Sunday, 1 May 2011

Weekend wrap: cast updates, previews and the Kevin Murphy interview

A round of updates to end the week.

First off, The Caprica Times has a fantastic new interview with Kevin Murphy that covers tons of lingering questions about the show, about Murphy's work in the second half of the season, some of the challenges they faced in production, and the plan they had for Caprica season two.

In the interview, Murphy lays out the main storylines for most of the main characters and throws in a few interesting tidbits about the first season that I don't think we've heard yet on the podcasts or elsewhere (the last minute retcon of Teryl Rothery's character, for instance). The article is a must-read, check it out on The Caprica Times.

He also confirmed that John Pyper-Ferguson will show up on Hellcats this season. Magda Apanowicz will guest star in the next two episodes and Brian Markinson has pretty much taken over Aaron Douglas' role, so he might show up again next week, too. Previews of the next episode are embedded below.

Here is what the actors are up to this week:

Eric Stoltz will be back on TV this summer in an episode of Wilfred, a new FX sitcom with Elijah Wood that looks insane, according to a tweet from the show's casting director. No word yet on which episode, but the show premieres on June 23, so there's plenty of time for someone to squeal.

Magda Apanowicz is working on a new project. No info on what it is yet, but she tweeted this photo the other day:

The first preview of Los Americans, Esai Morales' new web series, has surfaced on It includes some footage from the show and a brief interview with Esai. Los Americans premieres on May 26 on

Gun Hill Road will get a screening at the Lincoln Center on May 5. Details on Facebook. And has a nice long article with some new info on 17th Precinct and Esai's character.

James Marsters will soon be recording another book in The Dresden Files series, Ghost Story.

MovieWeb has a clip from Daydream Nation with Calum Worthy. The film opens on May 6. Genevieve Buechner and Luke Camilleri are also in it.

Final reminder: Brian Markinson guest stars on The Killing tomorrow. He is credited as "Man in Suit."

And two other really great interviews showed up online this week.

Aleks Paunovic talked to Shogun Gamer about some of his recent projects; Mortal Kombat: Legacy, The Hostage, This Means War, In the Name of the King 2 and his 2009 film, Personal Effects. Here's a snippet or two:

Ian: You’ve done a lot of sci-fi, action and dramatic work so is there something that you haven’t done yet that you really want to jump in to or would like your career to be known for or do you want to continue doing more genre based work?
Aleks: I love the sci-fi community. The sci-fi community and the fans are nothing but amazingly generous so I have no problem staying on the sci-fi end of it. But there are some roles that I would really like to do, I would love to do a dirty and down cop show. That to me is a huge thing and just trying to figure stuff out and everything; I love that type of stuff and I would love to get more into that kind of stuff.

Ian: Somewhat of a riff on the last question but is there anyone in the industry that you would really like to collaborate with in the future?
Aleks: Clint Eastwood, hands down man. A friend of mine just finished working with him and he said it was nothing but great and that he’s an actor’s director and it was great. Something like that you know, you’ve seen this persons work be acclaimed all over the world and you’re stepping into those shoes and getting direction from Clint Eastwood would be awesome.

Ian: Besides Mortal Kombat, what upcoming projects do you have in the pipeline that you’re really excited about or you want people to check out?
Aleks: Tahmoh and I have a few more things that we’re working on feature wise to do because we’re going to keep on doing the executive producing end of it and trying to get our own projects out there. Mortal Kombat is coming out, this film I did called Charlie is coming out, and This Means War. I’m also trying to create my own stuff also. I love getting into the room and love working networks and studios but I also love the indie aspect of doing your own dream type thing.

The Phoenix New Times has a new interview with Patton Oswalt.

Who are some artists, in your opinion, who never lost their cool?
I think The Onion is a good example of something that has kept being good, never lost its level of quality. Cormac McCarthy has had a really good run of writing great stuff. [Yasujir┼Ź] Ozu with his films, that was a long career that never got bad. Again, it just depends on the individual. I don't think there's a universal "sell by" date that applies to all artists.

In addition to releasing your book [Zombie Spaceship Wasteland] and touring, what other projects do you have in the works?
I've got a new album that I'll record next month so, I'm doing as many shows as I can leading up to that.

And here is Kevin Murphy previewing this Tuesday's episode of Hellcats, "Warped Sister," in which we'll finally get some background on Nasty Kathy:

And another sneak peek from Spoiler TV:

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The tweet that the casting director for Wilfred posted has been taken down. Apparently Eric Stoltz is not going to be on the show.