Thursday, 3 February 2011

New interviews with Esai Morales and Carmen Moore

Esai Morales talked to Daemon's Movies recently and they have a nice, long interview up on their site today. It's mostly about Gun Hill Road, but he also talks about Caprica and his new projects. A few quotes:

On Gun Hill Road:

How was it watching other people react to such an intimate film?

Esai Morales: Mind blowing. It was really freaky. I was nervous. I didn’t expect the movie to be as good as it turned out to be, to be honest with you. That’s no aspersions to anyone, per se, but it was just such a small, little heartfelt film. Rashaad [Ernesto Green] had never done a feature length film before and you have some concerns. So when I saw the rough cut I was like, ‘Wow. This is not bad.’ Still, I was thinking, ‘Are they going to get it?’ Then when I saw it on a screen and all the nuances that audience picked up on I was blown away.

On Caprica:

I’m very sorry about ‘Caprica’ being cancelled. Do you know what happened there?

Esai Morales: I can’t say exactly what happened. It’s all about numbers. It’s all about the mathematics. I can’t begrudge SyFy. They have a business to run. I’m sad that it happened because it was really helping to re-brand the network like they wanted to, but I don’t think that they had the fiscal patience. When you have a show like ours that was upwards of $2 million an episode and Snooki gets punched in the face and gets eight million people in her first season, you try to compete against that.

On new projects:

Do you have anything else in the works right now?

Esai Morales: Well, we’re looking at pilot season and we have a couple that are very interesting, very nice. There’s still more to come, but I’ve decided to start developing projects. I want to become Tyler Perez–that’s a little joke there, but it’s also important because I think that our market needs to be unified and I want to be the Spike Perry or the Tyler Lee. Obviously, I’d like to make my own name at it, but for now we’re developing three ideas.

One that’s sci-fi which is funny because I had all these people approach me with sci-fi titles that were very cheesy. But that’s what they do. ‘Mansquito’, ‘Sharktapus’. They make those movies for ten cents in Romania or Bulgaria and then they come here and they’ve got fans. The teenagers love that stuff. So we were looking at titles and I heard one that wasn’t rather silly and we’re developing from there. It’s a little bit like backwards engineering. ‘Here’s a little title that we think we can market. Let's build it.’

There are two others. One is more ‘Pineapple Express-ish’, a comedy kind of thing. And I can’t give you the title because it’s so good. I love it. Then one more that’s like a nice date movie for the Latino core audience, but should be good enough – I watch Anglo films and I’m not completely Anglo. Why can’t people from not within our community enjoy movies that deal with us, too?

Read the rest of the interview at Daemon's Movies.

APTNtv posted the second part of the interview with Carmen Moore from a few weeks ago, about Blackstone. The show airs Tuesdays at 9 pm EST on APTN and Fridays at 11 pm EST on Showcase.

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