Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cast on TV in September and October

Fall TV season starts tonight, with most major shows returning, so I am posting a quick list of some of the upcoming guest appearances and shows that involve Caprica's cast, writers and Bear McCreary. I have included a few appearances from Battlestar actors, too, that were announced in recent weeks and kind of hard to miss on different TV sites.

There are more than a few appearances missing from the list, mostly because there isn't even an approximate date or episode number attached to them yet - Alessandra Torresani in American Horror Story, Peter Wingfield in Sanctuary, Ben Cotton in The Secret Circle, Katee Sackhoff in The Big Bang Theory, Genevieve Buechner, Richard Harmon and Kacey Rohl in The Haunting Hour, Mike Dopud in Blue Mountain State, Aaron Douglas in Flashpoint, and probably a few others.

The list is posted below. A few updates first.

Eric Stoltz posted a few photos from the set of his latest Glee episode (3x01) the other day:

With Kevin McHale, 2011. on TwitpicWith Harry Shum Jr and Jenna Ushkowitz, 2011. on TwitpicWith Leo Bauer first A.D., camera crew, and Dianna Agron, 2011. on Twitpic

Carmen Moore posted a bunch of photos from the set of Arctic Air on Facebook. Check them out. Blackstone TV posted the first production still from season two here.

There are two new podcasts with Jane Espenson and Cheeks talking about Husbands. The first one is on Whedonopolis.com and the second on PageofReviews.com.

Episode 3 comes out tomorrow. The Husbands team has confirmed that Nathan Fillion and Michael Buckley both make an appearance.

The Daily has a new interview with Patton Oswalt:

And Shock Till You Drop talked to Bear McCreary at the premiere of Chillerama last week:

And here is the TV schedule for the next month or so:

MON. Sept. 19
EUREKA 4x20 One Giant Leap - BEAR McCREARY (composer) - 8 PM, Syfy
WAREHOUSE 13 3x10 Insatiable – SASHA ROIZ (guest star) – 9 PM, Syfy
HAWAII FIVE-0 2x01 Ha’i’ole - JAMES MARSTERS (guest star) - 10 PM, ABC

TUE. Sept. 20
GLEE 3x01 The Purple Piano Project - ERIC STOLTZ (director) - 8 PM, FOX

FRI. Sept. 23
SUPERNATURAL 7x01 Meet the New Boss – MARK SHEPPARD (recurring guest star) – 9 PM, CW

SUN. Sept. 25
CSI: MIAMI 10x01 Countermeasures – CALLUM KEITH RENNIE (guest star) – 10 PM, CBS

MON. Sept. 26
HART OF DIXIE 1x01 Pilot - SCOTT PORTER (series regular) - 9 PM, CW
ALPHAS 1x11 Original Sin – JOHN PYPER-FERGUSON (guest star) - 10 PM, Syfy

FRI. Sept. 30
FRINGE 4x02 One Night in October – JOHN PYPER-FERGUSON (guest star) - 9 PM, FOX

SUN. Oct. 2
DEXTER 6x01 Those Kinds of Things – EDWARD JAMES OLMOS (recurring guest star) – 9 PM, Showtime

FRI. Oct. 7
SANCTUARY 4x01 Tempus – RYAN ROBBINS, CHRISTOPHER HEYERDAHL (series regulars) - 10 PM, Syfy

SUN. Oct. 9
CSI: MIAMI 10x03 Blown Away – JAMIE BAMBER (guest star) – 10 PM, CBS

THU. Oct. 13
IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA 7x05 The High School Reunion: Part 1 – SASHA ROIZ (guest star, TBC) - 10 PM, FX

SUN. Oct. 16
THE WALKING DEAD 2x01 Miles Behind Us – BEAR McCREARY (composer) - 9 PM, AMC

THU. Oct. 20
IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA 7x06 The High School Reunion: Part 2 – SASHA ROIZ (guest star, TBC) - 10 PM, FX

FRI. Oct. 21
GRIMM 1x01 Pilot – SASHA ROIZ (series regular) - 9 PM, NBC
SUPERNATURAL 7x05 Shut Up, Dr. Phil – JAMES MARSTERS (guest star, TBC) - 9 PM, CW
SANCTUARY 4x03 Untouchable – BRIAN MARKINSON (recurring guest star, TBC) - 10 PM, Syfy
X-MENSCOTT PORTER (voice) – 11 PM, G4

SUN. Oct. 23
ONCE UPON A TIME 1x01 Pilot – JANE ESPENSON (co-executive producer) - 8 PM, ABC

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