Saturday, 27 August 2011

New interview with Carmen Moore, new projects for Meg Tilly, Ryan Robbins and Mike Dopud & some general updates

Let's start with the writers this time.

Jane Espenson wrote an article about Torchwood for that provides some info about the creative process behind Miracle Day. You can read it here.

Mark Verheiden tweets that he is back in the Falling Skies writers' room. Caprica co-creator & new FS showrunner Remi Aubuchon confirms that Verheiden will be on staff for season two as a consulting producer. (Yes, Remi Aubuchon has joined Twitter.)

Race Bending has a fantastic new interview with Carmen Moore. She talks about Blackstone, playing Fidelia in Caprica, how she got cast in Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome (she will likely be a regular if B&C gets picked up) and some of her other projects, both old (Andromeda) and more recent (Two Indians Talking).

You can read the partial transcript here or listen to the whole interview below.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Blood and Chrome update, new interviews with Esai Morales & new projects for Eric Stoltz, Leah Gibson, Patton Oswalt, John Pyper-Ferguson and Ryan Robbins

I go on vacation and all this happens:

Eric Stoltz might be coming back to weekly TV. He has been cast as the lead in a new Lifetime pilot, Modern Love. Report from
[Modern Love] follows newspaper science editor Simon McElvane (Stoltz) as he faces a deteriorating marriage, the ramifications of potentially starting over and balancing his relationship with his adopted 15-year-old daughter. Unexpectedly handed the job of editor of the newspaper’s Modern Love column, Simon discovers he has a lot to learn about life and love.
NWCN has a video report from the set of Grimm in Portland. Sasha Roiz mentioned they’ve started working on episode four today.

Sasha will be back on Warehouse 13 next Monday. Alessandra Torresani will join him the week after that.

Esai Morales did a few more interviews while promoting Gun Hill Road in San Francisco. There is one at and a longer one at Snippet:

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cast updates and new interviews with Alessandra Torresani, Esai Morales and Leah Gibson

A quick round-up:

First, a reminder that Eric Stoltz may or may not appear in one of the two episodes of Wilfred that air tonight (10 pm, 10:30 pm, FX). He is not in any of the promos.

Esai Morales won an Imagen Award for Best Actor and Gun Hill Road nabbed the one for Best Feature Film last week. Big congrats! Zimbio has a few pics from the event. Esai has confirmed on FB that he'll be at the San Francisco screening this weekend. There is also a new interview with him that you can listen to here. For new screening dates and cities, keep checking the Gun Hill Road campaign page.

Comediva has a new interview with Alessandra Torresani and her Husbands co-stars Cheeks and Sean Hemeon. Snippet:

Friday, 12 August 2011

Brian Markinson in Rookie Blue tonight and other TV appearances this week

brian markinson,rookie blue
Just a reminder that Brian Markinson makes an appearance on Rookie Blue tonight, in episode "Monster," which airs at 10 pm on ABC (Global in Canada).
Brian Markinson (Charlie Wilson’s War) Guest Stars
Division 15 is put on lockdown under a puzzling quarantine. Meanwhile, Andy and Swarek apprehend and book an unusual suspect covered in blue dye who was involved in a brutal bank robbery.
Written by Sean Reycraft, directed by John Fawcett --
Here is the teaser:

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Blood and Chrome to premiere in 2012, Eureka cancelled, and some general cast updates

A quick round of updates.

