Monday, 24 January 2011

Sasha Roiz guests stars on House tonight

Sasha Roiz will finally make that appearance on House tonight. The episode airs at 8 pm on Fox. There is a sneak peek embedded below.

A few other things that happened since last week's update:

Propworx announced that the Caprica auctions will go on for an extra week. That's seven weeks in total and week four kicked off today. You can see all the items and snag Odin's joint at the Propworx store on Ebay.

Beginning of Line has a Q&A with Juanita Martinez, who wrote "Prototype," last week's Caprica story. They are still looking for fan artists, so if you are one, see this tweet and get in touch.

Bear McCreary's Battlestar Galactica piano book can now be pre-ordered on Amazon.

There is a list of upcoming conventions with the Caprica and BSG cast here. If you're hoping to catch Magda Apanowicz, Chris Heyerdahl, James Marsters, Patton Oswalt, Ryan Robbins, Teryl Rothery, or some of the Battlestar actors, hit the link.

Ron Moore's 17th Precinct (the "grown up Harry Potter") was ordered to pilot by NBC. From Entertainment Weekly:

The Sony Pictures TV project takes place in world ruled by magic instead of science. The working title is 17th Precinct and it’s basically an ensemble police drama set in the fictional town of Excelsior.

Spoiler TV has posted the promotional stills for Brian Markinson's episode of Fairly Legal. It's either episode 1x03 or episode 1x05 and hopefully the sources will agree on which one by this time it airs.

Peter Wingfield has signed on to play Claudius in a new movie version of Hamlet. You can read the announcement (funny!) on his blog.

Die, with John Pyper-Ferguson, is out on DVD somewhere. (Somewhere is hopefully not limited to a frakload of p2p sites flooding me with Google alerts.) Conviction will be released on February 2. You can get it on Amazon.

Aleks Paunovic has made an appearance on the Canadian show InSecurity. For those outside Canada, there is a clip with all his scenes posted on his Facebook page. Check it out, it's hilarious.

And just a reminder that Hellcats is back with a new episode (by Kevin Murphy) this week in a new slot: Tuesday, 9 pm, the CW. That's tomorrow.

Here is that sneak peek from House (audio in sync this time):

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