Monday, 6 December 2010

Apples, letter campaign & cast updates

A lengthy round of updates today.

The campaigns to bring Caprica back for another season are still very much alive and kicking. The second round of apples will be shipped to Mark Stern this Thursday, and the letter campaign just got easier. If you want to send a letter to Syfy and NBC, head over to Caprica Times or the Battlestar Cafe for the addresses and info on the fastest way to do it.

Bear McCreary tweeted some great (unofficial) news about another Caprica CD, so keep an eye on him on Twitter for updates. These days, he is writing the score for Summer Glau's new show, The Cape, which kicks off on Sunday, January 9 at 9 pm on NBC. On other fronts, The Walking Dead season finale aired yesterday and Eureka is back with a holiday episode tomorrow night.

Caprica starts airing in Asia this week. The show will premiere on December 9 at 10 pm on AXN Beyond.

Cast updates:

Gun Hill Road, with Esai Morales, will premiere at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival (January 20 – 30). Here is the synopsis, from

Gun Hill Road (Director and screenwriter: Rashaad Ernesto Green) — After three years in prison, Enrique is back in his beloved Bronx, back in the arms of an estranged wife and back in the life of his teenage son, who is stumbling towards a transformation that will put the bonds of their embattled family to the test. Cast: Esai Morales, Judy Reyes, Harmony Santana, Vanessa Aspillaga.

Esai also attended the Artivist Film Festival Awards at the Egyptian Theater this weekend. You can see some photos on his Facebook page.

From ABC’s December schedule, it looks like Private Practice 4x11, directed by Eric Stoltz, won’t air until January. Until then, ABC will be showing specials and re-runs on Thursdays.

The same thing goes for Lie to Me. No new episodes until Monday, January 10, when the show returns with two episodes airing back-to-back. "Funhouse," with Paula Malcomson, should be one of them. (Fox has been known to shuffle episodes, so this is still unconfirmed.)

Teryl Rothery has a new TV movie, Battle of the Bulbs, which airs Saturday, December 18 at 8 pm on Hallmark. You can watch the teaser on Hallmark's site.

AMC has started production on The Killing this week. Richard Harmon will have a recurring role and Kacey Rohl will also make an appearance on the show. Michelle Forbes is one of the leads.

Riese, with Ryan Robbins, Leah Gibson, Alessandro Juliani, Ben Cotton, and Richard Harmon will have its Canadian premiere early next year. You can find the details at

Starz has set a tentative premiere date for Torchwood: The New World, with Jane Espenson on board this season. Movieweb reports that season four will start airing in July 2011.

And there are a few cast members you can catch on TV this week.

On Tuesday, Alessandra Torresani will host Attack of the Show again.

Jorge Montesi guest stars on Human Target on Wednesday in episode 2x04, "The Return of Baptiste." The show airs at 8 pm on Fox.

On Thursday, Genevieve Buechner will be on Fringe in episode 3x09, "Marionette." That's 9 pm on Fox. Spoiler TV has a teaser.

Alison Araya is in the next episode of Supernatural, "Appointment in Samarra," which airs on Friday at 9 pm on the CW. She will also appear in the the season two premiere of the V series, "Red Rain," which airs on Tuesday, January 4 at 9 on ABC.

Ryan Robbins and Christopher Heyerdahl are still on Sanctuary (Fridays at 10). Spoiler TV has the teaser and a sneak peek from the next episode. A side note here, since Syfy isn't releasing guest star info in advance: Polly Walker should appear on the show around the mid-season point, so if you've been waiting for that, episode 3x09 is as good a place as any to tune in. James Pizzinato (Drew, the lab guy) is yet another Caprica actor who will make an appearance on the show, but that won't happen until episode 3x13.

Peter Wingfield will appear on CSI: Miami in episode 9x10, "Match Made in Hell," which airs on Sunday at 10 on CBS. He also showed up on Sanctuary last Friday and mentioned he would guest star on the Canadian show Endgame.

James Marsters is back on Hawaii Five-0 in episode "Hana 'a'a Makehewa" (Desperate Measures), which airs next Monday at 10 pm.

More updates hopefully coming later this week.

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