Friday, 10 June 2011

New TV appearances for Eric Stoltz, Alessandra Torresani & Sasha Roiz, Judas Kiss trailer, interviews with Richard Harmon & James Marsters

First, a reminder that Battlestar Galactica is off to conquer new audiences on BBC America starting tomorrow (Saturday) at 10 pm. For all the details you need, go to You can find the airing schedule here.

As for cast updates, there really should be more days like this.

Eric Stoltz will guest star in the season premiere of Leverage, titled "The Long Way Down Job," according to an interview with Aldis Hodge (one of the show's stars).

The episode airs on Sunday, June 26 on TNT.

And if your kids are dragging you to the theatre this weekend, you can also catch Eric in the Judy Moody movie, which opens today. L.A. Times says he makes a cameo.

TV Guide talked to Warehouse 13 producer Jack Kenny and he says that Alessandra Torresani and Sasha Roiz will both guest star on the show this season:
Fans of Caprica can also look forward to two significant arrivals. Sasha Roiz, who played Sam Adama, and Alessandra Torresani, who played Zoe Graystone, will be coming on to Warehouse to cause trouble. "Sasha is a mysterious part of our Big Bad for the year," says Kenny. "His character is Marcus Diamond and first shows up in Episode 3. Alessandra guest stars as a girl in trouble in our ninth episode who needs Myka and Claudia's help."

Season three of Warehouse 13 premieres on July 11.

The producers of Extracted, the sci-fi thriller Sasha did last fall, participated in the 2011 Narrative Independent Filmmaker Lab in NYC this week. IFP's press release has the plot synopsis:
Thomas Jacobs invents a way to watch people’s memories from the inside. Going against his morals, he accepts an offer to enter a heroin addict’s memories to literally see if he committed a crime. However a malfunction causes his consciousness to become trapped inside the criminal’s mind. He remains a prisoner in the addict’s memories for more than four years until he discovers the possibility of escape.
Magda Apanowicz's new Team Unicorn project is called Alien Beach Crashers.

Falling Skies will premiere in more than 75 countries this summer, starting with the U.S. next Sunday (June 19).

Sanctuary: The Complete Third Season will be out on DVD and Blu-ray on September 13. Press release and artwork at

The Parramatta Sun has a three-page interview with James Marsters. He talks about Buffy and his work in the theatre, and also shares some thoughts about the sci-fi genre in general. Snippet:
"I think when it's at its best - and often in these projects it is, certainly with X-Men it was - it functions like the court jester used to function in the medieval court, in that the court jester was the only one able to call the king an idiot, as long as it was funny," he said.
"The X-Men can say, ‘hey man, we’re just talking about mutants, it’s not about gays at all, or black people, it’s not about the poor and oppressed and minority in any population, it's not about the Hutus and the Tutsis [Rwandan people] at all - it’s just about mutants’.
"In a way sci-fi and fantasy can state their point artistically much more bravely, much more forwardly than any other artform. You can both escape your normal life but also get fed ideas that will help you with your normal life at the same time."

Marsters cites the writing as the main reason for the longevity of the Buffy series, which officially ended its seven-season run in 2003.
"The writers were really hanging it off the bridge so to speak," he said. "They were being asked to come up with the most embarrassing, humiliating or painful day of their lives and then slap fangs over it and then show everybody in the world."
And talked to Richard Harmon about Judas Kiss. A couple of snippets:
TGM: Zachary and Danny often mirror each other. Was it a strange experience acting with someone who’s portraying an older version of your character? And do you think you soaked up elements of Charlie’s performance, however consciously, and vice versa?
RH: It wasn’t too strange to have the two of us working on the same character. It was tempting to take a lot of the pieces from Charlie’s version of our character but in the end I think we all knew that the audience needed to see the differences in our characters to understand why Danny needed to change. Charlie and I absolutely did work together a bit on keeping some aspects of Danny/Zach the same and I think we struck a good balance in the film.

TGM: I’m not judging, but your character has some steamy scenes with Charlie David, Brent Corrigan and Timo Descamps! Did they give you any tips on the gay stuff?
RH: I did indeed. No, none of them actually gave me any tips in that department; I think they just trusted that I could figure it out for my self. I owe the three of them a lot because they were so laid back about the whole thing and that’s why I was able to be so comfortable with it.
The trailer finally hit the web today. Both Richard and Genevieve Buechner are in it:

The new episode of Los Americans, with Esai Morales, has been posted on

And here is a new character featurette for Torchwood: Miracle Day, with John Barrowman, Mekhi Phifer, Alexa Havins, Lauren Ambrose, Eve Myles and Bill Pullman (the new season premieres on July 8 on Starz):

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