Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cast updates and new interviews with Alessandra Torresani, Esai Morales and Leah Gibson

A quick round-up:

First, a reminder that Eric Stoltz may or may not appear in one of the two episodes of Wilfred that air tonight (10 pm, 10:30 pm, FX). He is not in any of the promos.

Esai Morales won an Imagen Award for Best Actor and Gun Hill Road nabbed the one for Best Feature Film last week. Big congrats! Zimbio has a few pics from the event. Esai has confirmed on FB that he'll be at the San Francisco screening this weekend. There is also a new interview with him that you can listen to here. For new screening dates and cities, keep checking the Gun Hill Road campaign page.

Comediva has a new interview with Alessandra Torresani and her Husbands co-stars Cheeks and Sean Hemeon. Snippet:

Torresani explained how her character, Haley, fits into the mix. “I am Cheeks' best friend, who you assume has been his best friend for years and years and years... she is so co-dependent on Cheeks. She needs his validation for every aspect of her life. She doesn't want to leave the house unless he thinks she looks perfect... so the fact that he gets married without her knowing is like the biggest slap in the face, and she's being replaced, but this is her best friend. So it's kind of a fight for, okay, I'm going to try to like Brady, but in the end, he stole my best friend, so fuck you.” [laughs]

We sci-fi fans all know Torresani from her role in Caprica, a show I am personally still in mourning for. Caprica wasn't exactly a light-hearted comedy. Torresani said, “It's funny, I feel I'm personally better at comedy, but I always do these heavy, dramatic, sappy-ass, hardcore roles. Female empowerment roles. And I just kind of wanted to do something light and silly, which is more my personality.”

Brian Markinson was spotted on the set of the Sanctuary season finale:
Met Brian Markinson from #Caprica at a location shoot for #Sa... on Twitpic

Judas Kiss with Richard Harmon and Genevieve Buechner has added a couple more festival dates: Tampa International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival on October 16 and Holebifilmfestival in Belgium (November 8-25).

The Directors Guild of Canada announced the nominations for the 2011 DGC Awards this week. Score: A Hockey Musical with John Pyper-Ferguson has picked up a couple, for Best Feature Film and Best Direction in a Feature Film.

James Marsters will make an appearance in Supernatural, episode 7x05, “Shut Up, Dr. Phil,” with his Buffy/Angel co-star Charisma Carpenter playing his wife. No exact air date yet (the show returns on Sept. 23), but the showrunner has given TV Line some spoilers:
“This episode is ‘Bewitched gone wrong,’” reveals showrunner Sera Gamble. “[It was] all upside for this successful man (Marsters) while he was married to the witch (Carpenter), but now that he’s pissed her off, the whole town is paying the price.”
Spoiler TV has the press release for the Hawaii Five-0 season premiere, also with James guest starring. The episode's title is "Ha’i’ole" (Unbreakable) and it airs on Monday, September 19.

Collider and IndieWIRE have the poster and first photos from Ten Year, with Scott Porter.

Twitch Film has an article about Doppelgänger Paul, with Ben Cotton, that includes a few pics from the film.

Leah Gibson has a couple of new projects in the works. She has been cast in a recurring role in new CBC series Arctic Air, and she has also been working on the Soldiers of the Apocalypse web series (for updates, hit FB). She posted a pic from the set the other day:

A new interview with Leah showed up on YouTube a couple of days ago. In it, she talks about her days at the Actor's Foundry (Vancouver acting school) and experience with the industry in general.

And here is a new official trailer for Michael Rymer's Face to Face:

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