Saturday, 29 January 2011

New interviews with Jane Espenson and Esai Morales

Updates on several fronts today.

Beginning of Line is holding a contest for fans who are good at video editing. If you're interested in creating the new opening sequence for "Caprica: Season 2" and win a prize, go here: Video Contest: Design the Opening Credits for Beginning of Line.

Here is a new Caprica site to check out: Visit Caprica: A Guide to Caprica Filming Locations. If you're planning a trip to Vancouver, it's definitely the site to bookmark, along with The 13th Colony.

Bear McCreary has posted the song list from his new book, Battlestar Galactica Piano Solo Music, which is out on February 9.

Eric Stoltz is mentioned as one of the performers at the opening show at the Valley Performing Arts Center (California State University) tonight. More about that at

You can find several photos from the set of The Listener on Ryan Robbins' Facebook page. The show premieres on February 8 at 10 pm on CTV.

Pizquita has a few promotional stills from V 2x07, "Birth Pangs," with Zak Santiago guest starring. The episode airs on Feburary 22. Spoiler TV has the synopsis.

CNN has a great piece on Jane Espenson this week. You can read it here: "Jane Espenson: Writer, sci-fi thriller, one nerdy lady." Among other things, she talks about her experience running the writers' room on Caprica. Here is a snippet:

"I think I'm a really, really good writer, which sounds awful, but I feel strongest when I have my fingers on the keys," Espenson said. "Projecting confidence and having the whole big vision thing in your head and knowing how to balance other things, that is all stuff I never bothered to learn."

She hasn't written off the idea of running another show some day, but she freely admits that next time, she'd do it differently.

"I think there's a way to run a show when you learn how to delegate the bits you don't do well," she says. "I'd do it again if it were the right project, but this time I'd have more partners around me."

Gun Hill Road, with Esai Morales, has found a distributor at Sundance. The film has been picked up by Motion Film Group and will hit theatres in the U.S. this summer. More details at NY Daily News and indieWIRE.

Here is a short interview with Esai Morales from Sundance:

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