Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Last five episodes of Caprica air tonight (6 pm - 11 pm, Syfy)

The last five episodes of Caprica air tonight, from 6 pm to 11 pm, on Syfy. Again, double-check your DVRs to make sure they are not showing up as repeats. If you are going to record the episodes, you might have to do it manually.

Propworx has launched The Official Prop and Costume Auction. There is a video sneak peek over at Propworx.com and you can bid on the items on Ebay.

The first half of the season is now out on DVD in the UK. You can get it on Amazon.

Syfy posted a clip from the Season 1.5 DVD, "The Next Generation," with the producers and cast talking about the younger generation on the show. In the clip: Esai Morales, Jane Espenson, Jonas Pate, David Eick, Alessandra Torresani, Magda Apanowicz, Sasha Roiz, Brian Markinson, Eric Stoltz, and Michael Taylor.

If you missed them on Hulu a while back, the Gemenon set clips with Magda Apanowicz are also up at Syfy Video.

A few cast updates:

Gun Hill Road now has an official site at www.gunhillroad.com. No trailer yet, but there are several new stills in the gallery. Esai Morales posted a behind-the-scenes pic on Twitter. The film will be screened at Sundance later this month. (Click here for the dates & venues.) You can follow the updates at Facebook.com/GunHillRoad.

Alison Araya will appear in "Red Rain," the season two premiere of the V series, which airs tonight at 9 pm on ABC. Teaser at Spoiler TV.

Private Practice 4x11, directed by Eric Stoltz, also airs this week (Thursday at 10 pm, ABC). Daemon's TV has the press release and stills, SpoilerTV has the teaser.

Spoiler TV also has 10 clips from The Cape, Bear McCreary's new show, which kicks off this Sunday on Fox.

Pizquita has the stills from Lie to Me 3x09, "Funhouse," with Paula Malcomson. Episodes 3x09 and 3x10 air on Monday (Jan. 10) at 8 pm on Fox. For the teaser, go to SpoilerTV.

Spoiler TV also has the second promo for House 7x09, "Larger Than Life," with Sasha Roiz.

ET Canada has a behind-the-scenes clip from Blackstone, with Carmen Moore. You can watch it on YouTube.

Kendall Cross will appear on Human Target, in one of the two episodes that air next Wednesday.

Here are the summaries for the last five episodes, from Daemon's TV:

1.14 "Blowback" – Amanda tries to get more information from Clarice, but can’t get close enough. In order to provide her with the equipment to do so, Duram would have to give her up as his CI, a dangerous confession given the possible leak within the department.
"Blowback" was written by Kevin Murphy and directed by Omar Madha.
Guest stars: Jorge Montesi (The Guatrau), Ryan Robbins (Diego), Ryan Kennedy (Odin Sinclair), Chris Heyerdahl (Kevin Reikle)

1.15 "The Dirteaters" – As the Adama brothers rise to new positions in the Ha’la’tha, they are haunted by the mission of their late parents and the different direction the Guatrau is taking them. Daniel hopes to use this with Sam by offering Cylons for Tauron, in exchange for refraining to carry out the ordered hit.
"The Dirteaters" was written by Matthew B. Roberts and directed by John Dahl.
Guest stars: Scott Porter (Nestor), Peter Wingfield (Gara Singh), Jorge Montesi (The Guatrau), Aleks Paunovic (William Adama Sr.), Elisabeth Rosen (Kolibri), Alison Araya (Isabelle Adama)

1.16 "The Heavens Will Rise" – As the 'Avenging Angels' change code inside New Cap City, Daniel is able to track them down, but an early snafu in trying to reach out to Zoe leave the Graystones to enter the game only under its strict rules. With only one chance, Daniel asks help from Sam who has no interest in disturbing his brother’s peace of mind.
"The Heavens Will Rise" was written by Patrick Massett & John Zinman and directed by Michael Nankin.
Guest stars: Meg Tilly (Mother), Scott Porter (Nestor), Carmen Moore (Fidelia Fazekas), Ryan Robbins (Diego), Ryan Kennedy (Odin Sinclair), Chris Heyerdahl (Kevin Reikle)

1.17 "Here Be Dragons" – The Graystones’ search for Zoe leave them oblivious to the danger of Clarice and her two husbands invading their home. At the same time, the Adamas are targeted by the Ha’la’tha. One family will finally begin the move forward, while the other will experience yet another tragedy.
"Here Be Dragons" was written by Michael Taylor and directed by Michael Nankin.
Guest stars: Scott Porter (Nestor), Jorge Montesi (The Guatrau), Carmen Moore (Fidelia Fazekas), Ryan Robbins (Diego), Ryan Kennedy (Odin Sinclair), Chris Heyerdahl (Kevin Reikle)

1.18 "Apotheosis" – Clarice and Olaf move forward with the plan to blow up Atlas Arena when they learn of their powerful ally in the GDD. Singh covers their tracks by framing the Graystones as terrorists, forcing them to go on the run. The grieving Adamas confront the Guatrau for his string of recent decisions in the hopes of avoiding further violence.
"Apotheosis" was written by Jane Espenson and Kevin Murphy and directed by Jonas Pate.
Guest stars: Patton Oswalt (Baxter Sarno), Peter Wingfield (Gara Singh), Jorge Montesi (The Guatrau), Carmen Moore (Fidelia Fazekas), Ryan Kennedy (Odin Sinclair)

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