Sunday, 19 December 2010

Caprica DVD review, interview with Ryan Robbins & The Killing preview

The first Caprica Season 1.5 DVD review showed up at IGN on Friday. Here are a couple of snippets:

The final episodes ramp up the Caprica story in a big way. The show, criticized early on for being too slow-paced and ponderous, ups the tension considerably, as Daniel (Eric Stoltz), Amanda (Paula Malcomson), Joseph (Esai Morales) and Sam (Sasha Roiz) all find their lives in danger – I especially loved a Panic Room type scenario that has two characters locked inside a room, with a group of people with murderous intent trying to get in - which is even more frightening because those in danger are in the VR world, and don't realize what is going on with their physical bodies. (..)

There are a few deleted scenes and video blogs exploring different aspects of the show. More interesting are the podcasts, which include different participants, including Magda Apanowicz, whose enthusiasm and love of the show are wonderful to hear. There also are some very candid comments from executive producer David Eick, as these were recorded while the first few episodes of "Season 1.5" were airing and the show was clearly in danger.

Best though are the commentaries from Kevin Murphy, particularly on the finale. -- Read the rest at IGN

Dorkshelf has a really great interview with Ryan Robbins, who wraps filming his new crime thriller, Cold Blooded, today. He mostly talks about Sanctuary and Riese (going international in January), but also (at 3:45) about Caprica, Battlestar, Ron Moore & David Eick, and where season two might have gone. There is another new video interview with him, just as fun, at Cast TV.

Chicago Now has an interview with Chris Heyerdahl, who is still filming Twilight: Breaking Dawn. It's mostly about Twilight and Sanctuary, but he briefly mentions Caprica too.

Final reminder: Alessandra Torresani is hosting Attack of the Show again tomorrow.

If you are in Vancouver, you can still catch Hiro Kanagawa's The Patron Saint of Stanley Park (trailer) this week.

Still time to vote for Caprica in the SpoilerTV Awards if you haven't: Best Lead Actor in a Drama, Best Guest Star, Best Show Cancelled in 2010, and Best Episode of 2010.

And here is a behind-the-scenes clip from AMC's The Killing, which kicks off in March, with a few glimpses of Michelle Forbes, Richard Harmon and Kacey Rohl:

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