Friday, 22 July 2011

Blood & Chrome update, new film for Esai Morales, Leah Gibson in Rise of the Planet of the Apes, new interviews with Sasha Roiz and Scott Porter

Airlock Alpha has the first report from the Battlestar panel at Comic-Con. Richard Hatch, Kevin Grazier, Michael Nankin and Lili Bordan were there, and Michael Taylor had to skip because of surgery. Get better soon, Michael Taylor.

Here is what is happening with Blood and Chrome:
The pilot is not expected to be completed until at least October, especially since the sets were extremely minimal, Bordan said. Hatch told the crowd that Syfy plans to air "Blood & Chrome" as a movie event first, and a backdoor pilot, similar to what was done with "Caprica." It looks like the network is not spending the money to do a miniseries, like it did with "Battlestar Galactica."
Also, unless there was a misunderstanding at the panel, they are/were exploring the possibility of showing it in 3D. Read the whole article for more details.

Esai Morales has a new film in the works. From Deadline:
Lifetime has greenlighted We Have Your Husband, an original movie starring Teri Polo and Esai Morales based on the true story of American Jayne Valseca (Polo) and her fight to free her husband Eduardo (Morales) who spent 7 and a half months at the hands of brutal kidnappers in Mexico. Eduardo, a Mexican businessman, was kidnapped at gunpoint close to the ranch where he lived with his wife Jayne and their kids, launching a race for Jayne to raise ransom money while Eduardo clings to life as he is starved, tortured and shot several times. We Have Your Husband is produced by Johnson Management Group and executive produced by Tim Johnson and Jean Abounader. Eric Bross will direct from a script by JB White.
Reality Shack has a new interview with Sasha Roiz, mostly about Warehouse 13. (His first episode airs on Monday.) Snippet below, hit the link for the rest of the article.
This season will include an elite group of guest stars including, Sasha Roiz (“Grimm”), who took part in a recent Q&A to discuss his guest starring role on “Warehouse 13” and a few other subjects. He will appear on the episode “Love Sick.” Roiz plays the sinister and mysterious Marcus Diamond. He could not fully elaborate on the character but he did say “he looks good in black, and he is tall.” He did hint that his character may return for a few more episodes.

The role of Marcus Diamond is almost as top secret as the relics housed in the infamous warehouse. When asked if his character was searching for a particular artifact, he could not say. What if he could search for a certain artifact himself? He replied with a hearty laugh. “I don’t know.” The mystery surrounds Marcus Diamond, and viewers will have to anxiously wait to find out what he is up to on the series.

Richard Harmon will be at the Judas Kiss screening at the NewFest on July 26. Tickets here.

Movieweb has a new clip from Rise of the Planet of the Apes, with Leah Gibson:

And Activision has released a couple of behind-the-scenes clips for the X-Men Destiny game. Here is the one with Scott Porter:

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