Tuesday, 2 November 2010

SPACE channel to air the remaining episodes starting tonight at 10

Good news for Canadians and pirates:

In a weird twist, the SPACE channel tweeted earlier that they will air the remaining five episodes of Caprica season one starting tonight at 10 pm, so if you're here and Canadian, you have a date with the couch tonight.

Here is the synopsis for episode 1x14, "Blowback:"

Lacy (Magda Apanowicz) is sent to Gemenon to join an STO training camp, but her flight gets hijacked along the way; the Willow clan becomes suspicious of Amanda (Paula Malcomson); Joseph (Esai Morales) divulges a secret about the Ha'La'Tha that has ramifications for Sam (Sasha Roiz) and Daniel (Eric Stoltz).

From the previews (taken down by Syfy), Ryan Robbins will be back as Diego and Ryan Kennedy will make his first appearance as Odin Sinclair.


The apple campaign is very much alive and kicking at savecaprica.blogspot.com. For updates on all the campaigns to get the show back, also keep your eyes on LilCylons.com and this Save Caprica page. And if you're on Twitter tonight around 10 pm, there'll be a bunch of fans trying to get the hashtag #SaveCaprica trending while not watching Syfy, so if you're up for it, join in.

Digital Spy has an article with some quotes from Esai Morales, Sasha Roiz, Bear McCreary (whose blog is back in business for The Walking Dead), and Simon Pegg about the show's cancellation.

Wired has an exclusive excerpt from The Science of Battlestar Galactica and a great interview with Patrick Di Justo, one of the authors.

[Edited because election day has cancelled almost all television tonight. Sorry for the wrong info.]

And some cast updates:

Esai Morales starts filming a new web series today, called Los Americans. Herald de Paris describes it as "a drama that tells the journey of a middle class Latino family in Los Angeles as it tackles difficult issues, such as the economy and every day real-life problems that face all families in America, no matter what the race."

Magda Apanowicz tweeted that her episode of Hellcats, "Think Twice Before You Go," will air on December 1. Both Ryan Kennedy and Teryl Rothery (who has been doing some very impressive work on that show) guested in last week's episode, which you can check out on CWTV.com.

Sasha Roiz mentioned that Extracted, the new film he's been working on, is a sci-fi thriller.

TVBlog.ro has the teaser and stills from next week's Castle, with John Pyper-Ferguson.

Examiner has an article about Hiro Kanagawa's new film, Earth's Final Hours, which hopefully won't be cancelled by Syfy before next June, which is when it is scheduled to air. 

And Brian Markinson is on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation this Thursday at 9 pm. SpoilerTV has the teaser and the press release.

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So glad to be Canadian tonight! Thank you Space - the couch awaits. }:)