Monday, 8 November 2010

Blowback, Save Caprica campaign, and cast updates

Caprica 1x14, "Blowback," finally had its international premiere yesterday, for lack of a better word. The episode was written by Kevin Murphy and directed by Omar Madha, and it's definitely one of the best episodes so far. If you have seen it, wherever you may have seen it, you can rate it below.

SPACE posted the Innerspace podcast on their website the other day and it's definitely something worth checking out, especially if you're also a fan of Stargate Universe. You can find it at Among other things, they explain why Caprica isn't available for viewing on their site and voice their surprise at Syfy's decision to pull the show off the air and alienate their BSG fan base the way they did.

They have also apologized to the Canadian viewers who missed last week's episode because their DVRs hadn't registered the last minute schedule change in time.

Next stop, Caprica 1x15, "The Dirteaters." The backstory of Joseph and Sam Adama, with flashbacks to the Tauron Uprising. There is nothing official out there about the guest cast, but we know from different reports that Aleks Paunovic and Alison Araya make their first (and only) appearance as William and Marie Adama. The episode airs tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10 pm on the SPACE channel.

The Save Caprica campaign is still going strong and the apples are going out to Syfy and NBC Universal tomorrow.

So here is a last minute shoutout: If you feel that the show deserves to have its story wrapped up, that Syfy is doing a huge disservice to the Battlestar legacy by not allowing Caprica to end on its own terms (or at all), that all the great work that has been put into making the remaining episodes of season one needs to be discovered by more people, and that, by showing episodes in blocks of 1 - 8 - 4 - 5 over the course of three years, Syfy is just not doing the right thing here, go to for more information on what they're doing and what you can do to help. At the very least, the campaign will keep the show on people's radars, despite everything that went down in the last couple of weeks.

You can also get more info on how to support the campaign and grab a banner at the Battlestar Cafe.

Some cast & crew updates:

Fort McCoy, with Eric Stoltz, will be screened at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival on Thursday, November 11. (Note: It's not the film's first screening at the festival, but I didn't get any alerts until now.) You can find more details at

Final reminder: Paula Malcomson guest stars on The Event (NBC) tonight (Monday) and John Pyper-Ferguson is on Castle (ABC). Both episodes air at 9 pm. DaemonsTV has the promos: The Event, Castle.

DaemonsTV also has the stills and teasers for tomorrow's episodes of Sons of Anarchy (also with Paula Malcomson) and The Good Wife (with Scott Porter). You can find them here: Sons of Anarchy, The Good Wife.

If you haven't checked out Riese: Kingdom Falling yet, four episodes (each about 10 minutes long) have been posted so far. The show has a bunch of familiar faces from Caprica and Battlestar - Leah Gibson, Ryan Robbins, Ben Cotton, Alessandro Juliani, Richard Harmon - and it needs a certain number of viewers to get picked up to series. You can watch it at New episodes are posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Jorge Montesi's IMDb credit for his appearance on Outlaw has changed from episode 1x06 to episode 1x08, which should air this Saturday at 8 pm on NBC (unless it gets pre-empted or shuffled). If it doesn't, you can play hide and seek with the Guatrau on once the show has finished its run.

Aleks Paunovic will also make an appearance in Supernatural 6x08, "All Dogs Go to Heaven," which airs this Friday (November 12) on the CW network. You can see the teaser and some behind-the-scenes pictures on his official Facebook page.

Peter Wingfield will guest star on CSI: Miami in episode 9x10, "Match Made in Hell," which airs on Sunday, December 12 at 10 pm. SpoilerTV has the press release. He has also tweeted some updates earlier on 10,000 Days, a new SF series that will hopefully get a release date (and medium) by the end of the year.

You can watch last week's episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, with Brian Markinson, on Katee Sackhoff is back on the show this week, in episode 11x08, "Fracked."

The Walking Dead, Bear McCreary's other show with a frakload of corpses, has been officially picked up for a second season.

Liberal Values Blog has some news about the next season of Torchwood (Jane Espenson is writing several episodes for the show) as well as a shoutout to the Save Caprica campaign.  

Mark Verheiden has a new blog entry up and says that Falling Skies, the show he's been working on for TNT,  is in the last week of shooting season one. 

And this just in from Broadway World: L.A. Theatre Works will air She Stoops to Conquer, a play by Oliver Goldsmith, with James Marsters, as part of their Radio Theatre Series starting November 13. Hit the link for more information.

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