Wednesday, 26 January 2011

New interview with Esai Morales & general updates

A recent interview with Esai Morales (done before Sundance) showed up at Young Hollywood today. You can read the whole article here. Snippet:

Currently working on presenting ways to teach anti-cruelty in schools, Morales believes in the importance of children being taught to "value life and cherish it... I find it really sad that young kids are growing disconnected more and more to our society at large."

Esai was a recent recipient of the Dream Award from Hollywood Arts, an educational organization fueled by the arts to help homeless at-risk teens improve their self-esteem and develop skills to prepare them for real world experiences. It is obvious that Morales strongly believes in the power of the youth. He says, "It’s cool to see young people connected to their own future. Whether they realize it or not, every little thing you do today adds up to where you are tomorrow."

Other fronts:

Eric Stoltz is definitely directing more Glee. Hollywood Reporter posted a bunch of photos from the set yesterday and the episode he is working on is called "Blame it on the Alcohol." No official air date yet, but the fans over at the Glee Forum seem pretty confident that it's episode 2x14, which airs on February 22, so let's go with that for now.

Alessandra Torresani will make an appearance on RuPaul's Drag Race next Monday on Logo. She posted a preview on her blog yesterday.

Ben Cotton (who was back as Travis the jailbird on Hellcats yesterday) will play one of the leads in Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome. EW has the report. Here is the character description:

Full of ambition and in pursuit of the intense action that the Cylon war promises, Adama quickly finds himself at odds with Coker (Cotton), the battle-weary officer to whom he reports. With 45 days left in his tour of duty, Coker desires an end to battle just as much as Adama craves the start of it. Though they clash at first, the two men forge an unlikely bond when a routine mission turns dangerous and becomes a pivotal one for the desperate fleet.

You can find more details about the movie's plot at and, for updates on Blood & Chrome, follow @bloodandchrome on Twitter.

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