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Comic-Con reports and new interviews with Jane Espenson and Sasha Roiz

Tons of updates today, most of them from Comic-Con.

Let's start with Sasha Roiz - he makes his first appearance on Warehouse 13 tomorrow (Monday, 9/8c, Syfy).

CP24 has a recent video interview with him and he also did a Q&A with the press that is finally up on several sites. I think Starry Mag has the least edited version of it. The interview is mostly about Warehouse 13, but he also talks about his other new projects and Caprica. Snippets:

So can you at least tell us how many episode we’re going to see you in Warehouse 13?
I’m not sure the specific number, but I mean I’m there for a good chunk. But I’m there for a good - yes, all the sudden this just doesn’t make sense you know. But no, I’m there for a good chunk of the season, so you'll be seeing me. (...)

It was always great seeing you whether it’s Caprica and coming in Grimm. What goes into you choosing a role though? Like what is it that would attract you to a part? Is there anything in particular that you look for? Is there anything that you like to have do? Does it always have to be something different?
I like being employed. That’s a big part of it, so that definitely goes into the equation. But I also like working with good people. You know, whether they’re - I’ve been very lucky I think in the last three projects you mentioned, like Caprica, and Warehouse, and Grimm. You know, these are people of a certain pedigree and a certain reputation and they’ve proven themselves and they have a great body of work. And so that helps tremendously and that encourages me in making a decision and working with them. So, I’ve always been very fortunate that the people in the last three main big projects I’ve done have been those kind of people. And in addition to that, they’ve all been wonderful to work with and I’ve had you know, very positive experiences. So I’ve been quite fortunate. They’ve been tremendously successful professionals, and at the same time really engaging and gracious people.

Now on Monday’s show, you're going to be featured with some wonderful Syfy royalty with Lindsay Wagner and Rene [Auberjonois], and given that you worked on Terminator, the Sarah Connor Chronicles and Caprica, and now Warehouse 13, what is it about the Sci-Fi genre that you find appealing?
Well, it was - you know, it was quite new to me when I first got involved with it. I was - I didn’t really grow up on Sci-Fi, although I did really enjoy fantasy, but I wasn’t specifically a Sci-Fi fan. But I’ve sort of grown to really appreciate it, especially as an actor because it allows you to delve into certain topics, whether social or political, that are often taboo or difficult to discuss. And you know, I often - I really appreciate having a chance and a platform to discuss these things. So, I think it’s a very liberating format because you could really approach certain topics whether directly or tongue-in-cheek and have a lot of room to do - to investigate them, which you can’t really do often or as easily in conventional TV or mainstream television.

Now with Caprica, of course it didn’t have that long of a run. If they were still on the air today, where would you see the Sam Adama character?
I see him sort of climbing the ranks of the Ha’la’tha - the Mob, and becoming probably more of a, you know, presence. Like he - I think there was talk perhaps going back to Tauron, so I think he was going to become a presence maybe politically either back on Tauron or in Caprica. But definitely, a higher player in the Mob. More of a decision maker. And, I think he was going to have quite a sway back in Tauron, which would influence things on Caprica. I think that was probably the direction I could see it going into. (...)

I noticed you’ve done another project recently and it’s in post-production right now. It’s called Extracted. I’m just wondering what you could tell us about that.
Oh, Extracted is an independent film that I shot last fall and it’s Sci-Fi based and it’s such a terrific story, and we just completed the edit on it and are in the process of submitting it to the different film festivals. It’s a really heartfelt piece about a man assigned to - I play called Tom Jacobs, who creates this machine to help assist people through trauma so he can go into their memories and see their memories and help them uncover certain things in their past. And in doing so, gets trapped in the memories of this one criminal. And, he’s trapped in there for a year just trying to get out. And so that’s basically the premise. Him trying to get extracted from the memories of this man. It’s a great piece and I’m quite happy with it. So we’ll see what happens with it if it gets accepted to some of the festivals.
He also mentions that he filmed a couple of episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which returns on Thursday, September 15.

Here is another video interview with Sasha and the rest of the Grimm cast:

Seat42f has pics from the Grimm panel and Cinema Blend, USA Today and Collider have reports. Here is the panel video:

Airlock Alpha has a clip from the Battlestar panel, with Richard Hatch talking about the ways in which viewing habits and ratings impact shows these days:

Scott Porter was also at Comic-Con for the X-Men Destiny game over the weekend and posted a few pics (see below). (Both Scott and Genevieve Buechner are now on Twitter.)

