Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Monday updates: interviews, clips, cast news

Just a few quick updates.

Esai Morales was on The View today to promote Gun Hill Road, which hits select theatres this Friday. If you're in the U.S., you can watch the clip on CBS.com.

A Night for Dying Tigers with Leah Gibson and John Pyper-Ferguson is finally getting released on DVD somewhere - in New Zealand - on August 24. If you have a region 4-friendly player, you can pre-order the DVD at VendettaFilms.co.nz.

James Marsters will be the voice of The Greyfriar in the upcoming Vampire Empire Trilogy audiobooks. Details at JamesMarsters.eu.

There is a new BTS featurette, "Directing and Producing," on the FB page for 10,000 Days (with Peter Wingfield).

In the Who Won What This Week section:

Fort McCoy with Eric Stoltz won the award for Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking at the Stony Brook Film Festival over the weekend.

Michael Rymer's Face to Face won The Founders Prize for Best Foreign Film at the Traverse City Film Festival.

Suffer, a short film with Ryan Robbins, won the Best Horror Short award at the Action on Film International Film Festival.

Guampdn.com has an interview with Jesse Toves, one of the VFX guys who worked on Battlestar, Caprica and now Blood and Chrome. Snippet below, hit the link for the rest:
Q: What are your top three accomplishments in your field and why?
A: * 2 Visual Effects Society Awards for Visual Effects -- these are peer review awards from within the business -- they aren't quite as well known but they are the business equivalent of the Oscars for Visual Effects and only effects.
•Two Emmy nominations for Visual Effects -- I am particularly proud of these nominations considering some of the really B movies I had worked on for a while -- nice to get some recognition from the Hollywood community. (...)

Q: When did you get your first big break?
A: I am not sure I would call any of the breaks I made "big." I definitely think I have had a few people believe in me enough to where I could make the next incremental step in my career. But I think the biggest opportunity in my career has only come very recently when Doug Drexler and Gary Hutzel -- my supervisors at BSG Universal hired me to work on the final episode of "Battestar Galactica" and later the SyFy series "Caprica." I almost didn't interview for the job until Doug emailed me personally and explained what they had going on over there and after a visit I was hooked.

Q: Give me an example of what you're working on now, and how you want to see it pan out.
A: I am actually working on promoting several things but the work I am most proud of lately is an original story featured in the Samurai Original Graphic Novel. It's called "Encoding Bushido" and features the story of two artificially intelligent "brothers" -- I describe it as Cain and Abel with robots. I hope to expand on the story in a full standalone graphic novel eventually.

A couple of new interviews with Jane Espenson appeared on Whedonverse earlier. They are both about Husbands. The guys in the first clip are Brad Bell (Cheeks) and Sean Hemeon, who play the husbands in question.

Last, there's the Falling Skies panel, with Mark Verheiden and the cast talking about the show and plans for season two (with Remi Aubuchon taking over as showrunner):

Here is the preview for the two-hour season finale, which airs on Sunday:

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