Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Blackstone premieres in Canada tonight, Hellcats go to sectionals

Blackstone premieres in Canada tonight. The pilot airs at 9 pm on APTN. Showcase will air it on Friday at 11 pm. Carmen Moore stars and Hiro Kanagawa has a job behind the scenes as the story editor. Three clips (two interviews with Carmen Moore and a teaser) are embedded below.

A new episode of Hellcats airs at 9 pm on the CW. IMDB says Magda Apanowicz is in it (doubtful, but not impossible). Kevin Murphy and Jennifer Schuur wrote the ep. Pics and promo at Daemon's TV.

Other things that happened since yesterday:

A new story in the "Caprica: Season 2" series has been posted at Beginning of Line. Check it out: "Vengeance Is Mine, Part 1"

While you're there, you can also read an interview with Jordan Cannady, the author of the Cylon 7 commercial.

The Futon Critic announced that Michael Rymer will direct the pilot for Ron Moore's 17th Precinct. Report:

Michael Rymer ("Battlestar Galactica") has been tapped to direct the Ronald D. Moore-penned pilot, a police drama set in a world "where magic and supernatural elements rule over science." Rymer helmed nearly two dozen "Galactica" episodes as well as the first two parts of the mini-series that launched Moore's revamp. Sony Pictures Television is producing "Precinct."

Yesterday's episode of House with Sasha Roiz (along with the new ep of Lie to Me) scored Fox the best Monday ratings this season. No doubt both Caprica viewers with a Nielsen box tuned in.

And back to Blackstone. The first clip is an interview with Carmen Moore that aired on Urban Rush yesterday. The second interview is from APTNtv. The third one is the teaser for the show.

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