Wednesday, 19 January 2011

New Caprica story and cast updates

The second story in the "Caprica: Season 2" series, titled "Prototype," has been posted at Beginning of Line.

The Sundance site has a clip introducing Gun Hill Road that includes some footage with Esai Morales. The first screening is on Monday, January 24.

There are some behind the scenes pics from the set of Off the Map, episode 1x04, "On the Mean Streets of San Miguel," with Eric Stoltz (directing), over at Getty Images. The episode airs on February 2.

Paula Malcomson will guest star on Private Practice in episode 4x14, "Home Again." TV Guide writes that she will play the wife of a convicted killer who is about to be executed. Gotta wonder where that one came from.

Disney has moved up the release date for John Carter of Mars, with Polly Walker. Instead of June 8, 2012, the film will hit theatres on March 9, 2012.

Daemon's TV has the synopsis and some stills (with Teryl Rothery) from the episode of Hellcats that airs in two weeks, here. The show is back next week (Tuesday, Jan. 25) on the CW.

Fairly Legal premieres tomorrow at 10 pm on USA. Spoiler TV has two sneak peeks (embedded below) and the guy at end of the first one looks an awful lot like Alex Arsenault (one of the two Caprica actors who aren't credited for the episode on IMDB).

Scene #1 from the SERIES PREMIERE of Fairly Legal 1/20
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Scene #2 from the SERIES PREMIERE of Fairly Legal 1/20
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The release of Rise of the Apes, with Leah Gibson and James Pizzinato, has been pushed back to Thanksgiving. The movie was originally supposed to come out in June.

Score: A Hockey Musical, with John Pyper-Ferguson, was released on DVD in Canada yesterday. You can get it on The Province has a new article about his and Chris Heyerdahl's new film, Gravity's Pull.

Sanctuary, with Heyerdahl and Ryan Robbins, has been picked up for a shorter fourth season (13 episodes). The second half of season three will start airing this spring (no exact date yet).

Ryan Robbins is currently filming an episode of The Listener, a Canadian show that (says Wikipedia) will return with a second season on Friday, January 28.

And if you missed it on Twitter, here is the first teaser for House 7x10, "Carrot or Stick," with Sasha Roiz:

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