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome won't premiere until 2012. It's not really news, but this is the first time it's coming from a network source, Syfy President Dave Howe.
THR: Publisher Bigpoint has over 2 million registered players for Battlestar Galactica Online even without the TV show airing. What are your thoughts about the opportunities the online gaming space opens up for Battlestar and other TV shows current or past?
Howe: I think when you have a property like Battlestar Galactica, it’s timeless. Yet it’s great to have a TV series on air simultaneously, but it’s not necessary. Battlestar is a franchise that’s existed since the ‘80s. We took a run at it. Universal Pictures I think has a big development and potentially another movie. It’s a known franchise that will always work if you are true to its spirit and you really find the right vehicle to create properties and games that can live in isolation. We had great success with the TV series. We’ve seen great success with the video game. We’re developing a potential pilot for another spin-off series, Blood and Chrome, which will launch next year. We have an amazing franchise that we want to continue to exploit irrespective of whether the TV series is on air.
THR: Does the success of the Battlestar game open up other opportunities for the Battlestar franchise?
Howe: Yes, it has. It really has. It confirms what we expected, that the franchise is bigger than a TV series that we happen to be running. I think it says to us that it’s an amazing property that we can continue to develop and grow. We can continue to figure out new ways to tell the story and to spin off the story. You can look forward to more Battlestar Galactica spin-offs in the future.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Falling Skies finale, John Pyper-Ferguson on Fringe & more interviews with Esai Morales, Jane Espenson, Sasha Roiz and Scott Porter

Weekend updates, in random order:

Red Dot Diva has a new interview with Sasha Roiz. He talks about Caprica among other things (and do check out the photo of Sam Adama he posted on FB this week):
Red Dot Diva: After "Caprica" was cancelled, was there actually something you were glad that you needn't have to go through every day during filming?
Sasha: I don't miss the tattooing process each morning. But I miss the show and the wonderful friends and team that I had the pleasure to work with.

Red Dot Diva: And what was the most heartfelt moments you took back with you after the "Caprica" experience?
Sasha: The people were what made that experience so special for me. I adored my cast mates, many of whom have remained dear friends. I had a chance to work with some of the finest writers and producers in the industry and contribute to a show that I was very proud of. It's an experience I will always treasure.

Red Dot Diva: To-date, you have played many different characters (and I have to say, we enjoyed those various roles tremendously). Which one has been the most personally unique to you and which one has been the most unforgettable?
Sasha: Sam Adama will always hold a special place in my heart. I felt that the writers understood me well, and helped me in creating a very layered and complex character. I was also very proud to represent the gay community through a unique gay character. They were very supportive of my work and it felt truly rewarding. I'm also very excited for my upcoming role in "Grimm", Captain Renard will prove to be quite memorable.

To kick off the Fringe set stalking season, John Pyper-Ferguson was spotted filming episode 4x02 (according to Fringe French Division), which will likely air on September 30.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Cast news, videos & more interviews with Esai Morales, Sasha Roiz and Scott Porter

Some updates to end the week.

Let's start with the Gemini nominations. Carmen Moore has been nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for Blackstone, and BSG's Callum Keith Rennie and Sam Witwer also got best actor nods for Shattered and Being Human. Big congrats to all!

With Gun Hill Road opening in New York this weekend, Esai Morales is everywhere. Fox News Latino has a short interview with him and Rashaad Ernesto Green. Snippet:

Thursday, 4 August 2011

New interviews: Esai Morales, Sasha Roiz, Bear McCreary, Scott Porter, James Marsters, Drew Z. Greenberg

A bunch of new interviews showed up over the last couple of days, so a regular round of updates will have to wait until tomorrow.

Before I get to the interviews, a reminder that Gun Hill Road with Esai Morales and Rise of the Planet of the Apes with Leah Gibson, James Pizzinato, Panou, Luc Roderique, Camille Atebe and Mike Dopud, both hit theatres tomorrow.

Esai Morales will be at the AMC Bay Plaza in the Bronx this Friday & Saturday signing posters. For a video invitation, go to Gun Hill Road's FB page.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Monday updates: interviews, clips, cast news

Just a few quick updates.

Esai Morales was on The View today to promote Gun Hill Road, which hits select theatres this Friday. If you're in the U.S., you can watch the clip on

A Night for Dying Tigers with Leah Gibson and John Pyper-Ferguson is finally getting released on DVD somewhere - in New Zealand - on August 24. If you have a region 4-friendly player, you can pre-order the DVD at

James Marsters will be the voice of The Greyfriar in the upcoming Vampire Empire Trilogy audiobooks. Details at

There is a new BTS featurette, "Directing and Producing," on the FB page for 10,000 Days (with Peter Wingfield).

In the Who Won What This Week section: