Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Brian Markinson guest stars on Hellcats and The Killing this week

But hey, let's start with Paula Malcomson meeting Detective fka Moustache (Corey Stoll).

Paula guest starred on Law & Order: LA last night, in episode 1x12, "Benedict Canyon." It was a prominent role too, but for some reason she wasn't in the previews or in the BTS featurette I watched over the weekend. Either way, the episode is now available on Hulu. Check it out if you get a chance.

Also available, a new story in the Caprica: Season 2 series: "Gara Singh: Alley of Darkness," by Dóra Kecskés. Hit the link to read it.

Leah Gibson and Zak Santiago are working on a new web series, The True Heroines, a sci-fi drama set in 1951 that "follows the lives of three women who not only share daily tea, but a secret they can't share with anyone but each other." For more details and to see the promotional photos, head over to the show's site, www.thetrueheroines.com.

Here is another snippet about Red Faction: Origins, from Michael Nankin (at Poptimal):

“Well, I think what attracted me to the film, aside from the script by Andrew Kreisberg, was it wasn’t really a movie about the game. It’s a movie about the core elements which inspired the game. It’s a movie about family. It’s a family drama. It’s about redemption, loyalty, sacrifice. And those, you know, juicy, archetypal, dramatic, and emotional elements are what the movie is about and also what the game is about. They get to blow up more things than we can because they don’t have to actually build them. Other than that, really both things are about the same core issues. But it’s not really a movie about a game.”

Episode 3 of Mortal Kombat: Legacy is on YouTube. Not seeing any of the usual suspects in it.

Brian Markinson showed up in a couple of previews in recent days. He will make an appearance on Hellcats tonight at 9 on the CW. Here is the clip, with Kevin Murphy:

After Hellcats, Markinson will also guest star on The Killing this week (Sunday, May 1, 10 pm, AMC), in episode 1x06, "What You Have Left". Here is a clip with him and Joel Kinnaman:

Finally, a couple of previews of next week's Sanctuary, with Ryan Robbins:

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