Thursday, 17 March 2011

Final week of Caprica auctions, cast interviews & new projects

Here comes the weekly round-up.

The Caprica auctions are in the final week. Propworx has posted a video featurette with a preview of the items (holobands included). You can bid on them on Ebay, as usual. The auctions end this Sunday (March 20).

The Caprica Times has an interesting article about the use robots in society. You can check it out here: Cylons in Society: Robots in Airports.

BSG and Caprica's costume designer Glenne Campbell will take part in a panel discussion, Outfitting the Fleet: The Costume Design of Battlestar Galactica, on March 26 (next Saturday) at the EMP|SFM Building in Seattle. Details and tickets at

And a bunch of stuff has happened on other fronts since last week. Let's start with the festivals.

Fort McCoy, with Eric Stoltz, will be screened at the WorldFest Film Festival in Houston next month. Dates and tickets available here.

Gun Hill Road with Esai Morales and Daydream Nation with Genevieve Buechner, Calum Worthy, and Luke Camilleri, will both be screened at the Dallas Film Festival (March 31 - April 10). Film Threat has the full line-up. Tickets will be on sale tomorrow. The screening schedules and listings are here: Gun Hill Road, Daydream Nation. Daydream Nation will also get a limited release on May 6.

A Night for Dying Tigers, with Leah Gibson and John Pyper-Ferguson, will be shown at the Bradford International Film Festival (in England) tomorrow and on Friday. If you're in the area, you can get tickets here.

On the pilots front:

Sasha Roiz has been cast in Grimm, NBC's pilot for a fantasy cop drama from David Greenwalt (Buffy, Miracles, Angel, Eureka, Moonlight) and Jim Kouf (Angel, Ghost Whisperer). Sasha will play the police captain. If the show gets picked up, he will be one of the regulars.

Scott Porter has joined Hart of Dixie, a new drama for the CW. Details here. He has also been cast in the comedy The Hand Job, also starring FNL's Connie Britton, Aubrey Plaza from Parks & Rec, and Donald Glover from Community. In the meantime, you can catch him on The Good Wife next Tuesday. He will definitely appear in the next two episodes (March 22 & 29).

While I'm at it, Alessandro Juliani will guest star in the pilot for Chaos, a new CBS drama that premieres on Friday, April 1. More details in the press release.

And Hollywood Insider has posted the plot of the pilot for 17th Precinct. The first pictures from the set, with Tricia Helfer, James Callis, Jamie Bamber, Ron Moore, Michael Rymer, Stockard Channing and Matt Long, have appeared on Flickr. Tricia Helfer also posted one on Twitter.

Some general updates:

The series finale of The Cape has been posted online at

Magda Apanowicz is back on the set of Hellcats. The show is currently on a break and will return with a new episode on April 19.

Latino Review has posted a bunch of pics from the Mortal Kombat series, with Ryan Robbins and Aleks Paunovic.

Ryan Robbins is working on a new feature, Everything & Everyone. For updates, you can follow Ryan and Black Tree Pictures on Twitter.

Panou will make an appearance on an upcoming episode of Supernatural.

Veena Sood is a regular on Endgame, a new Canadian show that premiered on Showcase this week.

Spoiler TV has posted a frakload of featurettes and posters from Game of Thrones in recent days. The show premieres on HBO on Sunday, April 17.

Mark Verheiden's new show for TNT, Falling Skies, also got a premiere date: Sunday, June 19 at 9 pm. Daemon's TV has a few new previews.

New interviews this week:

Bear McCreary talked to Film Music Magazine. Snippet:

I like to use every project I work on as a chance to be a better writer. I’m fortunate also in that the show justifies this. Most TV is about establishing a tone and not deviating from it. And there is a tone on all my series. There’s also a sense of exploration that I really enjoy. I try to work with orchestral sounds and solos that I haven’t worked with before, to expand my toolkit.

I think if you go back to Battlestar Galactica, which was my first professional gig, the use of orchestra was very minimal, very restrained and then when I got into Caprica and especially Human Target I was able to explore more. That has continued through The Cape -- every week I’m trying to find new sounds.

I take a moment to pull aside a player and say “show me your instrument, show me how it works.” Then I get to go home and write a new episode and hear them play again in a week. There’s no experience in an academic environment that’s like that, so it’s a unique opportunity to get better at composing.

Another one of his shows, The Walking Dead, is now out on DVD and Blu-ray.

James Marsters posted the first video Q&A on his official site the other day. He also posted a video invitation to The Bard's Birthday Bash, an event that will take place in South Orange, NJ, on April 30. has a snippet from a recent interview with the San Diego LGBT Weekly in which he mentions that he will be recording more Dresden Files books and that there might be a new TV show for him on the horizon.

Kacey Rohl talked to the Vancouver Sun, mostly about Red Riding Hood (out in theatres now). Snippet from the article:

Currently in the midst of auditions for pilot week — the cluster of seasonal calls for new TV shows — Rohl says she had no idea that landing a role in Red Riding Hood would be a big deal, but she's beginning to grasp the career shift.

"I think this has opened more doors for me than I imagined it would," she says. "Before this, the biggest (part I landed) was in an AMC series called The Killing (a new series starring Mireille Enos from Big Love)."

And there are two new interviews with Avan Jogia. In the first one (on YouTube), he talks about Victorious (his show on Nickelodeon). The second one is on Celebuzz and it's mostly about his Straight But Not Narrow campaign. Snippet:

How did you come up with the idea to start Straight But Not Narrow?

I kind of found the idea based on where I’m from and the kind of culture that we have in Vancouver. My mother is a hairdresser so I grew up in a lot of gay culture and I have friends who have gay parents and friends who have gay brothers and it didn’t make a lot of sense to me that there was a huge amount of [separation] between the lines.

I thought, I have some friends who work with charities so why not I start a charitable campaign? So, I came to my friends Andre Pochan and Heather Wilk [of Cause Creative Marketing] who work with a bunch of charities and I told them that I wanted to start this charity campaign and we started moving on from there.

And coming to a TV screen near you:

Time After Time, a TV film with Carmen Moore and Richard Harmon, premieres on Hallmark this Saturday at 9 pm.

And Paula Malcomson guest stars on Fringe this Friday. Here is the teaser:

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