He also posted the first pic of his character in The To Do List:

And TV Fanatic has a short interview with him about Hart of Dixie:
The former Friday Night Lights and The Good Wife star describes his character as "lighthearted" and says:

"He loves where he lives; he loves Bluebell, Alabama. But there's an interesting element in the fact that he went away from home, got an Ivy league education, worked at a prestigious law firm in New York City an then came back home for reasons that we'll uncover later on."

Some news that isn't from San Diego:

Gravity's Pull, with John Pyper-Ferguson, Michael Eklund and Christopher Heyerdahl, is now called Three Days in Havana according to the IMDB. Also, Die with JPF opened in theatres in Montreal this weekend and AICN has the poster for The Divide, with Michael Eklund, also recently screened in Montreal.

The second trailer for 10,000 Days with Peter Wingfield is up at

An 8-minute promo for The Icarus II Project, with Luciana Carro, has been posted at

Sci Fi Mafia has a new, non-motion poster for The Hunger Games, with Paula Malcomson.

Patton Oswalt's comedy special Patton Oswalt: Finest Hour premieres on Showtime on Monday, September 5 at 10 pm, and the album will be released on September 20. You can check out the artwork on Patton's FB page. He also wrote an essay about Twitter for GQ Magazine:
My brilliant essay on Twitter for @GQMagazine, from the Augus... on Twitpic

Richard Harmon will appear in episode 4 of Clue. Here are a few details about the show, from the original press release back in March:
“Clue” (Hub Original Miniseries)

Inspired by the iconic family game brand, this live-action series features six teens who are brought together when they believe they’ve witnessed a terrible crime. As a team, they discover conspiracy theories and cover-ups dating back centuries! They must work together to solve one mystery, only to realize that they may have opened a Pandora’s Box. Produced by Hasbro Studios.
Kacey Rohl tweeted that she is also working on the show. This may or may not be a photo from the set:

Mike Dopud tweets that he'll be working on Blue Mountain State.

Michael Rymer's Face to Face will be released in Australia on September 8.

The Walking Dead, still scored by Bear McCreary, has a return date: Sunday, October 16 at 9 pm. The trailer, shown at Comic-Con, is on YouTube. Bear was at the International Film Music Festival of Úbeda in Spain last week. A few clips from one of the concerts are on YouTube.

The trailer for Knights of Badassdom also premiered at SDCC. You can watch it at Director Joe Lynch described Bear's score as "heavy metal orchestra."

And back to Comic-Con. Here are some photos of Alessandra Torresani, Magda Apanowicz, Scott Porter and Sasha Roiz that showed up on Twitter over the last couple of days:

alessandra torresani,comic con

Michael Ausiello has a new video interview with Jane Espenson up at TV Line. She talks about all her new shows (Torchwood, Once upon a Time, Game of Thrones, Husbands). Can't embed the clip so hit the link to see it.

A clip from the Torchwood: Miracle Day panel, also with Jane:

If you're in the U.S., you can watch the whole thing here. If not, there are more region-free clips from the panel here. Seat42f also has the new trailer and panel photos, and Cinema Blend has a report.

Cinema Blend has another new article about Torchwood. Here is a snippet:
If you caught last night’s episode, you may have enjoyed the late-night phone conversation Jack had with Gwen, during which (spoiler alert!) they had a heart to heart, but then Gwen got distracted by a web-chat with her baby and left Jack talking to himself. Espenson was proud to have written that bit:

“The phone call in the middle of the night with Jack and Gwen was the thing I was most proudest of in the episode, because it was not part of the outline that we broke in the room. It was the thing as I started writing the episode, I said, ‘I need this moment. I think this moment will shape the episode, because we haven’t had it yet.’ We need to hear about Ianto, we need to hear about what they are thinking when they get a chance to stop and take a breath. The whole episode is about stopping and taking a breath.”
Jane attended two other panels. has a report from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and LGBT Comics Fandom panel and Newsarama has one from the Girls Gone Genre panel.

Another interview, from the SDCC press room:

Last not least - because it's frakkin' awesome - the Dexter season six trailer, with Edward James Olmos:

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