Sunday, 3 April 2011

The Killing premiere and other updates

A quick roundup of things that happened since last week's update:

Beginning of Line is back with a new Caprica story, Safe Journey: The New Guatrau (Part 3 of 3). Hit the link to read it.

Alessandra Torresani did a music video for Baker's new single "All I'm Gonna Say." You can watch it on her blog, The Bambola Factory.

Fort McCoy with Eric Stoltz will be screened at two more festivals in the next month or so. The first screening is at the Sonoma Film Festival next Sunday (April 10, details here) and the second one at the Newport Beach Film Festival (April 30 & May 5, details here), which he is expected to attend. Still no word on which episode of Glee he is directing, but it's probably either 2x19 or 2x20.

Gun Hill Road with Esai Morales is getting screened at the Dallas Film Festival tomorrow (April 4) and the day after. There is a new article about the film at The film will also be shown at the Ashland Independent Film Festival in Oregon next weekend. If you're in the area, tickets are available at

Craig Anderl posted a few photos of Esai on the set of 17th Precinct last week. You can see them on his Yfrog account. Travis Yanan (yes, the ratings guy) has posted his review of the pilot script that reveals a few details about Esai's character. has a video report from the set of Grimm. There is no Sasha Roiz in the clip, but Sean Hayes, one of the producers on the show, posted a photo from the set. Let's call it a "first look" at Sasha's character.

There is a behind-the-scenes clip from Born to Race with John Pyper-Ferguson on the film's Facebook page. Hungry Hills, another recent film of his, is getting re-released on DVD in Canada.

The Province has a new article with a few more details about Everything and Everyone, the film Ryan Robbins wrapped filming the other day.

Meg Tilly is going back to theatre. She will be playing Martha in a production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? this summer (July 5 -17) at the McPherson Playhouse in Victoria. Times Colonist has more details and a brief interview with her. Here is a snippet:

Interviewed by email, Tilly said she looks forward to the role of Martha, famously played by Elizabeth Taylor in the 1966 film version of Edward Albee's play.

"There are many great female roles and many great plays, but there is something about Martha that just grabs me by the throat," she said.

"She's a chance to explore a road untaken. I love her passion, her humour, how deeply she loves and hates. I love the humanness of her — her lost, sad vulnerability and her blazing fierceness." (...)

Tilly, who grew up in Victoria, said she has done "very little" stage acting. The only professional theatre job she had was playing a maid in a Los Angeles production of The Girl on the Via Flaminia. Aside from that, Tilly appeared in stage shows at Belmont and Esquimalt high schools.

"The only acting I've done since I stepped away from it in the early '90s was a guest spot a couple of times last year on Caprica, a TV show my friend, Eric Stoltz, had asked me to do as a favour to him," Tilly said.

Zombie Zone News interviewed Bear McCreary last week. Snippets:

LF/ZZN: Before The Walking Dead, you scored such shows as Caprica, Eureka, The Cape, and the celebrated reimagining of Battlestar Galactica. Was it always your intention to use leitmotifs in Battlestar Galactica?
Quite the opposite. I had strict instruction from the producers to never use any themes at all. But, I couldn’t help it. That’s just where the show was leaning, so I did it anyway hoping no one would notice. Finally, around the end of the first season, the producer said that a scene with Boomer wasn’t quite working. “Can you just bring back that Boomer theme here? I think that will really help.” At that moment, I knew I wouldn’t get fired for using themes.

WLF/ZZN: Is there anything fans can do to get Caprica back on the air? Facebook revolution? Letter campaign to SyFy? Maybe HBO?
Build a time machine? I’m afraid that ship has long sailed. I miss Caprica. It didn’t get the fulfilling finale that “BSG” had. I will always remember that as one of the more beautiful themes I’ve composed.

The first teaser for Torchwood: Miracle Day (July 8, Starz) is out. You can see it on

TV Fanatic has a new trailer/featurette from Falling Skies.

The Arts Club blog has an interview with Anna Galvin for her new play, The Philanderer.

And The Killing finally premieres tonight (9/8c, AMC) with a two-hour pilot episode. Michelle Forbes is one of the leads, Callum Keith Rennie plays the lead detective's (Mireille Enos) fiancé, Kacey Rohl plays the murdered girl's friend, Richard Harmon appears in the first few episodes as the dead girl's "rich, cruel ex-boyfriend Jasper," and Genevieve Buechner is credited as one of the mean girls in the pilot. The show has been getting excellent reviews, so it's definitely worth checking out. Here is the teaser:

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