Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Synopsis for Caprica 1x16, "The Heavens Will Rise," and some cast updates

Caprica 1x16, "The Heavens Will Rise," airs tonight at 10 pm on SPACE. Both this week's episode and the next one, "Here Be Dragons," were directed by Michael Nankin.

Beyond that, there isn't much info out there about the last few eps, but there has been a lot of speculation about some massive plot points that happen toward the end of the season, so whether you are DVRing, downloading, waiting for the DVD, or waiting for Syfy to air the episodes, if you don't like reading major spoilers, stay away from reviews and discussion forums. Great choice there for most people: either steal or be spoiled. Thanks for that too, Syfy.

That said, SPACE has posted the synopsis for "The Heavens Will Rise:"

The Graystones (Eric Stoltz & Paula Malcomson) search New Cap City for Zoe (Alessandra Torresani), while Lacy (Magda Apanowicz) uncovers a mystery about the Cylons. Clarice (Polly Walker) learns the truth about Amanda.

No info on the guest stars, but Meg Tilly will definitely be back either this week or the next.

If you're watching the show live, you might wanna catch the Innerspace podcast at Spacecast.com right after the episode airs. There is a bit of a preview at SexBombsBurgers.com. And you can rate the episode below.

On other fronts:

You can find some campaign updates at The Caprica Times and the Lil Cylons site.

Alessandra Torresani is hosting Attack of the Show again later today.

Ryan Robbins talked to Airlock Alpha about the last five episodes of Caprica. Hit the link for the whole interview, here is a snippet:

"That was a great character and I hope everybody gets to see it because unfortunately those last five episodes that Syfy pulled are probably the five best episodes of the season ironically," Robbins told Airlock Alpha. "The last episode was so great. And I'm not just saying that because I was in it, I watched the episode 'cause I'm in Canada and I can see it. It was such a good episode and I hope everybody can see it."

You can catch Ryan in Sanctuary every Friday at 10 pm, and also in Riese: Kingdom Falling, which is now available on Amazon too. Richard Harmon joins the cast in the last three episodes.

Scott Porter did a couple of interviews too recently, mostly for The Good Wife. One is at TVGuide.com and the other at the Orlando Sentinel. Here is a cool quote:

How does being on "The Good Wife" compare to "Friday Night Lights"?

They're both extremely intelligent shows. They don't speak down to the viewer. They allow viewers to come to their own conclusions about characters. I've been on nothing but good television. I was on "Caprica," too. I think there was a miss there in marketing. People who stuck around saw some smart writing.

The Good Wife airs Tuesdays at 10 pm on CBS and Scott will be back in Friday Night Lights in episode 5x07, which will probably be out on Wednesday, December 8 on DirecTV.

Esai Morales has been presented with the Paragon Award at the 2010 Dream Awards. Star Magazine has a picture from the event and PRLog has the report.

Sasha Roiz has wrapped filming Extracted.

Eric Stoltz is still working on Private Practice. Kate Walsh tweeted a pic from the set earlier.

David Eick is definitely developing The Hulk series for ABC, together with Guillermo del Toro. Deadline has the report.

Ryan Kennedy and Ben Cotton are back on Hellcats this Wednesday. DaemonsTV.com has the previews.

Jorge Montesi did make an appearance in Outlaw 1x08 after all. You can watch him rock that beard on NBC.com.

And if you haven't seen last week's Supernatural with Aleks Paunovic, the episode is up at CWTV.com. Alison Araya mentioned on Twitter she'd be making an appearance on the show this season, so stay tuned for that.

Panou tweeted that he, too, is working on This Means War up in Vancouver.

And Luke Camilleri (you saw him take on Zoe in New Cap City in "Unvanquished") will guest star in Fringe 3x08, "Entrada," which airs on December 2. SpoilerTV has the press release.

You can rate "The Heavens Will Rise" here:

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Anonymous said...

I watched The Heavens Will Rise on Space last night and Meg Tilly is in this episode. I was happy to see her again. This was another fantastic episode, on par with Blowback, that left me shaking my head in dismay at the decision to pull the plug.