Friday, 31 December 2010

Caprica marathon & some general updates

A quick round of updates before the year ends, in random order.

The last five episodes of Caprica will air on Tuesday, January 4, from 6 pm to 11 pm on Syfy. If you're not tuning in live, check your DVRs because several people have tweeted that they're listed as re-reruns.

Doug Drexler posted a cool clip (demo reel from "Unvanquished") over at Drex Files the other day:

Geek Life has included "Ghosts in the Machine" among the best episodes of the year.

The Comic Book Nerd has posted the press release for The Official Caprica Prop and Costume Auction, which starts on January 2.

Bear McCreary tweets that the Battlestar Galactica piano book will be released in late January or early February.

Patton Oswalt wrote an essay that's been causing some controversy in the collective geekdom this week. You can read it on Wake Up, Geek Culture. Time to Die

Alessandra Torresani hosted Attack of the Show again this week. She posted a couple of clips at The Bambola Factory.

Brian Markinson has a supporting role in Frankie and Alice, Halle Berry's MPD movie, out in a limited release on February 4. IMDB has the trailer.

Peter Wingfield is on CSI: Miami, episode "Match Made in Hell," this Sunday at 8 pm on CBS. You can see the teaser at SpoilerTV.

A quick glimpse of Sasha Roiz choking Amber Tamblyn in the new teaser for House (back on Monday, January 17):

The teaser for Blackstone, with Carmen Moore, which premieres on January 25 in Canada:

Daemon's TV has the teaser and a behind-the-scenes clip for HBO's Game of Thrones. (Jane Espenson is on the writing team.)

Hellcats is definitely back on Tuesday, January 25. TV Fanatic has an extended promo.

TV Overmind has the trailer and promotional pics for Falling Skies, Mark Verheiden's new show that kicks off next summer on TNT.

And that's it for the week (and year). Hope everyone has a good New Year's Eve and see you in 2011!

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