Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Caprica locations, cast on TV this week, and other updates

The 13th Colony posted a new video file with some very familiar locations, both from Caprica and BSG.

A new week of auctions started on Ebay yesterday.

You can catch several cast members on TV this week:

Ryan Kennedy, Ben Cotton, Aaron Douglas and who knows who else (Rekha Sharma made an unannounced appearance last week) are on Hellcats tonight (9 pm, CW). Photos and teaser are at Daemon's TV.

Scott Porter guest stars on The Good Wife again (10 pm, CBS).

Paula Malcomson is on Private Practice this Thursday (10 pm, ABC). Not seeing her in the promo, though.

Brian Markinson guest stars on Fairly Legal, also on Thursday at 10 pm, on USA. The teaser is on YouTube.

Spoiler TV also has the press release and photos from next week's Glee, directed by Eric Stoltz.

A bunch of other things happened since the last update:

Esai Morales talked some more about Gun Hill Road to The Celebrity Cafe and also gave an update on his new web series, Los Americans, and upcoming film with John Lithgow and Meg Ryan, Lives of the Saints.
TCC: You also have other projects: Lives of the Saints and Los Americans.

EM: We just finished shooting Los Americans and now we're in the process of editing. It's a really neat concept that I did with some friends and it focuses on an Americanized Latino family. My character is visited by a cousin who has an illegal immigrant wife and needed to stay with me for a while. We're just trying to move on up and the man is kind of dragging us down. It is very interesting in dealing with so many issues, but what I like about it is that we worked with Robert Townsend and company.

There will be a website that is attached to this web series, so if have you issues and problems that are featured on our show then you can actually click on the link and that will help you get help and guide you to places where they are prepared to help people deal with things like family alcoholism, teenage pregnancy, unemployment, relationships, anger management and infidelity. I mean we cover quite a lot in this series. Los Americans is dramatic but funny at times. (...)

TCC: Have you started production on Lives of the Saints yet?

EM: It just got pushed back a little bit so we probably will be shooting that later on this month. I did a little cameo with Meg Ryan and it is a pretty cool script, very much like Crash in how people's lives intertwine.

TCC: Lives of the Saints has a big name cast: Meg Ryan, 50 Cent, Kat Dennings, Anthony Anderson, director Chris Rossi.

EM: I will probably be working mostly with Meg Ryan because of my character, but I love Anthony Anderson and I love 50 Cent. He is quite the business man. I just want to get in the mix with some folks that I haven't worked with before. Hopefully we get a chance to cross paths, and if not then we can see each other at the premiere for sure.

Carmen Moore confirmed on her Facebook page that she is definitely in Blood and Chrome.

Headline of the week goes to Patton Oswalt, who mentioned that he will be the first person to exhale pot smoke in 3D in A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas. His character is a weed selling Santa Claus.

Ron Moore's 17th Precinct has landed its first two leads. They are Stockard Channing and BSG's Jamie Bamber. Michael Rymer, who will direct the pilot, shared a few interesting tidbits with Coming Soon last week:

"It's for NBC and we're in the process of casting it right now. It's bigger than 'Ben Hur,' very wild. It's a procedural set in a world where science is replaced by magic."

"There’s a lot of FX work," explained Rymer. "I'm very excited because it's going to be a real challenge to figure out how to explain why something is magical and not technological. There are some real challenges, but this is a very good script. It's Ron's main forte, which was very well demonstrated by 'Battlestar Galactica.' This is a great storyteller and just a lot of creative characters. We've had wonderful characters. So you get great actors and the writers will see what the actors are doing and they'd feed off of each other and there was this fantastic dialectic going on."

Mo Ryan at TV Squad has a great new interview with Bear McCreary. He talks about his work on BSG, Human Target, The Walking Dead, and The Cape. Last week, Bear scored two nominations for the International Film Music Critics' Awards: Best Original Score for a Television Series (Human Target) and Best Original Score for a Video Game or Interactive Media (Dark Void).

Ryan Robbins and Tahmoh Penikett have joined Mortal Kombat, a new digital series from Warner Bros. More details at IGN.com.

AMC's The Killing, with Michelle Forbes, Richard Harmon and Kacey Rohl, has a premiere date: Sunday, April 3 at 9 pm.

Stargate Universe will finish its run on Syfy starting March 7. The second half of season two will air Mondays at 10 pm.

Spoiler TV has an interesting videolog with Kath Lingenfelter, who wrote yesterday's episode of House.

Jeffrey Reiner will direct the pilot for David E. Kelley's The Wonder Woman for NBC.

And John Dahl has signed on to direct Cooper & Stone, a pilot for a new detective show for the CW.

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