Friday, 19 November 2010

Last five episodes to air back-to-back on January 4, 2011

Syfy posted a brief update on Facebook saying that the last five episodes of Caprica will air back-to-back on January 4th.

We've just confirmed the schedule for Caprica's final five episodes and, as promised, it’s posted here first. They’ll air back-to-back on Tuesday, January 4th from 6p to 11p on Syfy.

Just the last in a long line of insults to both the show and the viewers. Not only will the best part of the season not be discovered by anyone who doesn't already know when and where to look for it, but also by dumping the episodes in a single day, Syfy execs have proven once and for all that the only remaining thoughts they have about the show is how to best make people forget it ever existed. Why? Because apparently things have gone so wrong and there is something just too frakking basic missing at Syfy Programming (hello, Mark Stern) that giving the story an ending is somehow not even an option anymore.

Well, it should be. Doing the right thing (or, hey, just learning basic communication skills) just shouldn't be that hard.

As long as the franchise is still getting milked with another spin-off, concluding Caprica's story in a miniseries is the only acceptable option. And yet somehow, in the last few weeks, Syfy's silence (except in cases where there is demoralizing news to deliver, like props being auctioned and such) has made it clear that, as far as Caprica is concerned, they are only out to discourage fan efforts and sweep the show under the rug entirely.

I haven't addressed my frakking open letter after the show got cancelled to anyone in particular, but it sure would be nice to hear from someone at Comcast or NBC Universal who can explain why they are even keeping a channel run by people whose only recent contributions to the genre (the serious shows, anyway) they're supposedly marketing boil down to pissing off (or at the very least alienating) the existing fanbase and simultaneously failing to draw new audiences for their only franchises with any name recognition. It happened with Stargate Atlantis/Stargate Universe, it happened with Battlestar and Caprica, it's happening with Caprica and the Spartacus makeover for BSG, and, from the teaser for what looks like a new teeny dramedy with a bunch of vampires trying to be funny, I can see how it might just happen with Being Human too. (Haven't seen the teaser? Sign up for NBC's consumer panel at They really do need all the help they can get.)

Seriously, Bonnie Hammer, what gives?


Jen said...

Fabulously said. I couldn't agree more. Syfy doesn't know what they're doing... or they don't care. And the only "tweets" and statements that they have made since the show's cancellation have most obviously been attempts to shove it in fan's faces that they will do what they want, regardless of what fans want. I have no hopes for Blood and Chrome, nor is it likely after all of this that I will even watch it. No point in getting immersed in a series that is already doomed. As for their take on Being Human, I have NO hope for that either. Being Human on the BBC is an amazing series and makes deeply introspective points about humanity. This series, from the promos I have seen, is a poorly constructed copy with a "trying to hard to be cool", "Buffy, the Badly Done Slayer", "Joss Whedon wanna-be" edge to it. No thank you, SyFy. It's over and I'm over it. I will find my science fiction entertainment elsewhere.

The Cynic said...

"No point in getting immersed in a series that's already doomed."

...that's what several of my friends said to me back in March 2010 when Caprica went on the Long Hiatus.

And they're trying to bring Being Human across the pond? No.

Mars said...

I'm speechless. They're just going to dump it like that? My question is, why bother? No, seriously. Space has continued airing the show and they have to know that many desperate fans have been downloading them. Add to it that the Season 1.5 is being released 12/21. Why not starve the really shiftless fans into buying the DVD set and seeing how high the sells are? I mean, is anyone really going to even bother watching their little mini-marathon. By the time they do their dump, I can guarantee that I'd already have watched the final five episodes at least twice. What could they dangle in front of me to motivate me to wade through their drek to see something I already legally have in my possession to watch at any time.

Sadly, I think Blood and Chrome stands a higher chance because on its surface, it has seems to promise much of the shiny special effects and explosions that lured some misguided fans of BSG and certainly appeals to much of Syfy's average viewers. So I don't think we have to worry about there. Sadly, alas, it seems the worlds of Caprica will be buried because it lacks the testosterone.

However, if they won't retract their cancellation of Caprica, they deserve to at least release a movie or two to wrap up the major story threads. Come on, don't we and the people who put that show together deserve that much?

On a sidenote, crap like this makes me think someone needs to capitalise on the internet as a TV-like alternative. I mean, the online fanbase versus the alleged viewership on the telly seems to suggest that the TV is forever destined to be an idiot box. There needs to be another vehicle for quality programming.

Glenn said...

I think SYFY channel is insulting to the science-fiction fan base, most of the shows that are on the channel are absolutely terrible. Scripting directing and acting on movies and shows the SYFY channel produces are typically not even comparable to "B" rated movies, most of the time lacking intelligent and original content.
their program scheduling shows total lack of knowledge of their viewers.
And occasionally when they do produce an intelligent and entertaining science fiction program they lack the knowledge and dedication of their commitments to the show, their advertisers, and viewing audience.