Friday, 30 September 2011

John Pyper-Ferguson on Fringe, new Sanctuary trailer, Grimm premiere pushed back, and more updates

John Pyper-Ferguson guest stars in Fringe 4x02, "One Night in October," tonight at 9 pm (Fox). Here is a new synopsis, from TV Line:
John Pyper-Ferguson (Brothers & Sisters) plays an expert on serial killers who is recruited by the Olivias to track down his alt-self, who on the Other Side has been on quite the rampage. Peter, meanwhile, finds a new way to tap on Walter’s shoulder — for better or for worse.
And a short review from Matt Roush at TV Guide:
Tonight's Top Pick: When worlds collide, Fox's cult gem Fringe (9/8c) is at the top of its game. You've never seen a murder-mystery manhunt like tonight's chilling and provocative episode, in which the Fringe team from the "other" world enlists "our" Olivia to cross over to track down a serial killer in the alt-universe — by bringing along the madman's doppelganger from our world, who happens to be a professor specializing in forensic pathology and profiling. The "what-if" vibes are fascinating as the professor — and by extension everyone in the dual-universe loop — considers the vagaries of fate and environment when confronted with "the path not taken." The story is suspenseful, poignant and wonderfully original.
And yeah, Alphas looks like a recurring gig. The show will be back in 2012.

Also on TV tonight: Tahmoh Penikett guest stars in the season finale of Haven (10 pm, Syfy). Photos and teaser here.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Paula Malcomson in Prime Suspect tomorrow, general updates & new interviews with Leah Gibson, Jane Espenson, Scott Porter and Eric Stoltz

A bunch of updates and previews today. Let's start with the last minute catch.

Paula Malcomson will make an appearance in Prime Suspect, episode 1x02, "Carnivorous Sheep," which airs tomorrow (Thursday) at 10 pm on NBC. She will play a character called Noelle Tanner. The teaser is embedded below.

Here is the synopsis:
Jane plays second banana when Duffy leads the case of a murdered mother and her missing daughter.
We Have Your Husband, the Lifetime film with Esai Morales, has been licensed to several European broadcasters. From the Virtual Press Office:

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New TV appearances for Polly Walker and Brian Markinson & more interviews with Scott Porter

Final reminder: Hart of Dixie with Scott Porter premieres at 9 pm on the CW and the Alphas season finale with John Pyper-Ferguson is on at 10 pm on Syfy.

That said, just a few quick updates today.

Polly Walker will guest star in the season premiere of Psych, "Shawn Rescues Darth Vader." The episode airs on Wednesday, October 12 at 10 pm on USA. Here is the synopsis, from USA's site:
While on a mission to retrieve a stolen Darth Vader collector's item from the British Ambassador's son at the British Consulate Residence in Santa Barbara, Shawn finds a dead body left in one of the rooms.
In order to get SBPD on the case to find her killer, Shawn tells Lassiter and Juliet that the image of a dead body at the British Consulate Residence came to him in a psychic vision. However, Shawn's credibility as a "psychic" could be placed in jeopardy if SBPD finds out he actually witnessed the dead body in person and didn't "divine" the image of her murder.

Polly will play British Vice Consul Randa Tabet. Malcolm McDowell will also make an appearance, as Ambassador Fanshawe. (Possibly there is a crazy Paul Auster fan on the Psych writing team.) You can find the casting sides for Polly's character here.

Brian Markinson will make an appearance in episode 1x03 of The Firm, according to the IMDB. No details yet, except that his character is called Calvin Parker. The Firm will premiere early next year on NBC. Callum Rennie will be a regular on the show and Tricia Helfer will have a recurring role, so this probably won't be the last time you hear about it here. For more info about the show, see this article at Better yet, hear about it from John Grisham.

Monday, 26 September 2011

John Pyper-Ferguson in Alphas finale, Alphas marathon and new Fringe preview

John Pyper-Ferguson guest stars in the season finale of Alphas, "Original Sin," which airs tomorrow (Monday) at 10 pm on Syfy. If you are recording the episode, note that it runs slightly over an hour (10 - 11:03 pm).

Here is a new synopsis, from Syfy's press release:
The diabolical intrigue involving the Alphas team and a secretive group of Red Flag operatives escalates and the team must decide whom to trust on the explosive season finale of Syfy’s super-powered original drama series Alphas, on Monday, September 26, 10PM (ET/PT).

The finale will be preceded by a full-season marathon featuring back-to-back episodes beginning with the pilot episode at 11:30AM (ET/PT).

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Scott Porter talks Hart of Dixie (Monday, 9/8c, CW)

Scott Porter did a bunch of interviews for Hart of Dixie in recent days. The show premieres tomorrow (Monday) at 9 pm on the CW, after Gossip Girl.

You can listen to the first interview on the Hot Clicks podcast on CNN's Sports Illustrated site. (Warmly recommended to Friday Night Lights fans.)

Here is a snippet from an interview with TV Fanatic:
With a background in musical comedy, Porter also said he was looking for a "lighter" script.

"I wanted to show Hollywood I can do something in that realm," he said. "You tend to get defined by your latest project, so this offered that chance, along with the chance to show I can be a leading man."

