Monday, 10 January 2011

Caprica nominated for a VES Award, Beginning of Line launches tomorrow with Caprica: Season 2

The Visual Effects Society has released the list of the nominees for the VES Awards today and Caprica's VFX team has been nominated for an award for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series, along with teams working on No Ordinary Family, V, The Event, and Stargate Universe. 

Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Series
Michael Gibson VFX Producer
Gary Hutzel VFX Supervisor
Davey Morton VFX Artist
Jesse Toves CGI Artist

Congratulations to all and thanks for the frakking amazing work you've done on the show!

The awards ceremony takes place on February 1 and will air on Reelzchannel on February 19.

In other good news, if you have no interest whatsoever in saying goodbye to the show, cancelled or not, this may just be what the doctor ordered. Teresa Jusino's Beginning of Line project, which launches tomorrow (Tuesday, January 11) at, will continue to explore the universe and characters of the show in stories written by fans that will be posted every Tuesday. Here is a snippet from the announcement:

Beginning of Line will launch Tuesday, January 11th, and will begin with “Caprica: Season 2.” Season Two will include 18 brand new stories for you to enjoy, written by Caprica fans from all over the world! Each story will be accompanied by a piece of Caprica-inspired artwork also created by a fan, and will be posted weekly the way episodes would have aired had the show been allowed to continue. There will be as many iterations of the Caprica universe as there are contributors, and you will be free to discuss the merits and drawbacks of each in our forums. You’re also invited to submit Caprica-inspired fiction and artwork yourself!

In addition to being a fun and worthwhile pursuit in its own right, fan fiction has proven to be the lifeline through which its source material can continue to exist. Before Doctor Who returned to television in 2005, it existed solely as fan fiction for a good sixteen years, and many of the writers of the 2005 Who were products of fandom. People like Steven Moffat and Paul Cornell were writing fan fiction, keeping their beloved property alive any way they could! And now, Doctor Who is the most popular show on the BBC all these years later. All because young fans grew up and just wouldn’t leave it alone.

For the full announcement and to see how you can contribute, visit Teresa Jusino's blog.

Final reminders: Paula Malcomson guest stars on Lie to Me tonight (Fox, 8-10 pm) and Kendall Cross is on Human Target on Wednesday (Fox, 8-10 pm).

Jane Espenson's new projects, Game of Thrones and Torchwood: Miracle Day (fka Torchwood: The New World), have definite premiere dates. Game of Thrones starts airing on Sunday, April 17, on HBO, and the new season of Torchwood premieres on July 1 on BBC One in the UK and Starz in the U.S. 

Another show that got a premiere date this week is The Killing, with Michelle Forbes, Richard Harmon and Kacey Rohl. It kicks off on Sunday, April 3, at 10 pm on AMC.

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Anonymous said...

Torchwood is airing in July, but later than the 1st. The Facebook page saying "July 1" was unofficial.