Monday, 26 September 2011

John Pyper-Ferguson in Alphas finale, Alphas marathon and new Fringe preview

John Pyper-Ferguson guest stars in the season finale of Alphas, "Original Sin," which airs tomorrow (Monday) at 10 pm on Syfy. If you are recording the episode, note that it runs slightly over an hour (10 - 11:03 pm).

Here is a new synopsis, from Syfy's press release:
The diabolical intrigue involving the Alphas team and a secretive group of Red Flag operatives escalates and the team must decide whom to trust on the explosive season finale of Syfy’s super-powered original drama series Alphas, on Monday, September 26, 10PM (ET/PT).

The finale will be preceded by a full-season marathon featuring back-to-back episodes beginning with the pilot episode at 11:30AM (ET/PT).

If you're planning to watch the marathon to catch up, the schedule is posted below.

Several BSG and Caprica actors made an appearance in the show's first season. Callum Rennie guest starred in the pilot and "Anger Management," Peter Wingfield was in "Bill & Gary's Excellent Adventure" and - missed this one the first time around somehow (see photo) - Dmitry Chepovetsky appeared in "A Short Time in Paradise."


11:30 am - Pilot
01:00 pm - Cause and Effect
02:00 pm - Anger Management
03:00 pm - Rosetta
04:00 pm - Never Let Me Go
05:00 pm - Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure
06:00 pm - Catch and Release
07:00 pm - A Short Time in Paradise
08:00 pm - Blind Spot
09:00 pm - The Unusual Suspects
10:00 pm - Original Sin

^ "Rosetta," "Blind Spot" and "The Unusual Suspects" are essential viewing for the Red Flag story arc.

John Pyper-Ferguson isn't in any of the previews for the Alphas finale, but a new preview of Fringe 4x02 "One Night in October" showed up on YouTube today and, from the looks of it, he will be wreaking inconvenience across the universes this week.


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