the IMDB. No details yet, except that his character is called Calvin Parker. The Firm will premiere early next year on NBC. Callum Rennie will be a regular on the show and Tricia Helfer will have a recurring role, so this probably won't be the last time you hear about it here. For more info about the show, see this article at Screenrant.com. Better yet, hear about it from John Grisham.

Face to Face has won a couple new awards: Best Feature Film at the Tulsa International Film Festival and Best International Feature at the Okanagan Film Festival. Congrats again to everyone involved! The awardosaurus must be claiming its own room by now.

Two new interviews with Scott Porter showed up since yesterday. There is one at TV Guide. He talks about Hart of Dixie, Friday Night Lights and The Good Wife. Snippet:
"It was a lightning-in-the-bottle moment of magic with Friday Night Lights and I know that I can never do that again. So to do something starkly different, but still try and capture that same type of magic and create and own a character was great," Porter says. "I wanted a show to be able to call my own again."
And another one at Wired:
What’s your favorite book or comic book series?
“I have a few that I pick up. I gotta say, over time, the X-Men books, the Geoff Johns Flash run. Then there are books I still get and collect in trade paperback form like Fables and The Walking Dead. Invincible is something I really love right now. The Losers was one of my favorites as well. My all-time favorite run on a book was probably Peter David’s X-Factor.”

What’s your favorite sci-fi or fantasy film?
“Sci-fi and fantasy combined or one of each? [Eds. Note: Good response.] Blade Runner and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. For some reason, that trilogy is one of the best transfers from book to film ever. Maybe because it’s a 12-hour extravaganza, but I just love those movies. With Blade Runner, I remember watching it with my dad when I was young and just it had everything. I would love to see Ridley Scott’s reboot, actually. I’m excited for that. The original is so good. It was one of those movies that nobody got, and then everybody stole from. Then it became a classic.”

Cinemablend has the trailer for the X-Men: Destiny video game, which will be released tomorrow.

And I am pretty sure I posted this featurette already, but it's as good an intro to Hart of Dixie as any (9 pm, CW):

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