Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Caprica season finale, "Apotheosis," airs tonight on Space

Caprica 1x18, "Apotheosis," airs tonight at 10 pm on Space in Canada. Here is the synopsis (spoilers):

Daniel (Eric Stoltz), Amanda (Paula Malcomson), and Zoe (Alessandra Torresani) race to stop Clarice's (Polly Walker) master plan and save thousands of lives before Caprica is changed forever.

The last episode of the season was written by Jane Espenson and directed by Jonas Pate.

Here is what they say about it at Spacecast.com:

This is the final episode of the series, and there will be surprisingly more closure than you’d expect for a series that didn’t get the life cycle we all hoped it would. The last bit of the episode has an amazing montage with a glimpse into the future and the ongoing mythology of the Caprica/BSG world.

And just so there is no confusion: "Apotheosis" was not written as a series finale. There was a detailed outline for season two before Syfy pulled the plug and this episode was not meant to conclude the story. Just something to keep in mind while watching.

A quick round of cast updates:

Richard Harmon will be on Tower Prep tonight at 8 pm on the Cartoon Network.

Magda Apanowicz makes her second appearance on Hellcats this Wednesday (Dec. 1) at 9 pm. The episode, "Think Twice Before You Go," was written by Matthew Roberts. You can also watch the second part of the Gemenon set tour clip with Magda (and Ryan Kennedy, and Stephen McNutt) on Hulu.

Mike Dopud (you'll see him in "Apotheosis" tonight -- or tomorrow, depending on which part of Canada you live in) will be on Human Target at 8 pm, also on Wednesday. You'll probably recognize him either from Battlestar or Stargate Universe, or both.

Luke Camilleri guest stars on Fringe on Thursday at 9 pm.

Sasha Roiz tweeted that his episode of House will air in January.

Aleks Paunovic has been cast as one of the leads in Uwe Boll's In the Name of the King 2.

John Pyper-Ferguson also has a new movie listed under his name on IMDb, Born to Race. According to the official Facebook page, the film is already in post-production.

Leah Gibson and Christopher Heyerdahl have supporting parts in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which is out on DVD on December 4. Heyerdahl mentioned in an interview recently that he will also be in the third Twilight film, Breaking Dawn.

Hiro Kanagawa mentioned a few upcoming projects to The Vancouver Sun last week: the miniseries True Justice (aka Southern Justice), indie thriller Donovan's Echo, and TV show Blackstone (as story editor).

And if you've seen the trailer for Red Riding Hood this week (the one with the schizophrenic casting: Amanda Seyfried, Gary Oldman, Michael Shanks and Julie Christie), you probably don't know that Kacey Rohl and Michael Hogan are in it but, according to the IMDb, they are.  

Okay, that wraps it up for today. Hope your Tuesday is better than mine and see you after the finale. The season finale, that is.

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MidgePolymer said...

Caprica. I watched you from the beginning. It's a shame to see you go. Thank the gods for wrapping things up and ending on such a high note. Great episode!!!

e2c said...

as good as this ep was, it leaves many more questions than answers.

oh, for a 2nd season!!!

Chris Olsen said...

Amazing episode. Now we hope... please bring it back, change your minds!

Anonymous said...

Such a shame to see this one go. It really perked up after it's break.
Wasnt keen on the 'montage' closure, I would have loved to see those events in a timeline. Especially didn't go for the human/cylon Zoe emerging from the vat of goo..
Hmm, if the human cylons were around so early (50 something years early), then why all the "oh my god they look like us now" surprise in BSG??