So Porter met with producers Josh Schwartz and Leila Gerstein and they "just sold me on this town, this wonderful town. I looked at the great cast and saw a show that knows what it is."

Weekend updates & new interviews with Jane Espenson, Patton Oswalt and Aleks Paunovic

First, a reminder that you can catch Callum Keith Rennie in CSI: Miami tonight at 10 pm (CBS). Horatio promises payback time in the teaser.

And the usual round of updates. Here is one for The X-Files fans:

William B. Davis wrote an autobiography, called Where There's Smoke... Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, A Memoir, which will be published in October.

If you're in Toronto, you can catch him at a Q&A at the book launch on October 17. Details here.

Patton Oswalt will make another appearance in Bored to Death, which returns on October 10 on HBO. No word yet on the exact episode. Patton was the guest on this week's How Was Your Week? podcast. Hit the link to listen to it.

Luciana Carro Fans posted an update on Luciana's character in Deck the Halls.

Peter Wingfield will make his next appearance in Sanctuary in the season four opener, "Tempus." Spoiler TV has more promotional stills from the episode.

Here is the first synopsis for Klapstock Syndrome, with Leah Gibson, taken from this job ad:
'Klapstock Syndrome' is a feature film about an ambitious city councilman whose life is turned upside down when he discovers that his every move is being filmed by a camera crew that only he can see.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Cast interviews, previews, behind-the-scenes clips and new projects

A bunch of new interviews with the cast and Jane Espenson showed up in recent days. In random order:

KTLA has a new video interview with Scott Porter, mostly about Hart of Dixie, which premieres on Monday, September 26. The clip can't be embedded, so go here to see it. Hollywood Reporter also has a short interview with Scott and his co-stars that has a bunch of new information about the show's characters. Spoiler TV has posted the stills from episode 1x02, "Parades and Pariahs." Here is one with Scott:

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cast on TV in September and October

Fall TV season starts tonight, with most major shows returning, so I am posting a quick list of some of the upcoming guest appearances and shows that involve Caprica's cast, writers and Bear McCreary. I have included a few appearances from Battlestar actors, too, that were announced in recent weeks and kind of hard to miss on different TV sites.

There are more than a few appearances missing from the list, mostly because there isn't even an approximate date or episode number attached to them yet - Alessandra Torresani in American Horror Story, Peter Wingfield in Sanctuary, Ben Cotton in The Secret Circle, Katee Sackhoff in The Big Bang Theory, Genevieve Buechner, Richard Harmon and Kacey Rohl in The Haunting Hour, Mike Dopud in Blue Mountain State, Aaron Douglas in Flashpoint, and probably a few others.

The list is posted below. A few updates first.

Eric Stoltz posted a few photos from the set of his latest Glee episode (3x01) the other day:

With Kevin McHale, 2011. on TwitpicWith Harry Shum Jr and Jenna Ushkowitz, 2011. on TwitpicWith Leo Bauer first A.D., camera crew, and Dianna Agron, 2011. on Twitpic

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Weekly wrap: cast news, interviews, previews, festivals and new projects

One weekend monster update coming up.

Galactica Geek, a new BSG site run by the folks behind Battlestar Wiki, that will cover everything from the shows and the cast & crew to the fans, has launched today. Hit the link to check it out. You can also follow them on Twitter @galacticageek and

And in news of the regular variety:

The Hunger Games with Paula Malcomson has finally wrapped production in North Carolina. The film is still scheduled for release in March.

Gun Hill Road has opened in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and San Diego this weekend. More details on Facebook. The Miami Herald has a new interview with Esai Morales.

Fort McCoy with Eric Stoltz will be shown at the Boston Film Festival on Wednesday, September 21. Details and tickets here. Eric's new episode of Glee airs this Tuesday at 8 pm. Spoiler TV has the teaser. And here is the first pic from the set of Modern Love, from Twitter:

Here's Eric Stoltz exiting the 103rd St. subway station ... on Twitpic

Sasha Roiz posted a new photo from the set of Grimm. He will make another appearance in Warehouse 13 in episode 3x10, "Insatiable," which airs this Monday at 9 pm.

Monday, 12 September 2011

New interviews with Alessandra Torresani, new Husbands clips, James Marsters in Hawaii Five-0 and Toronto screenings

Let's start with Husbands. The show premieres tomorrow at

Teresa Jusino has a report from the L.A. screening and Q&A yesterday at, and several really great interviews with Alessandra Torresani and Jane Espenson showed up since yesterday.

Alessandra talked to Digital Chick TV:
DARYN: So, what is your role on Husbands?
ALESSANDRA: Let me tell you a little bit about this fabulous show! I play the larger than life, crazy, fun, silly, old school comedian Haley! She is Cheeks’ BFF for life and can’t live without him. She is beyond co-dependent of him and literally can’t pick out a pair of shoes without his approval. Although at times she’s a little too nuts, it’s all in good fun! And hey, just another excuse for a cocktail. She’s traumatized that Cheeks didn’t have her at the wedding, because of course it’s all about her! She has to adjust to this new world in which she must share Cheeks with Brady, ugh… just some dumb athlete with a pretty face! Just kidding!
She is also on the new Geekscape podcast, talking about Husbands, Caprica, Warehouse 13, Playback, working on CSI and Bones, and her upcoming projects, which include an episode of one of her favourite shows and a film cameo. No details yet, but both projects sound pretty interesting. It's a great interview and the guys who did it are huge Caprica fans, so go listen.

