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Interviews with Eric Stoltz and Sasha Roiz

Several updates today, which you may have caught on Twitter earlier.

If you don't have the DVD, the last five episodes of Caprica are available on Hulu and Syfy Rewind.

Den of Geek has a new interview with Eric Stoltz that's pretty interesting to read. (Reminder: His latest episode of Private Practice airs tonight at 10 pm on ABC.)

A few snippets from the interview:

Do you think that the show fell on the wrong side of a double-edged sword, following Battlestar?

I don't think it was what the majority of Battlestar fans wanted, for the most part. It probably would've served us all better to have not even been connected to it. (...)

It's rare to find characters so instantly complex as we got in Caprica. How do you balance the many levels of Daniel Graystone? How do you set about giving the audience a way into a character like that?

That's a very thick question, one which really requires a three page answer, which I won't bore you with. The levels of the character were largely in the scripts, and usually left to the directors' control: a little bit more malice here, a little more loving there.

That being said, there were certain relationships, like Graystone and his wife, that seemed to take on a life of their own, even beyond Paula Malcomson and myself. And that was wonderful to be a part of.

It was always a fascinating show to watch, and clearly the narrative had many, many threads to it. In hindsight, though, do you think the show was slightly off balance? Or wouldn't you change a thing about it?

It's rare for a show to find itself in the first season. There are exceptions, of course, but a lot of shows take two or three years to find the right ingredients. I'm sure we were off balance at times, and I'm sure I would change a few things if I had that power, but I've moved on. (...)

Where do you personally go from now? Is science fiction television an area you'd like to return to? What plans do you have?

I've been directing steadily since I finished. A few episodes of Glee, of Private Practice, and of a new show called Off The Map.

As to science fiction television, if the stories were challenging and original, I'd be up for it.

You can read the complete interview at Den of Geek.

Assignment X has posted an interview with Sasha Roiz. It was done before the cancellation, but still fun to read. You can follow the link for the whole thing.

AX: Is the work ethic there different than the work ethic in other places?

ROIZ: There’s a tremendous work ethic on this set, because we have the same crew as BSG, so these people have labored and devoted themselves to BATTLESTAR for five, six years and now are just as devoted to our program. So there’s a fantastic investment by everybody.

AX: How do you feel that Sam views himself?

ROIZ: I don’t think Sam spends very much time dwelling on himself. I think he’s a man of action and as you’ll see in the show, he’s someone who acts very quickly and very intuitively. He doesn’t spend a lot of time pondering and dwelling on things. That’s actually Joseph’s department. Joseph sits and broods and ponders things over and over, where Sam always tries to incite him to action. (...)

AX: Although Sam has moved from Tauron to Caprica, he doesn’t seem very interested in becoming assimilated into Caprican culture

ROIZ: That’s the thing about Sam – he has no interest in anything but Tauron. He takes great offense at Capricans, with Capricans, and that’s where Joseph and he really butt heads, because Joseph has tried to lead a very Caprican existence, educated himself, changed his name, assimilated, but I think he realizes that no matter how hard he tries, he’s forever Tauron.

Elsewhere, indieWIRE has an article with some new info on Gun Hill Road, with Esai Morales, and it looks like Aleks Paunovic will be the next cast member to make an appearance in the final season of Smallville. See this tweet.

Syfy has posted two more clips from the Caprica 1.5 DVD. In the first one, Bear McCreary, Michael Taylor, David Eick, and Michael Olman (that's the 'Supervising Dialogue Re-Recording Mixer') talk about the music on the show.

Speaking of, Bear McCreary posted an entry about the score for "Apotheosis." You can check it out on his blog. Here is a message he posted to the fans:

Lastly, I want to give special thanks to you guys, the “Caprica” fans. You’ve been so loyal and supportive to our series, and that means a lot to everyone involved. I’m proud of the season we completed, and glad to know fans like you will keep the show alive in your hearts and DVD players.

So Say We All!

Bear's new show, The Cape, premieres this Sunday on NBC.

"The Music of Caprica" clip:

And in the second clip, David Eick, Gary Hutzel, Paul Leonard, Michael Taylor, and Jane Espenson talk about the special effects on Caprica. Click play:

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