Alessandra Torresani and Sasha Roiz in Warehouse 13, Husbands premiere, Sanctuary trailer, and a new project for Genevieve Buechner

Just a heads-up before I start: now you can get updates from Caprica TV on Facebook, too, at

First off, big congrats to at Esai Morales on winning an award for Best Actor in a Feature Film at FilmOut San Diego's LGBT Film Festival, where Gun Hill Road also picked up the award for Best First Narrative Feature, and Judas Kiss won for Best Screenwriting.

Also congrats to Callum Keith Rennie on nabbing a Gemini for Best Performance by an Actor in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for Shattered, and to the Blackstone team on winning two awards this year. Carmen Moore posted a few photos from the event on Facebook.

And congratulations to David Weddle, Bradley Thompson and everyone else working on Alphas on getting picked up for a second season! No word yet if John Pyper-Ferguson will be recurring in season two, but he will appear as the leader of the rebel faction in the season finale (Sept. 26). From the casting sides for "Original Sin," yes, there is definitely a scene with him and David Strathairn to look forward to.

Last reminder: Luke Camilleri guests in this Monday's episode of Eureka (8 pm) and Alessandra Torresani and Sasha Roiz both appear in Warehouse 13 (9 pm). From Syfy's press release:
Caprica star Alessandra Torresani will guest star on Syfy’s hit series Warehouse 13, portraying a young girl with devastating hidden powers, on Monday, September 12 at 9PM (ET/PT).

In Monday’s episode “Shadows,” Megan’s (Torresani) destructive power seems to violently incinerate those around her. In trying to deal with this ability, Megan finds an unexpected confidante and friend in Claudia (Allison Scagliotti).

Anthony Michael Hall (“Sykes”), Sasha Roiz (“Marcus”) and Kate Mulgrew (“Jane”) also return to the Warehouse on September 12.

Jane Espenson did a bunch of interviews this week. She talked about Husbands, Once Upon a Time and Torchwood to (more at the link):
There are other shows that get lauded for the fact that they prominently feature openly gay characters and yet we see them hide from actual same-sex intimacy. You’ve said that HUSBANDS is “ready for television, but television is not ready for it”. Is Husbands built to change that?
JE: Television may have changed since I said that. TV executives can be pretty good at reading the public and I’m seeing signs that they may be readier now. We certainly hoped that HUSBANDS would help bring about that change by demonstrating that there is an audience for this kind of story. But if that change is already happening, then that’s even better! (...)

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Weekly roundup: cast news, festival screenings, videos & interviews

One long and chaotic round of updates coming up.

Alessandra Torresani will make an apperance in the next episode of Warehouse 13, called "Shadows." It airs on Monday, September 12 at 9 pm. (Husbands premieres a day later, on Sept. 13.) Spoiler TV has the promotional photos. Teaser and clip embedded at the end of the post.

Ron Moore and Matt Roberts have a new project in the works. From Deadline:
ABC has bought drama pitch Hangtown, from Battlestar Galactica developer/executive producer Ron Moore and Caprica writer Matt Roberts. Sony Pictures TV, where Moore is under an overall deal, is producing. Described as a Western with a procedural overlay, Hangtown is set in the early 1900s in a frontier town that’s begun rapidly expanding with the coming of the railroad. It centers on three characters: the Marshal, a Matt Dillon/Clint Eastwood type who prefers to solve crimes by his instinct; a young doctor from the East Coast who is interested in using the new field of forensics to solve crimes; and a young woman writer who is trying to sell dime novels to the publishing houses in New York about crime in the Wild West. Every week the instincts of the Marshal, the science of the doctor, and the young woman’s drive to tell a rousing good yarn to her editors combine to solve crimes in a wide-open, lawless town.

The A.V. Club has a fantastic interview with Patton Oswalt, whose new comedy special, Finest Hour, airs on September 5 at 10 pm on Showtime. Details at A quick snippet from the interview:

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Caprica Blu-ray update & BSG Dragon Con panel

A longer round of updates coming later, but for now:

Amazon France has the French Caprica complete series Blu-ray marked "all regions," while the complete series DVD, also out in France on October 25, is a region 2 (European) release (see listing).
Acteurs : Alessandra Torresani, Brian Markinson, Eric Stoltz, Esai Morales, Magda Apanowicz
Réalisateurs : Eric Stoltz, Jeffrey Reiner, John Dahl, Jonas Pate, Michael Nankin
Langue : Français, Anglais
Sous-titres : Français
Région : Toutes les régions
Rapport de forme : 1.78:1
Nombre de disques : 5
Studio : Universal Pictures
Date de sortie du DVD : 25 octobre 2011